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  1. South Park (Sega)(1999)(oooPLAYER1ooo)(1.3)(FS)(9.16)

    Recreation of South Park by Sega
    Full redrawn HD Textures
    ball collision
    Alpha Flashers
    Full GI effects, i.e gi effects virtually every object on Table
    Ambient light Selection
    Table Size is so large because i have loaded this baby to the max with hd textures, Enjoy and for those with older systems this is the best i can optimize without the sacrifice of quality. This Table Has been fully designed and made to run at the settings i have released it , chaging the layback, fov, inc or order of any object on pf will break table so you are warned
    Thanks to wowter for the video



  2. Creature From The Black Lagoon Nude Mod FS

    A while ago someone made a complete nude version of the CFTBL table I don't know who it was since they have long vanished along with the original table download. I've since than refined it and added it to the latest version by Sheltemke. Also included is nude BG and wheel ENJOY!



  3. Safe Cracker - VP915+ - FS

    Safe Cracker for VP9.15+
    by ICPjuggla, OldSkoolGamer and Herweh
    All Artwork/Lighting/GI by OldSkoolGamer
    Please check out the 'Pretty important' part at the end of this release notes.
    This was a 'from scratch' rebuild.
    Table is saved with layer infos so for the best experience (and for pretty cool looking flasher) use a VP9.16 beta build or higher.
    Special thanks to Unclewilly, Destruk and JPSalas for help with the spinning wheel coding.
    More thanks to Unclewilly for hints and great "Safe Cracker token" scans.
    Another special thanks to Luvthatapex for helping with some very special Safe Cracker script settings
    Thanks for and to:
    - Alpha Ramp Plunger code by Koadic
    - Fading Lamps code, flasher images and much more from JPSalas
    - Some sound files and ideas from JimmyFingers
    - Ball rolling code by JimmyFingers and/or Rascal
    - B2B Collision code by Steely & Pinball Ken and Koadic
    and to all I've forgotten here maybe.
    The table features 'Customizable Options' at the top of the table script. You may select VPinMAME, UVP or B2S, DMD rotation, GI and/or Flashers on/off, Cabinet Sounds or Ball Size.
    Check out the awesome dB2S backglass from Dozer316. You can download it here.
    Pretty important:
    First of all you should configure the "insert a won token into the machine" button. To do this check the script options and set "Token_Key_Test" to 1. Start the table and press the button on your cab that should be used as this special insert button (i.e. use your "extra ball" button). You should get a message box with the keycode of that button. Now stop the table, set "Token_Key_Test" back to 0 and enter the received numeric keycode at "Token_Keycode". That's it.
    Have a lot fun.



  4. Maquerade (Gottlieb) (1966) (Itchigo)

    This is a vp8 mod to Fs Direct B2s. It's a recreation by Pbecker1946 from Pinball Nirvana. It needs 9.16 or latest VP because of primatives.
    Original Author: Pbecker1946
    Modded by Itchigo (With Permission).
    The original author has given permission to mod, or do whatever you like. So if you'd like to update the graphics, feel free. This has never been done Full Screen as far as I know. This author builds in vp8, as he doesn't like vp9. I have permission to make it FS Db2s and upload it. This is one of 7 or 8 he's done so far. I host the others on Roguepinball.com, but I wanted to show some of his work off. It's really great considering it was done in vp8. You will need the "A" key to load the ball.



  5. Olympics (Gottlieb) (1962) (Itchigo)

    Olympics Gottlieb 1962
    What author COULDN'T use a Bodydump redraw? All graphics credit has to go to Bodydump and Bent98. I found some pictures on the IPDB (which are no longer there) and gave them to him. He redrew the enitre playfield, plastics, and bumpercaps.
    Some ruleset/physics change credits have to go to my friend PBecker1946, of Pinball Nirvana.
    I did the actual build. The original game had a ball loader, and a plunger. After working with several other em's in playtesting, I found this to be accurate, but tedious to play. Hence, you do not have to load the ball.
    I did a lot of code optimization so it's not real coding friendly for new builders. But I've been playing a game of how low can I reduce the script. At one point I had it down to 550 lines. No functionality has been lost doing this.
    For the most part, you advance cities, until you hit special. Not much of a ruleset actually, just keep moving forward, and keep it in play. Slingshots alternate between 1 and 10, depending on the light. Bumpers also toggle on and off, and score accordingly.
    It uses primatives, so use at least VP 9.16.
    A wheel, playfield, backglass screenshots, and the direct b2s are included with the zip.
    Also available at Roguepinball.



