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ATTN: Download Limits, Multiple Accounts, VPN, Proxy & Tor users -


Download limits and other security measures are put into place to help keep the site stable and running smoothly for everyone.  These are in place to help deter people that have abused the system and caused issues in the past.  We believe that the agreed upon limitations that have been put in place are reasonable for a free site. 

Multiple Accounts -  VPUniverse is setup to detect users with multiple accounts to bypass download limitations.  If the system detects that a user has multiple accounts, each associated account will be automatically banned.  

VPN, Proxy, & TOR
It has been identified that several users that were scraping/attempting to scrape the site were using VPN, Proxy or Tor in order to do so.  VPUniverse has implemented security measures to help combat this.  From now on; anyone registering using a VPN, Proxy or Tor will be denied by server software. 

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