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1,168 files

  1. TimeLord 3.0.4 (Luigi Saves the Universe) OriginalHybrid

    FrankyT provides professional callouts for the TimeLord and the  gangster style Robot Luigi in TimeLord 3.0. This will amuse you as you battle the evil imposter TimeLord to restore balance to a universe  TimeLord 3.0 is a complete rebuild of TimeLord 2.0 including a massive SSF & backglass sound production, new playfield graphics and lighting, completely new 256 x 64 DMD. You can now play easy or hard 3ball/5ball and have new coloured dragon balls in multiball with ball saver timers also now implemented. Q-Mans girlfriend now appears above the inlanes. Don't mess with her and keep your eye on the ball. 
    Included in the downloads section are the game file, 2 screen and 3 screen back glasses & media pack
    The 3.0.4 version changes are significant to gameplay and fixes major award bugs. 😊See change log below 
    Incorporated into the game are
    SSF audio and sound production
    NFozzy Physics
    Fleep Sounds
    Virtual reality
    Light Inserts
    Please Enjoy Smaugs Fast Flips Video for TimeLord 3.0
    This is a link to the gameplay overview
    This is  Link to a game played by pezima77 showing how to complete the tasks to get to the glory table
    You will need the latest version of VPinballX10.7, VPinPame 3.5 and latest Freezy DMD is a must although I don't recommend that you select it in the script. I recommend that JPs  DMD flashers are used for cabs, Desktop and VR. These have maximum definition for DMD's and can be used with Pin2DMD's.
    The game is designed surround sound feedback. 
    For people with DOF TimeLord 2.0 uses the same DOF configuration as the TimeLord 1.0 so the game is set ready to go and should play with no issues.
    VR players have the option for a basic room or Rawds room which is selectable in script.
    Thankyou to the talented crew who have worked with Avago to bring you TimeLord 3.0.
    Avago are;
    JP Salas-Game framework, scripting and mentoring
    Rawd- Virtual Reality
    Oqqan- Lighting, light sequences, plastic scripting
    RajoJoey-Game Adviser
    Smaug-Game Promotion Video.
    Aphophis-Mecahnical tilt, scripting and support
    Gedankekojote-NFozzy Physics, Fleet Sounds, Luts
    Whylte- Final physics & dynamic ball shadow.
    Table Testing & Game ideas- PinStratsDan, Joe Soap & Crakkers
    Game Ideas & support- Sixtoe & Remdwass
    Game Design & concept- RusstyT & HP
    GamePlay, Scripting, Sound Design, Callouts, Table & Backglass Design- RusstyT
    This game uses many objects from other Table Builder including, JP Salas, Flupper1s light inserts and Scotty Wickburgs dragon spinner, rotating bumper caps and rotating eyeballs. The ramp ideas are inspired by TOTAN, Opening ramp inspired by Bride of Pinbot and the 4 kicker centre lane is inspired by the EM game melody. Many thank to all the wonderful authors who provided inspiration for TimeLord 2.0


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  2. Pulp Fiction

    here is the last of the three tables started since January after Godzilla vs kong, The untouchables here is Pulp fiction I think it's the most fun of the three. here it is over for me so have fun. have a nice week end.
    today I go back to 1994, the release date of the cult film Pulp Fiction. I was inspired by the new Pulp Fiction pinball machine, which has some similarities to Stern's Bond 60 TH. Have fun. Many thanks to JPsalas for his help
    Table detail:
    creating the playground
    creation of backglass and backglass mini pup
    creation of 3D elements
    Screenplay adaptation
    Original Sound Track
    playground sound the film's cult phrases play randomly
    DMD HD Flexdmd


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  3. Mini Golf (Williams 1964)

    Ok, so here’s the back story. I stumbled upon a picture of a Williams’ “Mini Golf” table and was intrigued. (I forget exactly how/why I saw it now. I might’ve been browsing IPDB for sports-themed pinball tables and then searching VPU/VPF to see if cool ones I didn’t have were already in VPX). It seemed like a simple enough table, so I had a go at recreating it. Well, since I started, I’ve gotten too busy to work on it. And I was always going to have trouble tracking down a decent 3D model for the golfer (I barely had enough Blender skills to make the flagpoles). So, it was always either going to be a released WIP or a purely personal project. I decided to share it with the hope that someone might be able to take it over the finish line.
    Update 1: With JPO’s help, there is now a working backglass (separate download – it should be linked in the sidebar).
    Update 2: Thalamus sent me a golfer primitive, which I managed to write code to rotate around. I'm sure someone could do better with his swing mechanics (unless he's shooting dead straight to hole 9, he'll either clip into his clips or split away from his body at the waist). However, it's close enough to how to should actually look that I'm releasing it. I'm still leaving this download marked as a WIP because one of the 2-player modes that I thought was working has broken (or it never worked to begin with) and I'm sure there are a lot of minor improvements someone *could* do. But I'm hopefully done tinkering with it, at least for quite a while.
    Some notes about controls and such:
    5 – Insert Credit
    1 – Start Game
    Left Flipper – Hold down to rotate shooter left
    Right Flipper – Hold down to rotate shooter right
    Left Magna Save – Hard tee off
    Right Magna Save – Soft tee off
    Plunger – Whatever tee off was done last (I originally had the magna saves select the type and plunger shoot, but I’ve now decided that using the magna saves to shoot is a better idea)
    Included in the download:
    -        The table (duh)
    -        A Tarcisio style wheel