  6. Kings of Steel (Bally)(1984)(chinzman93)(1.10)(FS)(9.16)

    Kings of Steel Bally 1984
    Original Table Design: Greg Kmiec
    Original Art: Doug Watson
    This is my first from scratch build complete with redraws of plastics and playfield. This was built with various versions of 9.16 and 9.2. The GI ramps use additive BI, but the table should run on 9.15 as well.
    The GI is a combination of alpha ramps for under the plastic lighting and the plastics were done using the dB2S designer.
    I would like to thank all the great contributors to the community and in particular:
    Playfield and Plastics Redraw:
    TAB for his great playfield scan.
    Rob046 for some excellent photo resources.
    Pinuck and Rob046 for help with some fonts.
    Table Build:
    Luvthatapex for a great starter table and dip switch code.
    UW for use of some of diverter code and some objects from his BP table.
    Aaron James and Luvthatapex for playing some early versions and offering some great feedback.
    Itchigo for suggesting the use of the dB2S designer for doing plastics lighting. Not it's intended purpose, but it does work.
    Koadic for his plunger and controller code.
    Herweh for the dB2S designer used for plastics lighting.
    I apologize if I missed anyone.
    Please report any issues to the support thread. I have DT version coming in a week or so depending any bug reports here.
    I hope everyone enjoys it!
    Merry Christmas!



  7. Iron Man (Stern) (2010) (85vett)

    Here is the next table up for release. I absolutely love this table in real life. It's a brutal pin and I think this recreation recreated the toughness of the pin real well. Not a real deep game but is addicting.
    About the ROM please see the following link - http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/828-stern-roms/
    Once again, Wildman has you covered with a Db2s backglass here - http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/2440-ironman-stern-2010/
    Media Pack is located here - http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/2469-iron-man-stern-2010-85vett/
    Hope you all enjoy.
    ***Update 1.03***
    - Fixed ramp switches by adding un-hit event
    - added caps to ramps to prevent balls from flying off the ramp
    - moved war machine trigger down a bit to hopefully help prevent potential ball hang-up
    - smoothed out right flipper transition
    - adjusted whiplash magnet to get more action and the ability to catch the ball on weak shots
    - adjusted backdrop of Iron Monger animation to get the ball to roll off it's back quicker on weak shots that stop on his back
    - corrected tilt switch
    ***Update 1.04***
    Added missing one way gate on middle lane going to pop bumpers.



  8. Lady Luck (Recel) (1976) (Herweh) (FS) (dB2S)

    LADY LUCK (Recel, 1976) for VP9.15+
    by Lucasbuck and Herweh
    This is a 'from scratch' rebuild of table and backglass. The backglass needs the B2S backglass server 1.3 or higher.
    Very, very special thanks to Pinuck for allowing me to use his awesome highscore-post-it idea and his post-it artwork
    Special thanks to EalaDubhSidhe for his version of the table as I learned a lot bout the ruleset of the table from his version.
    And special thanks to the one and only JPSalas as I used his "Big Brave" table as my startup and of course took some stuff from his table.
    More thanks for and to:
    - Arngrim for adding some cool DOF commands
    - Alpha Ramp Plunger code by Koadic
    - Fading Lamps code and much more from JPSalas
    - Some sound files and ideas from JimmyFingers
    - Ball rolling code by JimmyFingers and/or Rascal
    - B2B Collision code by Steely & Pinball Ken and Koadic
    and to all I've forgotten here maybe.
    The table features 'Customizable Options' at the top of the table script.



