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  1. You might want to try my later version here: https://pinballnirvana.com/forums/resources/road-girls-original-desktop-and-doflinx-mx.5672/
  2. @ashleyb "Graphically amazing table and the FizX physics are a huge improvement over normal FP. Only criticism I would have is the ball would benefit from having the feeling of more weight like the best VPX tables achieve." I am not able to reply on the review page but hopefully you will get this message. Terry makes the 8K polygon ball optional but it is heavier than the FP default ball. It also makes the physics work better. You should try it if you have not already.
  3. @Nitronimbus I have tried to send you a personal message but when I hit send, I get this message: "Nitronimbus cannot receive messages." Anyway, I was wandering if I could mod your version of Avatar. I like the animated gif.
  4. Some of the guys are having problems with Future Pinball crashing. It is recommended that you install BAM version 349 soon to prevent problems. You can get it here: https://www.ravarcade.pl/download
  5. I have changed the Special 2 key on my setup from the default and don't remember what it was. ...But just open the FP editor and click on "Preferences" and then "Game keys and controls". It will tell you what the key is for Special 2 there. You might want to review my guide for FP/Bam here: https://pinballnirvana.com/forums/threads/georges-installation-and-setup-guide-for-future-pinball-and-bam-beginners-start-here.20851/
  6. You press the Special 2 key to open the menu before you press the start game key. The main menu explains the keys you need to press after that. There is an option to change the playfield texture. This is all explained in the PDF file that is included in the download. If you want to change it to something completely different, you can replace the texture named [playfield] in the texture manage with something else.
  7. That works if you don't have your PC connected to the internet. I use my PC for everything. I think not having an antivirus program when you PC is connected to the internet is asking for trouble. In fact, I have MalwareBytes and use it combined with Defender. That is why I always try to remove "execute" and "eval" functions from tables I mod.
  8. On Defender, I have found you can add an exception to remove stuff from the periodic scans that you perform. However, the exception does not seem to work on the real time protection which is what usually causes trouble when you play a table. I have not been able to figure out a way add exceptions to the real time protection. There might be a way but I don't know how.
  9. I am planning on reposting but it may be a while.
  10. Some of the guys are having trouble hitting the ramp with the upper flipper. You can try replacing the XML that is near the beginning of the script with this: '=============================== PHYSICS XML =========================== '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> '<document> ' <physics slope="6.8" fps="296" threaded="1"></physics> ' <ball newtonDamping="0" mass="81" gravity="7100" damping="0.95"></ball> ' <flipper rotationSpeedChart="{0.0,100.0}[0.0,100.0]" newtonDamping="0.01" releaseOmega="48.0" mass="99999.0" omega="30.0" moeMethod="0" ' leftXoff="0" leftYoff="0" leftZoff="0" ' rightXoff="0" rightYoff="0" rightZoff="0"></flipper> ' <bumper impulse="90.0" impulseRandomness="0" vectorRandomness="6"></bumper> ' <autoplunger mass="20000.0" force="60000.0"></autoplunger> ' <diverter mass="10000.0" omega="33.0"></diverter> ' <gate mass="0.005" gravity="2500.0" damping="0.25"></gate> ' <kicker impulse="1000.0" vukImpulse="1400.0" impulseRandomness="2" vectorRandomness="1"></kicker> ' <plunger mass="20000.0" force="30000.0"></plunger> ' <slingshot impulse="700.0" impulseRandomness="15" vectorRandomness="3"></slingshot> ' <spindisk mass="10000.0" angularDamp="0.33" linearDamp="0.25"></spindisk> ' <spinner mass="60.0" gravity="100.0" angularDamp="0.25" angularAccel="5.25" spinDampLoose="0.55" spinBackLoose="1.70" spinDampNorm="0.75" spinBackNorm="1.80" spinDampTight="0.95" spinBackTight="1.90"></spinner> ' <emkicker mass="10000.0" omega="80.0"></emkicker> ' <varitarget mass="500.0" damping="0.9" tension="3.0" return="15.0"></varitarget> ' <magnet