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  4. The untouchables

    hello to all today I share a mod of the KINGPIN table made by ICPjuggla that I thank. the mod is based on a brand new playfield based on the incorruptibles.
    description of the table.
    new playfield
    new backglass
    creation of new 3D elements
    additional sound
    new lighting
    new table physics
    be careful to wait for the initialization of the rom (kpv106) thank you.
    Good fun to all


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  5. Judas Priest Pinball (Original 2019)

    Judas Priest Pinball (Original 2019)
    This Judas Priest table is a theme of Skateball, built initially by JPSalas and Haunfreaks, and later modded by Siggi.  
    I updated the lighting, added more tunes from the Judas Priest catalog, and updated the ball to be a piece of molten metal, just like Judas Priest's music.  I also added music control to the Magna Save buttons:
    Music Control:
    Right Magna = Next Track
    Left Magna = Stop Music
    This music begins as soon as the table loads and only stops when the ball drains.  It starts again on the next song after you launch the ball.  There are also configuration settings in the script if you want to turn off the attract music and only have in-game music, or you can mute the music altogether.  You will enjoy in-game callouts by Rob Halford and some musical adornments depending on what kind of target you hit.
    I have included a modern Judas Priest backglass, but I also uploaded a whole collection of backglass options for you to choose from, one of which cycles through ALL the backglasses.
    You must create an entry in your VPMAlias.txt file: judas,skatebll
    Place the judas music directory in your Music folder.
    All Artwork, Logos, Music, Copyrights, and Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


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  6. Road Runner (Atari 1979) Remastered

    Road Runner (Atari 1979) - Remastered v3.0
    In my continuing quest to improve the audio and visual elements of my favorite tables, I finally finished the update to, "Road Runner" (or Roadrunner, if I'm staying true to my ornithology studies).
    First off, big "Thank Yous" to a couple of colleagues, as without their permission and most importantly guidance, this update would not have been possible. Thank you Kalavera, for approving of and encouragement to remaster your already existing masterpiece!  And to Xenonph, for the amazing sound mod of the previous version, as it was the inspiration for pushing my understanding of the coding for this remaster.  Speaking of which, Xenonph helped me out in the 11th hour by adding some excellent timer code that allowed a fun audio queue to end the game after the last ball drains.  That was the icing on the cake, and really brought the table experience full circle! Thanks, Xenonph!
    I'm sure I've missed a few other contributors, so apologies and thank you as well!  This is a great community of talented people who are always available to teach and guide.  I've made two new friends through this project!
    As the title indicates, this is a remaster.  I'm a bit of a cinephile when it comes to Warner Bros. animated shorts (I don't even call them cartoons).  There is a certain charm that these held from the 1930's up through the golden era of the 1950's.  I worked to bring that early era charm back to this remastered version, including using the original music score, balanced with authentic sound effects in order to help recreate that feeling of watching these as a kid (or adult) while you play the table.
    Playfield and Plastics:
    - Cleaned up imperfections on the playfield surface in preparation for adding a new Wile E. Coyote character next to the Roadrunner.
    - Repainted large amounts of the plastics to color correct, then accommodate the character updates.
    - Updated the Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote colors and style to be consistent with the original artist model sheet references.
    - Included two types of Wile E. Coyote (one from the Roadrunner shorts and the other from the Ralph Sheepdog series)
    - Added characters and scenes to all the previously sparse areas of the plastics, including the apron and slingshots.
    - Added the wooden road sign title card from the animated short, "Fast and Furry-ous (1949)" to the playfield.
    - Removed the previous version's, "Roadrunner Show" television theme song and replaced it with music from Warner Bros. composer Carl Stalling's original orchestrated queues from the animated shorts, "There They Go Go Go (1956)" & "Zoom and Bored (1957)". These were pulled from the disc issue of, "The Carl Stalling Project" (OGG files are in music folder included in the download).
    - Added sound effects from the original Warner Bros. library discs, specifically used within the Roadrunner / Wile E. Coyote animated shorts.
    - And finally... Remember the first time you heard Wile E. Coyote speak?  Voiced by the great Mel Blanc, he introduces himself (with a business card) as "Wile E. Coyote, Genius", to Bugs Bunny in 1952's "Operation: Rabbit".  Prepare to have him introduce himself to you, each time you start a new game!
    I hope you have fun playing this remastered version!
    Thanks for all the support and guidance,
    GaryInMotion (profile name here is Pancake Tues... looking for a way to change that.  :))


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  7. Indianapolis 500 (Bally 1995)

    Are you ready race fans?

    Indianapolis 500 is a hidden gem released in 1995 from Bally. 

    There was a previous VPX version from Dozer/Sheltemke/Flupper (version 1.20) that looked amazing.  The version just needed to be upgraded to some of the newer physics / sounds and other VPW enhancements to put that final polish on the surface.

    Scripting Improvements:
    * nFozzy physics / sling corrections
    * Fleep mechanical and ramp sounds (SSF)
    * Dynamic Ball Shadows 
    * Flupper Domes (Better looking dome flashers)
    * Playfield Mesh (more realistic saucer physics - Thanks Apophis!)
    * VR Room (Thanks Sixtoe for the standalone VR Room assets!)
    * Very basic lighting changes to add more contrast.