  9. World Cup (Williams)(1978)(Bodydump)(1.0)(FS)

    Williams World Cup 1978
    Includes Hyperpin media pack and directB2S
    Special thanks to:
    Eala for his VP8 version which I studied, played and borrowed solenoid/switch info and some scripting from
    UncleWilly for his starter table, borrowed objects, and inspiration
    JimmyFingers for sounds and sound routines, flipper routines, saucer code, BMPR physics which I've tried to implement as best as I could and for educating me on many things.
    Itchigo for asking me to do a redraw of this and then allowing me to hijack the whole thing
    Rob046 for some great resource images



  10. Car Hop (Gottlieb Premier)(1991)(Bodydump)(1.0)(FS)

    Gottlieb Premier Car Hop 1991
    another street level game
    includes Hyperpin media pack
    download Wildman's directB2S to go with it.
    Special thanks to:
    Joep and Destruk for the original table from which I got the solenoid, switch and light numbers from as I could never locate a manual
    JimmyFingers for sounds and sound routines, positional slingshot routines, flipper routines, saucer routines and for tons of help and support
    UncleWilly for his starter table and inspiration over the years
    Eala for some stuff off his parts table
    Bent98 for support and for force feedback config



  11. Grand Lizard (Williams) (1986) (Rosve) (FS)

    "It's a jungle out there"
    My version of the Williams machine "Grand Lizard" from 1986.



  12. Rogo

    This is the Full Screen Direct B2s version for cabinets. It was modded from the vp9 version of Ash's table. I stretched it to Full Screen, made a Directb2s for it, and did some clean up work in the center, and at the top. Thanks to Bodydump for the playfield image.
    Direct B2s is in the zip. Enjoy.



  13. Airborne (Capcom)(1996)(Bodydump Jimmyfingers)(1.0)(FS)

    Well, here is Capcom's Airborne, finally. I believe I started redrawing the playfield in Sept. of 2011 and it was a long, sometimes painful, journey. Fortunately jimmyfingers joined me along the way helping me solve problems, teaching me many things about VP and making the table much better than I could have by myself. Thanks also to the following:
    UncleWilly for his starter table, borrowed scripts and objects, and for inspiration from all his work.
    Destruk/Tab for their original version of Airborne and for letting me use the Capcom emulation problem workarounds
    JPSalas for some objects/scripts and for inspiring all authors with his work and sheer volume of releases (this table probably would have taken him 2 weeks)
    Eala for his table objects which are always useful
    Koadic for his awesome plunger and selector script
    Player1 for the primitive drop target stuff and inspiration
    RipleYYY and his son for play testing and suggestions (since I've never even seen the real table)
    Grizz for telling me years ago to stop drawing Hyperspin wheels and redraw some playfields
    Bent98 for making me believe I could actual pull this table off and for yelling at me when I wanted to quit
    Fuzzel and Toxie for improving VP and for making the performance of the table increase without me doing anything
    Thanks to anyone I forget and to all other table authors sacrificing all their free time to keep this hobby alive.
    This is a fairly demanding table and will require a decent rig to run smoothly.
    The Hyperpin media pack is included. Thanks to bitupset for the instruction card from his pack for the old table.



