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  1. I wouldn't mess with the B2S because it has the reel sounds turned off (need to manually do this to the B2S text file). Since no one has been able to reproduce the ball management error I've posted a fixed version. Just waiting for mod approval.
  2. @fisch those intermittent bugs are always the hardest to figure out. Please let me know if it happens again and what the exact circumstances were when it happened.
  3. Sure just go into the editor and choose the flippers and increase their strength. You'll need to do this for all four because there are both standard and zipped flippers for this table. Also there are primitives that are displayed in place of the vpx flippers that are just "toys" so those don't have strength physics settings, those don't need modification.
  4. @Thalamus @fisch I found the bug that was not allowing the match value to be displayed on the B2S but I have not been able to replicate the changing from 3 to 5 balls in a two player game not have all five balls be put into play. I'm using desktop in 10.6 so maybe it's a 10.7 issue? Can you guys please replicate and let me know exactly how the game was set up when it fails to kick the correct number of balls? I've fixed the online config DOF problems. I'll submit a new table version with the match values fixed and hopefully this ball problem if you can replicate it.
  5. @fisch @Thalamus By any chance are you laying in vp10.7?
  6. If you guys enjoyed these tables then you might like this interview that I did with Marty from Pizza Time on Sunday where we discuss them and many other topics!
  7. You're right about the script being wrong, @bord we should fix and post a new version with the flipper down mapped to 101 and 102 (that's what the DOF online config is set to).
  8. The best answer is "kind of" because it still needs a fair bit of work. It plays a full game but the lighting is messed up and there is no cab for the table. JSM174's Volley is a much better choice.
  9. Good pickup @Thazoo something in the B2S was not set correctly so the lighting wasn't working correctly. An new B2S version has been packaged in the new release, the .vpx is unchanged.
  10. I hit the remove old version button when I uploaded the last version and it didn't remove the old version so I've submitted a new version this morning and physically removed the old version. This new version of vpx removes some test code that was mapped to the 'a', 's' and 'f' keys and was causing issues for folks with cabs who had buttons mapped to those keys. The file needs to be approved by the mods and that can take anywhere from minutes to a day so please check back later for the new version.
  11. The latest version is the best, 1.0 is pretty ancient. Please check back later today, I uploaded a new version and because of VPU security the mods to approve the file so that can take anywhere from minutes to a day.
  12. When I write these tables I have a section of code that I call 'test keys' and in that section I set various methods via the 'a', 's' and 'f' keys. It turns out that some folks have their cabinet buttons mapped to those keys so they've been getting some pretty weird behavior because of that. I've gone through all of the tables and released new versions that have any test code stripped out to prevent these issues. If you are having any issues please download the newest versions.
  13. New version uploaded. No changes to the vpx table but removed native B2S reel sounds from the B2S to prevent competition with the reels sounds native to the table.
  14. Uploaded a new version that fixes a lighting problem with the B2S and removes the native B2S reel sounds to prevent them from competing with the table's reel sounds.
  15. Uploaded a new version that has an improved B2S with better lighting and removal of native reel sounds to prevent them from competing with the table's reel sounds.
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