    Gameplay Improvements:
    * The previous version needed some very slight geometry tweaks to get a more accurate real machine feel as it was tested against a real machine locally.  
    * The difficulty level was increased a bit from the original version to also be more in line with what the real machine presents.
    * The speed of the game is fast and furious.  Get your reflexes ready!

    Thanks to the original Bally team listed in the IPDB link for another one of their '90s pins that stand the test of time.

    Thanks to the original authors, JPSalas/Dozer/Sheltemke/Flupper for a very solid recreation of this table.

    Thanks to the VPW team and the following testers: PinStratsDan, PrimeTime5K, Colvert, Robby King Pin, BountyBob, Wylte, ClarkKent, Apophis, chugalaefoo, Smaug

    Now... Enjoy Your Victory Laps!


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  8. Total Nuclear Annihilation (Spooky 2017) VPW

    Welcome To The Future! (v2.0!)
    VPW are very proud to present Total Nuclear Annihilation V2.0! This project started in April '21 when EBisLit obtained a full set of new plastics for TNA for scanning, and gtxjoe started updating the script of the original v1.0 release with numerous fixes and rolling in both nfozzy physics and fleep audio, supported by Scott Danesi who provided the original DMD media, TNA light animations and sound effects. Over the next 2 years the table was worked on by a number of people in the community changing and updating nearly everything, bringing it as close in line with the real table as possible, including programming the light shows and now using the original machines video. What you see is the culmination of thousands of man hours of development, we're super happy with it, and hope you will be too! (and yes it's meant to be that hard!)
    This VPX table **does not** come with the TNA soundtrack.
    For the full music experience, you will need to BUY the TNA Album and possibly convert the songs from FLAC format to mp3 format with a tool like this: https://www.freac.org/

    It is available here:
    After buying them rename all mp3 files to TNA1.mp3 through TNA10.mp3 (Scarlet.mp3 is not used)
    Place the tracks in the
            \Visual Pinball\Music\TNA
    folder, then you must find and set bMusicOn to true in the script like this:
            Const bMusicOn = True
    and then you can disable the TNA message by setting
           Disable_TNA_Message = True
    Please show Scott Danesi your support and thanks for creating an awesome pinball game and for making the music available for us to buy.
    This release is fully compatible with the old release for anyone who purchased the soundtrack for that.

    PinUp Player  *Now Required*
    ** Download the Pup Pack from the Download button on this page! It is the Mega link called "4ToWibpC" ***
    Pinup Player 1.44 or higher is required. Install files and setup guide can be found here:
    ●     PuP-Pack folder "tna" needs to be copied to your PUPVideos folder.
    ●     Windows "Text and Scaling" / DPI must be set to 100 for ALL your screens!
    ●     your "PuP Backglass" display needs to be a proper 16:9 ratio (such as 1920x1080)
    ●     if you have a dedicated 3rd LCD screen that is 16:9 ratio or full size (similar to the real TNA cabinet),
    ●     then your Pup "FullDMD" display must be positioned on that 3rd screen and at 16:9 ratio (1920x1080, 1366x768, 1280x720,etc)
    ●     it's VERY important to have the PuP Backglass and PuP Music displays at proper 16:9 ratio, or the text will NOT display correctly
    ●     the pup displays can be configured with the PinUpPlayerConfigDisplays.bat
    There are 4 PuP-Pack options (depending on your cabinet / setup):
    Navigate to the;
    Directory and double click on the option you will be using to set up PuP properly.

    Option 1 - PUPDMD on the Backglass. For those who don't have a dedicated fullsize 3rd monitor / TV for the PUPDMD text and videos.
    Option 2 - PUPDMD on the Backglass with B2S. Same as above, but setup to allow the 4 player score from the directb2s to show on the bottom.
    Option 3 - PUPDMD on a Fullscreen (similar to a modern Stern or TNA cabinet). Display the PUPDMD and Text on a 3rd dedicated 16:9 fullscreen.
      This option allows you to also view the entire TNA Backglass at the same time.
    Option 4 - VR or Desktop. This is to display everything on one screen for both desktop and VR users.

    If you use DOF in your cab, be sure to download and update to the latest config files.

    GTXJOE:  VPX Table Lead
    Pinballfan2018: PUPDMD
    iaakki: Scorbit, Lighting, Scripting, and more
    Fleep: Mechanical sound engineering, processing and scripting, drop target animations
    hawkeyez88: Pup help
    RetroG33K: Pup help
    daphishbowl: Pup and Gif animations help
    leojreimroc: VR room and backglass
    apophis: Physics updates, script help
    Sixtoe: VR Cab, VPX layout, Acrylics, Playfield Redraw, Apron and More.
    Astronasty: Graphics help
    BorgDog: Apron photos, checking gameplay against his real machine
    Stat: DirectB2S backglass
    EBisLIt: TNA plastic scans
    Arelyel: Pup screen support
    redbone: Plastic and Playfield adjustments
    WildDogAracde: Mechanical sound effects recordings
    Morttis: TNA MOD V1.6 update (Graphic updates)
    trochjochel: PuP Media Help
    Joey Beaulieu: PuP Media Help
    HiRez00: PuP Media Help
    NailBuster: Pinup Player, PUPDMD
    Thalamus: RBG light data help
    VPW and VPC beta testers
    VPX Dev Team: Visual Pinball
    SCOTT DANESI: Providing all the genuine DMD media and table sound effects from the amazing Total Nuclear Annihilation "real" Pinball game. And the kick ass music!