impulse="10.0" impulseRandomness="2"></magnet> ' <nudge impulse="120.0" impulseRandomness="25.0" warningLevel="250" leftAngle="60" upAngle="0" rightAngle="320" vectorRandomness="5" visualDistance="1" waitPeriod="300" maxBallVelocity="500.0"></nudge> ' <defaultMat softnessCoef="0.02" elasticCoef="0.1" staticFriction="0.01" kineticFriction="0.02"></defaultMat> ' <playfieldMat softnessCoef="0.03" elasticCoef="0.2" staticFriction="0.01" kineticFriction="0.01"></playfieldMat> ' <metalMat softnessCoef="0.01" elasticCoef="0.15" staticFriction="0.01" kineticFriction="0.02"></metalMat> ' <woodMat softnessCoef="0.02" elasticCoef="0.15" staticFriction="0.02" kineticFriction="0.02"></woodMat> ' <plasticMat softnessCoef="0.03" elasticCoef="0.2" staticFriction="0.02" kineticFriction="0.02"></plasticMat> ' <rubberHardMat softnessCoef="0.06" elasticCoef="0.3" staticFriction="0.07" kineticFriction="0.07"></rubberHardMat> ' <rubberIntMat softnessCoef="0.07" elasticCoef="0.4" staticFriction="0.07" kineticFriction="0.07"></rubberIntMat> ' <rubberSoftMat softnessCoef="0.08" elasticCoef="0.5" staticFriction="0.08" kineticFriction="0.08"></rubberSoftMat> ' <gateMat softnessCoef="0.05" elasticCoef="0.55" staticFriction="0" kineticFriction="0"></gateMat> ' <kickerMat softnessCoef="0.01" elasticCoef="0.05" staticFriction="0.8" kineticFriction="0.8"></kickerMat> ' <rampMat softnessCoef="0.01" elasticCoef="0.01" staticFriction="0.01" kineticFriction="0.01"></rampMat> ' <plungerMat softnessCoef="0.04" elasticCoef="0.4" staticFriction="0.01" kineticFriction="0.01"></plungerMat> ' <spindiskMat softnessCoef="0.05" elasticCoef="0.5" staticFriction="2" kineticFriction="2"></spindiskMat> '</document> '=============================== PHYSICS XML ===========================
  11. I am sorry. I told you wrong. Someone else had the same problem. Find the following line in the script: Sub DebugTimer_Expired() Place your cursor at the end of the line and press enter to make a blank line. Then type the following on the blank line and save changes: Exit Sub
  12. I'm sorry but it shouldn't produce that error. It tested correctly on my PC. I just have a desktop PC with a single monitor and I use FP/BAM and no other program. The error is from standard FP coding but the code looks correct to me. The coding that I think is involved is for HudDmd1 that was on the translite and I used it for a while but decided to change over to the HUD on the right side of the screen that duplicates the lights for the 7 doctors on the backglass. I moved HudDmd1 so it can't be seen. Hopefully, you did not delete it because it will produce errors then. All I can suggest is to for you to search the script for this: Sub DebugTimer_Expired() and then add a blank line directly below it and insert this: End Sub That should fix this error but there may be other errors produced. Have you read TerryRed's guide here? He has a cabinet and if his guide does not resolve your problem, you might ask him about it: https://pinballnirvana.com/forums/threads/future-pinball-and-bam-mega-guide-by-terryred.20407/
  13. DaCockyOne & Tofa Line 1013 has some BAM script on it. Do you have a cabinet install or some sort of special installation? Are you running "FPLoader.exe" and not "Future Pinball.exe"? Running "Future Pinball.exe" will bypass BAM. After you start playing the table, let me know if you can open the BAM menu by pressing "Q" or "`" (the key to the left of 1) and then tell me the version number of BAM on the bottom right side of the screen. If you have a cabinet install, try playing it on a regular PC without running all the front end programs, just running "FPLoader.exe" by itself. If you are not able to resolve it, you can delete the code because it is not essential. Search the script for "Start Processing the Script". A few lines below it lies the following script that you can delete: 'wild rampa1.Brightness = 1.4 rampa2.Brightness = 1.4 rampa3.Brightness = 1.4 rampa4.Brightness = 1.2
  14. DaCockyOne I think you need a newer version of BAM. You can get it here: https://www.ravarcade.pl/download My guide here may help you also: https://pinballnirvana.com/forums/threads/georges-installation-and-setup-guide-for-future-pinball-and-bam-beginners-start-here.20851/
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