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Circus (Zaccaria 1977)_Teisen_MOD

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none ROM Name
Loserman76, GNance, JPSalas, Pinuck, Hauntfreaks, Borgdog, Arngrim, Teisen Created by
Zaccaria Manufacturer
1977 Year

2 Screenshots

First I would like to thank Loserman76 for the beautiful work... wherever he is playing pinball!
small changes were made only aesthetically
small improvements in the playfield, plastics, lighting,flippers position...  I want to make it clear that the descriptions for the tables I'm sharing are "standard" for all, changes are made when there is a need for some adjustment.
version used, follow the link to the original table    https://www.vpforums...&showfile=13248
Adjustments made:
- lighting and playfield lights
- adjust targets position and color
- new POV
- plastic contrast
- color adjustment and small touches (unfortunately we don't have good image quality from PF)
- adjust PF buttons color and animation
- new hole
- changing the upper arch to wire
- base bumpers color correction
- correction of spinners (correct animation)
- new yellow plastic guides
- red poles
- adjust erasers color
- adjustment of the slingshots right left next to the flippers
Description of Loserman76:
VPX conversion
Artwork done by GNance
others to thank: JPSalas, Pinuck, hauntfreaks, Borgdog, Arngrim
in addition to the "standard" keys (typically "1" to start game and "5" for coin), I've added "3" as another coin input and "4" for coin and auto-start game (like I recall the dime slots generally were) to simulate 3 coin slots
when game is not in progress, holding down left flipper for about 3-5 seconds will bring up the options menu. left flipper selects item, right flipper changes option.
I've also included shadows for the ball and flippers. If you want to turn them off look for these lines at the beginning of the script:
Const ShadowFlippersOn = true
Const ShadowBallOn = true
change to false if you want either of the shadows not showing on your tables


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