       (50 reviews)



  9. Full Throttle (RyGuy417 2023)

    Full Throttle was released by Heighway Pinball back in 2015. Well regarded by those who own it, I decided to create a tribute in my usual style. Many thanks to JP for permission to mod Inder 250. Hope you enjoy!
    Key Features
    Added soundtrack with music by Redline (same as the original table). Drop the included MP3s directly into your music folder Full graphic makeover on playfield, plastics, and backglass Animated backglass Left magna + right magna to change LUT Right magna to change tracks I would heavily suggest muting the rom by pressing F1--the rom-based sounds and music are...interesting.


       (1 review)



  10. Stingray (Stern 1977)

    This is a physics/audio refresh of my 2019 build of Stern's Stingray. Hats of to @apophis for the physics and sound scripting, @nestorgian for the drop target physics update, @TastyWasps for the VR room and @leojreimroc for the VR backglass. Also @PinStratsDan, @bietekwiet and others at VPW for testing and feedback.
    Before reporting extra ball errors, make sure you are using the included nvram or have set dip switches (F6) to your desired settings.


       (11 reviews)



  11. The Last Action Hero (Data East 1993)

    In this world, the bad guys can win!
    Tomate brought this table to life with great playfield and plastics images, and of course top notch 3d modeling and rendering. Sixtoe completely rebuilt the bones of the table. Flux and Apophis worked some code magic to bring it to life. Leo delivered the VR backglass. This is surely our most graphically demanding table thus far!
    Make sure to check out the in-game options menu by pressing both magnasave buttons at the same time. Enjoy the show!
    Tomate - 3D modeling and rendering, playfield stich. Cinematographer/Director.
    Apophis - Toolkit script-side integration. Physics, animations. Crane operator.
    Sixtoe - Table-side full scratch build and scripting. VR room. Set construction.
    Flux - Toolkit integration and support. Script editing.
    Leojreimroc - VR backglass. Gaffer.
    Testers and Stunt-Doubles: Bietekwiet, PinStratsDan, Wylte, Bord, Colvert, Primetime5k
    Based on previous work by: javier1515 (Original Author), ninuzzu (logic assignments), knorr (crane animation), dark (crane model)
    **we're currently unable to upload this to VPU for some reason, hence the mega link**


       (27 reviews)



  12. Godzilla vs Kong

    Hello everyone. I share a small table just to have a little fun it's the godzilla vs kong mod version with the rom of my godzilla table. I made this table because I don't have pinball Fx I am having fun making a mod version of godzilla. have fun
    file content
    the backglass
    color rom


       (3 reviews)



  13. Elektra (Bally 1981) w VR Room

    A version of Elektra VPX was originally done by 32assassin and artwork by Fancisco666.  However in this release, images of the playfields and plastics were obtained off the web, and upscaled and cleaned up by redbone.  Since the hole placements were different, there was lots of effort to move, resize, and edit most of all the elements.
    This is a really fun table to play... as it was the first pinball machine that had three different levels to it.  
    Included in this Version 2.0 is Hybrid VR/desktop/cabinet modes, new upscaled playfields, VPW physics, flipper tricks, dynamic shadows, Fleep sounds, Lampz, 3D inserts, new baked general illumination lighting, sling corrections, drop and stand-up targets, saucers, playfield meshes, various primitives, etc.  Significant time was spent on researching online videos, to ensure accuracy of shots, ball drops, kickouts, and overall playability.  I also created a desktop backglass with a cool lighting effect, as well as the VR backglass and other VR options. There are also some performance improvements, and I added a playfield mesh for the playfield, so there's a realistic bevel in the saucers. 
    I would like to thank redbone for the graphics help, and Tomate for working the 4 ramps into blender with collision and textures.  He also baked them in as well.  And thank you to iaakki for baking in all the GI lighting and shadows.  It looks so relistic!!  And I would additional like to thank the VPW team for testing and feedback, especially Apophis, PinStratsDan, Sixtoe, BountyBob, TastyWasps, leojreimroc, and Bord.
    There are several options in the script.  Including VR, ball brightness, and LUT lighting options.  The LUT changes are done by holding cntl (or left mangasave) and then while holding, scroll through the options with the right magnasave.  The Dip Switch settings are done in the script and are hardcoded.  IF... you want to change them, there's a setting in the script to manually override that, and then use F6 during gameplay to bring up the Dip Switch setting.  
    This is a hybrid table done in VPX 10.74, and I have code in here to automatically choose between VR, desktop, and cabinet.   Additional VR options in the script include two VR environments, a VR clock, a topper, posters, and settings for dynamic shadows if you experience a performance hit.
    Thanks again to Redbone, Tomate, iaakki, and the VPW team!
    There are two great b2s's out there... one by Wildman (https://vpuniverse.com/files/file/4963-elektra-bally-1981/), and one by Hauntfreaks if you would like the full dmd version (https://vpuniverse.com/files/file/12470-elektra-bally-1981-prototype-b2s-with-full-dmd/).  I used Wildman's image in the VR backglass.


