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  1. can you add these? i can't get it to work in it's in your readme but i can't manage it. csi is in your list but still not found VPX VR-Launcher V. 4.28 Checked against online tablearray V. 4 Not recognized table-filenames: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- America's Most Haunted (Spooky Pinball 2014).vpx CSI (Stern 2008).vpx IT Pinball Madness (JP Salas,Joe Picasso)1.2.vpx Red & Ted's Road Show (Williams 1994).vpx The Machine Bride of Pin-Bot (Williams 1991).vpx Unreal Tournament (Original 2007).vpx Wrath of Olympus (Original 2022).vpx and the new purge table
  2. Thank you VPW. Thanks for many hours of fun!
  3. Wenn du F6 drückst kannst du den Tisch im Kameramodus starten. Dort kannst du die breite usw einstellen. Wenn du es hast schließ den Tisch und speicher.
  4. Open vpx. Right click on the dmd in the editor and unlock the dmd. Click on the dmd and press the arrow key down a few times. Start the table and look. If it does not fit do it again. But not too far or you will cut off something at the bottom of the dmd. I hope it works
  5. I have downloaded the latest version. Cabinet mode in script does not work for me. Just have a weird view. Starting the table in vr ends in crash with no message. Only a white screen that crashes. Everything is updated for me. Is not bad. just wanted to give feedback. I take again the previous version The best dark knight table. Thanks again!
  6. Download Version 1.3
  7. Sorry I didn't see that myself. I will fix it and upload again
  8. This is the same table you will find on vpforum. Here the table was made into a vr room. If you do not have vr glasses then you should not download the table
  9. Start the table. Press alt and tab. I think you have win 11 or 10. go to audio mixer under settings. I think the sound is turned down. Windows has done a few times with me
  10. The author of the dude version certainly doesn't deserve to have his table called that. There would be a lot of time put into it. If I get permission from the original table I make at least a vr room
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