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    This page will contain information regarding Scorbit for Digital Pinball news and updates.  We will also maintain a list of all digital/virtual pinball releases that contain Scorbit.

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  • Bringing pinball into the digital age.


    You know it. The appeal of pinball is a visceral one. Fingers on flippers, the feel of the machine, the weight of the ball, flashing lights, pulsing sound, adrenaline coursing in real time.

    You also know the digital age is now in full bloom, offering next-gen gamers interconnectivity, global competition, automation and convenience – things that drive exponential levels of participation and data gathering previously unseen in the pinball world.


    Enter Scorbit: A first-of-its-kind, wireless and real-time platform that’s connecting solid-state, DMD and LCD pinball machines to the internet. The implications are nothing short of a pinball revolution, bringing pinball machines and players into the digital age – while increasing plays and revenue for operators and fun for collectors.



    Whether you’re playing on a machine that’s equipped with a Scorbitron that saves your scores or you enter your scores on the app, Scorbit lets you connect to players everywhere:

    • Find places to play pinball near you
    • Keep track of your scores on every pinball machine ever made
    • Challenge your friends with your high scores and invite them to try and beat your scores
    • Follow your pinball pals and other players to see who’s playing and what scores they’re getting.

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