       (10 reviews)



  14. Dragon Ball Z oly 1.2.0

    VPX 1.2.0:
    - Launch ramp redesigned (Snake road)
    - Figures added (Mr Satan, C17, C18 and Kamé Sennin)
    - Gorilla sound on moon area
    Extract rar file DBZ
    then put the folder DBZ in the folder Music


       (3 reviews)



  15. Foo Fighters (RyGuy417 2023)

    This is a tribute to the Stern Foo Fighters table, based on @darthwhat's Foo Fighters table (based on work with @Goldchicco, @hawkeyez88, destruk, and others on the Rush 2112 table). Similar to my Legends of Valhalla table, this is a tribute with some elements pulled from the real table, but not a full recreation by any sense of the word.
    Adapted @darthwhat's Pup Pack to primarily function as a music video player Created a b2s file from the Stern backglass with Full DMD support to hold the ultraDMD and videos Added solenoid support to the table script for bumpers, slings, and flippers Playfield art redesigned, based on the real table New apron Wheel, Help, Flyer, Topper all included (topper based on my "Real Topper" collection)  
    Install Instructions
    Add the VPX table, directb2s file, and ultraDMD folder to the Tables folder Add the "rush2112_b2s_foo" folder to your Pup Videos folder Add "rush2112_b2s_foo,rush2112_b2s" to your vpmalias.txt file Add the mp3s to your "Music" folder  
    Alt PUP Pack
    For those interested, @BurtMacklin has created a version of the pup pack that shows a simple PUP overlay and a PUP-driven backglass. He also turned the topper back on for those with a topper screen.


       (1 review)



  16. Doctor Strange Pinball

    Hi, just for fun and amusement,
    I imagined taking over the Doctor WHO table on the theme of Doctor STRANGE.
    The rules are the same, I just changed the Start WHO to Start HOW 😁
    If someone feels able to modify the DMD to adapt it to the theme, thanks in advance.
    Thank's To:
    oooPLAYER1ooo & Unclewilly      For the  Script in  2010    
     Updated 2017 for VPX By       Sliderpoint     
     Thalamus 2018-07-20  Added/Updated  "Positional Sound Playback Functions" and "Supporting Ball & Sound Functions"
    Ise Ananphada for the Artwork
    All Logos, Music,  Copyrights and Trademarks are property of their respective owners. 


       (12 reviews)



  17. Avenged Sevenfold Table MOD

    I am proud to present to you my very first AVENGED SEVENFOLD table mod that I entirely made myself without much basic knowledge in 3D and scripting.
    However, by dint of thinking, doing, undoing what I was doing, I managed to do something not too bad for the first time after hundreds of hours spent on vpx, photoshop, blender, premiere pro and after-effect.

    This table is based on the band Avenged Sevenfold. An American heavy metal band formed in 1999 in California that I really like and that others will like too I'm sure.
    For the story, the table is called Lodger's Strawman, which apparently never came out. A gentleman by the name of ivantba took it over to make Terminator 1 TBA Edition (2019) 1.0 which I finally took over to make my personal mod on the metal theme of Avenged Sevenfold.
    Be nice and lenient with me for this premiere because I know the table is not a VPW lol But I did what I could with what I had and with the knowledge I had.
    That's why it's important to support table creators, because it's by doing this that we help them to continue in this momentum, and to get us out of fabulous tables. Especially since it takes hundreds of hours to do all of this, for our own distraction 😃
    Regarding the table, it is not so easy, especially for multiball! You will see
    I included the B2S, the wheel, the loading, the fullDMD, the Puppack and the musics in the file.
    Many thanks to Gaetan, David and Mussinger (Franck) from the MTC group for helping me with the script, the 3D modeling, the table sounds, thanks also to arngrim for the DOF as well as Lodger and ivantba for the table.
    A7X tab.vpx in C:\Visual Pinball\Tables
    A7X tab.directb2s in C:\Visual Pinball\Tables
    Each music must be installed in C:\Visual Pinball\Music
    If you use PinUP, remove the A7X tab.directb2s file in C:\Visual Pinball\Tables and put the A7XTAB folder in C:\PinupSystem\PUPVideos
    The Backlgass will be the Pupvideo because I put you with the FULLDMD to install in the media manager of PinUP.
    I don't have a version for 2 screens, but you can always put the DMD wherever you want on the backglass.
    The 3 LCD or RealDMD versions will function correctly according to your wishes with or without Pupvideo.
    IMPORTANT: Update your DOF for this table to have the light effects.
    Enjoy guys!

    Je suis fier de vous présenter mon tout premier mod de table AVENGED SEVENFOLD que j'ai integralement fais moi même sans grande connaissance de base dans la 3D et dans le script.
    Cependant, à force de cogiter, de faire, défaire ce que je faisais, j'ai réussi à en faire quelque chose de pas trop mal pour une première fois après des centaines d'heures passées sur vpx, photoshop, blender, premiere pro et after effect.

    Cette table est basée sur le groupe Avenged Sevenfold. Un groupe américain de heavy metal formé en 1999 en Californie que j'affectionne beaucoup et que d'autres aimeront également j'en suis sur.
    Pour l'histoire, la table s'appelle Strawman de Lodger, qui n'est apparemment jamais sortie. Un monsieur du nom de ivantba l'a reprise pour faire Terminator 1 TBA Edition (2019) 1.0 que j'ai reprise finalement pour faire mon mod personnel sur le theme metal d'Avenged Sevenfold.
    Soyez gentil et indulgent avec moi pour cette première car je sais que la table n'est pas une VPW lol Mais j'ai fais ce que j'ai pu avec ce que j'avais et avec les connaissances que j'avais.
    C'est pour cela qu'il est important d'apporter notre soutient aux créateurs de table, car c'est en faisant cela que nous les aidons à continuer dans cette lancée, et à nous sortir des tables fabuleuses. Surtout que cela prend des centaines d'heures à faire tout cela, pour notre propre distraction 😃
    Concernant la table, elle n'est pas si facile, surtout pour le multiball ! Vous verrez
    J'ai inclus le B2S, la wheel, le loading, le fullDMD,le Puppack et les musiques dans le dossier.
    Un grand merci à Gaetan, David et Mussinger (Franck) du groupe MTC de m'avoir aidé pour le script,la modélisation 3D, les sons de table, merci également à arngrim pour le DOF ainsi que Lodger et ivantba pour la table.
    A7X tab.vpx dans C:\Visual Pinball\Tables
    A7X tab.directb2s dans C:\Visual Pinball\Tables
    Chaque musique doit être installé dans C:\Visual Pinball\Music
    Si vous utilisez PinUP, enlever le fichier A7X tab.directb2s dans C:\Visual Pinball\Tables et mettre le dossier A7XTAB dans C:\PinupSystem\PUPVideos
    Le Backlgass sera le Pupvidéo car je vous met avec le FULLDMD à installer dans le media manager de PinUP
    Je n'ai pas de version pour 2 écrans,mais vous pouvez toujours mettre le DMD où vous voulez sur le backglass.
    Les versions 3 écrans LCD ou RealDMD fonctionneront correctement selon vos désirs avec Pupvidéo ou sans.
    IMPORTANT: Mettez à jour votre DOF pour cette table pour avoir les effets lumineux.
    Enjoy les gars !


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  18. Crazy Cats Demo Derby

    Hey all...After months of work and testing, I am ready to go ahead and release Crazy Cats to the VP community.
    Crazy Cats is my second table for VPX. This table is dedicated to longtime friends who have effectively become family to me who are or have been part of the Crazy Cats demolition derby team out of the town of Monroe, WI. These guys have been running derbies for over 30 years spanning two generations.

    The theme is running in a demolition derby, something I personally haven't seen much of in either real or virtual pinball.The idea in Crazy Cats is to acquire, build, and run a derby car to run in the next derby. Completing these heavily involves shooting the blue Garage targets on the mid-right portion of the table to open up the Garage itself. Then shoot the ball into the Garage to progress. These are indicated by the Stage lights on the playfield. Progression through Heats are indicated by the Heat lights on the playfield.
    Stage 1: Acquire your derby car by opening up and shooting the Garage for 50,000 points and adding 50,000 to the Heat Jackpot.
    Stage 2: Build and set up your derby car by shooting the garage and starting a 2-ball multiball. Shoot lit shots for jackpots. Complete a certain number of ramp shots and spinners for additional awards.
    Stage 3: Run your next derby heat by locking three balls to start a 3-ball multiball where you can actually score the running Heat Jackpot on the jackpot display.
    Hopefully I was able to convert this basic demo-derby idea into a fun-to-play pinball.
    Crazy Cats has a B2S backglass which is included with the table zip. If you are running B2S, you should have your ScreenRes setting in the same folder as the table and B2S backglass. I've also included my own ScreenRes setings in the zip file but you may need to set it up based on your specific setup. The editor has different backdrops to select whether one is using DT only without B2S or if one is using B2S whether they are using DT or FS. Be sure to check Disable B2S in Preferences/Configure,Keys,Nudge,and DOF in VP if you don't want to run B2S.

    This table is not to be sold by anyone to anyone. The table is meant to be available as a FREE DOWNLOAD to be enjoyed by all. No profit of any kind is being made by the author of this table. If you bought this table either by ebay, or some other means, YOU WERE RIPPED OFF!!!
    While modifications for personal use are okay. please reach out to me if you'd like to mod this table for public release.AT the very least I'll be curious as to what is intended, as it may be something that had never occurred to me.
    I'll likely be good with mods for VR rooms, specific cabinet setups, and DOF mods as I know next to nothing about how to set any of that stuff up, and I have no DOF or VR hardware to test. The table has some basic DOF commands
    in the script for some (likely not all) of the mechanical bits.
    General Instructions. Full rules are in the table zip or can be found in Table Info.
    -Shoot Garage Door Targets to Open Garage for Setup Stages and Heats.
    -Soft-Plunge Right Entry for Skill Shot when lit.
    -T-E-A-M Advances Bonus Multiplier.
    -D-E-M-O Lights Left Outlane Kickback.
    -Shoot Ramp and Orbits to advance CRAZYCATS.Complete CRAZYCATS for awards.
    -Complete 2 Setup Stages and Open Garage to light locks for Heat Multiball.
    -Complete 2 Heat Multiballs and Open Garage at Stage 3 to light Feature Heat Multiball.
    -Shoot Ramp during Heat and Feature Heat Multiballs for Jackpots.
    -Score 2 Jackpots in Feature Heat to light Trophy.
    -Clear 6-8 Drop Targets and complete 6-8 Spot Targets to light lock for Salvage Multiball.
    -Clear 1-8-7 Drop Targets and complete 1-8-7 Spot Targets to light lock for Boogie Multiball.
    -Shoot lit shots during Salvage and Boogie Multiballs for Jackpots.
    Hope you all enjoy it. If you like this table, leaving a positive review would be most appreciated and will encourage me to make more tables.
    Take Care


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  19. Bugs Bunny's Birthday Ball (Bally 1991)

    Welcome to my Bugs Bunny's Birthday Ball refresh for VP10.7 or >. This table has undergone a tremendous amount of refinement with countless new visual details, all new lighting, all new physics, better sound effects additional table options. This table also includes VR Room.
    Shout-outs to Cyberpez, Rothbauerw, nfozzy, flupper, DJrobx and bord for heavily contributing to this latest refresh. Also want to thank the many talented folks at VPWorkshop too. And a very big big thanks to Bodydump for allowing me to complete the table he started many years ago. Cant thank you guys enough.
    Please see beginning of script for the detailed credits and available table options.


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  20. Lost In Space Retro

    After expressing my wish for a pinball table based on the classic LOST IN SPACE television series from the 1960s I was encouraged to try adapting an existing game myself. This is my very first attempt at modifying the art in any virtual pinball simulator, so some might find the result a bit clumsy.  For that reason, anyone who wishes to improve or add features to my version is entirely welcome to do so.
    The game itself is Bigus's 1.2 version of the 1998 Sega machine that was a tie-in to the misguided theatrical film.  I love the multiball modes in the game, and thankfully Dick Tufeld reprised his role as the voice of Robot B-9, so it wasn't a hard decision to keep the sounds and gameplay while replacing some of the art with the TV characters and models.
    I have included a rudimentary illuminated backglass to complement the table.  I'm sure that others will have good ideas that would make the game look or sound even better, but I am strictly a beginner.  I know nothing about Pup packs or audio substitution yet, though that may come down the road as I learn.  I also have no understanding of primitive modeling, so I simply reskinned the existing Jupiter 2.  That will explain why she's a bit warped.  I left the Robot toy alone for now, but if I learn how to export and edit primitives I will try to replace him as well.
    If you're a fan of the series I hope you will enjoy my foray into VP modding.
    A big thank you to Bigus for allowing me to adapt his table.
    What's New in Version 1.1  (See full changelog)
    1.1 - Added AltSound package that replaces a few film actor voices with audio from the TV series.


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  21. NFL (Stern 2001) Commanders Hybrid (DT, FS, FSS, VR)

    This is a hybrid update to the Stern's NFL Commanders released by xenonph. All credits are the same as his release and you need to download his release to get all the additional files (nvram, altsound, and music files). Here is a link to his table download. All the features and options that are in xenonph's release still apply to this update.
    This release is only a update table file that includes four views which are Desktop, Fullscreen, Fullscreen Single Screen, and VR (with two VR Room choices, game room and football field). There are options near the top of the script for making changes with descriptions for what they do.
    Special thanks go out to xenonph for allowing me permission to update the table.
    Thanks to all the contributors to the table over time.
    Thanks to the VPW crew for VR room stuff.
    Thanks to Rawd for being Rawd.


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  22. Galaxy (Stern 1980)

    A classic Stern designed by Harry Williams. Purported to be the first game with a controlled general illumination circuit.
    I built this back in 2018 and was content to let it disappear post-vpinball.com but @nestorgian picked it up and gave it new life with nfozzy physics and fleep sounds and cleaned up playfield artwork. I did some small visual and physics tweaks and the VPW braintrust jumped in with additional help.
    Nestorgian - physics, sound, desktop view and script update
    Wylte - physics adjustment, field testing, troubleshooting
    Apophis - physics adjustments
    TastyWasps - VR Room
    leojreimroc - VR backglass, desktop scoring
    Hauntfreaks - desktop assets
    bord - physics meshes, various new visual meshes, general tinkering
    Sixtoe - absolutely nothing 😝


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  23. Star Trek The Next Generation (Williams 1993) VPW Mod

    VPW are proud to present a table tune up of Knorr and Clark Kent's version of Star Trek the Next Generation from Williams.
    Although already great, we've added updated nfozzy physics, added some fleep sound whilst keeping the original recordings from the real machine, added the full VR room suite from Rawd and Steely, updated Sixtoes VR cabinet with Leojreimroc making a fully functional backbox in VR and lots of other tweaks and fixes along the way.
    The table now plays even closer to the real thing and we hope you enjoy it!
    VPW Mod v1.0
    Project Lead - fluffhead35
    VR Holodeck - Rawd/Steely
    VR Work/Backglass - Sixtoe/Leojreimroc
    Tweaks - ClarkKent, Apophis, Sixtoe

    v01 - fluffhead35 - Added Flipper Triggers, Rubbers and Posts, Bumpers, slings, flipper, and table physics corrections.  Adding in fliper and physic damperner code.
                      - Adding in materials for all code
    v02 - fluffhead35 - Added Fleep sound
    v03 - fluffhead35 - finished Fleep sound and fixing upper flipper, changing flipper polarity to early 90's and later. Added Sling correction.  Increased plunger strength.
                      - Added logic to stop ball rolling sounds in subways.  Set FlipperCoilRampupMode to 2 
    v05 - leojreimroc - Imported Rawd's Holodeck VR Room.  Adjusted Laser barriers for VR.
    v06 - fluffhead35 - fixed flipper triggers.  Rubber thickness fixed on upper flipper.  Increased flipper hit sound level.  Updated sling rubbers to use bottom corner for post pass.
    v07 - clarkkent   - deleted zCol_Rubber_Sleeve008, RubberPost4,  SubwayScoop_Prim
    v08 - fluffhead35 - Made Posts for post pass collidable, adjusted flippers to be in line with guide.  Adjust playfield friction to .15.  Adjusted sling posts physics for post pass.
    v09 - apophis     - Added new playfield mesh. Increased speed of slingshot animations. 
    v10 - Rawd        - Added ClarkKent Cabinet artwork, some VR fixes and tweaks
    v11 - leojreimroc - Implemented Iaaki's flasher code to all solenoid flashers.  Fixed a few flasher positions that were past the cabinet.  Implemented VR Backglass lighting.
    v13 - fluffhead35 - Added new ball launch sound to help prevent high bass sounds.  Adjusted size of sleave and physic materials of start mission scoop.  Removed ball dampening triggers.
    v14 - fluffhead35 - updated the sling posts for post pass based on clark kents suggestions.  Changed Table difficulty to 56. Added option to switch if ball launch should have bass lowered.
    v15 - fluffhead35 - Set default wire Ramp sounds to be from clark kents samples.  Added option to use the other samples if user wants.  Changed ball out to brighter ball.  Turned off flipper corrections on upper right Flipper.
                      - Changed environment emission image to be shinyenvironment3blur4.  Adjusted gi around inlanes and inline insert lightings.
    15d - set the falloff of gi lights to 5. Set the day night to 1, set environment lighting to black, adjusted warbird material, adjusted lighting around upper lanes.  Adjusted some random insert lighting.  Adjusted ramp friction based on clark kents suggestions.
    15e - changed elasticity and scatter of sw57 to give ball more random bounces and goes down inlanes based on BountyBobs testing
    16  - fluffhead35 - merged in nfozzy changed to init throughts at game start as well as using new flipper physics.  Removed target bouncer from sleeve in start mission scoop.  Lowered bumpercap3 from 25 to 20. Added TargetBouncer to Targets_hit
    17  - Sixtoe       - Added VR logo back in, hooked up cannon light primitives to lighting system, cleaned up script


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  24. The Who's Tommy Pinball Wizard (Data East 1994) VPWMod

    The less you see, the more you feel.
    Never having heard of it, Wylte played the real machine in the wild and was instantly enamored.  It happened to come up a couple months later in a discussion with Lumigado and Dapheni and that very night Wylte added nFozzy’s flipper tricks to Ninuzzu’s excellent recreation.  From there it was supposed to be a very lite upgrade, but Skitso made the lighting look so good that Wylte had to learn every VPW trick (short of a full scan and render) to be worthy of it!  Luckily he took his sweet time and other members were able to hop in and add even more (and fix his rookie mistakes).
    After releasing 1.0, Wylte bought the real machine! And then kept tweaking the VPX for a year...
    This VPW Table Tune-Up features:  nFozzy physics, Lampz, Flupper flashers, Fleep sounds, Skitso lighting overhaul, 3D inserts, Roth targets, Apophis sling corrections, Rawd & Leojreimroc VR Room and functioning VR backglass, new art assets, new ramp models, physical table mesh, staged flippers, Dynamic Ball Shadows, Fluffhead35 RampRolling sound code.
    Project Lead The Specialist – Wylte
    Lighting See Me - Skitso, Wylte
    Physics Feel Me - Wylte, Apophis
    VR Touch Me - Leojreimroc, Rawd, Sixtoe
    Fixes Heal Me - Apophis, Sixtoe, Bord, Wylte
    Testing Pinball Wizards - Rik, Pinstratsdan, Darkstar, Smaug, BountyBob, nFozzy, Bietekwiet, PrimeTime5k, Rajo Joey, VPW Team
    Some specific contributions:
    Apophis – Flupper flasher domes, physical trough, new slingshot physics, teaching and fixing Wylte’s mistakes
    Tomate – New ramps, wood rails
    Sheltemke – Playfield and insert cutouts
    Sixtoe – Visual holes for targets and rollovers, VR stuff, Lots of fixes
    Darkstar – New apron texture
    HauntFreaks – New blinder texture, desktop background
    Thanks to the original author Ninuzzu The Champ, and contributors:  Franzleo, Freneticamnesiac, Dark, Zany, Javier1515, JPSalas, GTXJoe, Shoopity, and Arngrim.  And thank you to the VPX and pinmame devs!


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  25. godzilla limited edition

    Hello everyone today I am sharing the Godzilla Limited edition table. it's a remix of sega's godzilla table and stern's godzilla playfied. the rules of the game are modified a bit with targets add triggers and spinners the ramps and 3D objects.
    Thanks to bigus
    composition of the table.
    New Playfield
    New ramps
    New lighting
    New sound effects
    New lights
    New rules
    The pack contains
    the color rom
    the backglass
    media for PBX
    For the next table will be an original Jurassic Parc version it will be available in January because there is still a lot of work on the pup pack.
    happy holidays to all and have fun.
    If anyone wants another table that was on Vpinball asks me so I would share it to avoid conflicts with the illegal VPD site.
    listing of my tables. Grease, Rock and Roll, Blues Brothers, Blues 40 anniversary, michael Jackson, Star wars limited edition, Indochine.


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