  14. Centaur_(Bally)_(1981)_VP921_FS_v2.1 (JimmyFingers - Fuzzel)

    This is a complete rework of the old 1.2 version. A big thank you to JimmyFingers who did the majority of changes to this table.
    That was changed:
    - Implemented and tuned new BMPR routine which uses an updated formula for a better / smoother momentum curve, higher table friction settings (for better ball weight appearance), and new corresponding BMPR parameters
    - Implemented additional custom physics routines for dampening, positional slingshot strength, flipper tap code, and a new / experimental one for “X” cushioning / ball jumping for the ORBS targets as well as the soft targets behind them
    - Adjusted size of the ball accordingly to compensate for wide build dimensions
    - Added a variety of sounds and sound processing (speed based) routines
    - Created new alpha full sized fading GI plastics with transparent edges / sections
    - Created new individual alpha ramp fading GI bulb Halos for incandescent and LED based lights (for PF lighting but at height to affect interaction / lighting on the ball) and choice can be selected via script options
    - Created Chamber section GI Halos for independent control / coding
    - Created new bumper fading GI images for 3D meshes
    - Added back metal and back wall GI interaction / images
    - Created basic PF GI for when all GI lights / independent sections off or on
    - Updated GI scripting for above components and corrected sections to be authentic (Chamber and slings isolated from rest of GI)
    - Created and coded new individual lamp halos for added lighting effects on most table lamps / light inserts (can be disabled in script)
    - Added Bonus rollover lights reflections in back metal
    - Re-scripted / architected captured ball in chamber so now it is totally natural and does not jerkily land back into kicker position (removed original / extra coding and is now simply a ball trapped in that area that can be collided with as would be on a real table)
    - Fixed Orbs Release target magnet area, modified operation to be better timed with that of a real machine, and incorporated animations for the sub-PF ball launch / metal door (some tricks to make ball appear hidden / look like it comes up from beneath the table)
    - Added code for allowing simultaneous / two target hits on ORBS and Sequence drop targets
    - Modified images / added metal textures to all posts and gate housings (some were previously just solid colours / no images mapped)
    - Adjusted some images for lighting aspects
    - Adjusted behaviour of Outlane pegs for ball save / nudging based on some previous feedback by Mukuste
    - A complete new set of 3D meshes
    This version needs the latest official VP 9.2.1 or VP9.9.0.



  15. Flying Turns

    This is Rascal's Flying Turns for Cabinets. Done with Rascal's blessing, thanks Rascal.
    This is an unmodifed version- nothing was changed, except to make it work with a backglass.
    The table and all images are from Rascal, I only assembled and coded the backglass. Directb2s is in the zip.
    Feel free to change any layback or angle settings.



  16. APOLLO 13 (Sega) (1995) (ICPjuggla, Herweh) (1.0.2) (FS)

    APOLLO 13 for VP9.2+
    by ICPjuggla and Herweh
    Very special thanks to Francisco666 and ROM for allowing us to use playfield and plastics images and models from their FP build.
    And very special thanks to Fuzzel for porting models from FP to VP and teaching me how to do this.
    This is a 'from scratch' rebuild.
    More thanks for and to:
    - Plastics image by Cosmic80
    - Fading Lamps code, flasher images and a lot inspiration by JPSalas
    - Some sound files and saucer code by JimmyFingers
    - Ball rolling code by JimmyFingers and/or Rascal
    - B2B Collision code by Steely & Pinball Ken and Koadic
    - DOF script changes by Arngrim
    - Play testing by Toxie, Fuzzel, TedB, Luvthatapex, Dozer316 and Bolt
    and to all we've forgotten to mention.
    The table features 'Customizable Options' at the top of the table script. You may select VPinMAME, UVP or B2S, DMD rotation, GI and/or Flashers on/off, Cabinet Sounds or Ball Size.
    Have a lot fun.



  17. Avatar (Stern 2010) (85vett)

    I was planning on launching this Christmas morning as a present to the community but since I'm betting most of you will be out with family then I might as well make it an early present :-)
    This is a recreation of Sterns Avatar. The only thing I added to this table that isn't part of the real table is the Jake animation. The DMD shows the box closing but the figure is stationary on the real machine. I made an animation to make it close when you lock a ball and to open back up when their is no longer a ball locked. Hope you all like it. This table is a drain monster out of the pops. I left it that way as that is how the real avatar was that I played. simple nudge will save it 99% of the time so that adds some skill to the table.
    I hope you all enjoy this table and a special thanks goes out to Dupe3d whom play tested this table for me to try to make sure it wasn't launched with any bugs. He was even able to add the 3 bank target as a primative which I feel looks much better than having to use multiple walls. Thanks Dupe3d!
    Keep in mind this is a SAM table so you will need to appropriate files located here - http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/2480-vpinmame-25-sam-enabled-cabinet-versions/
    Also keep in mind the ROMs are not hosted here. For more info on getting the ROM and installing it please see this thread - http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/828-stern-roms/
    *Special Instructions for Avatar ROM*
    If you see any bugs let me know and I'll do my best to get them fixed.
    As with my other tables, if you wish to MOD this table please let me know. I have no issues with that but I would like to check it out first to make sure it's inline with the original creation and doesn't create bugs/problems.
    **** physmod5 version uploaded
    - added primative spinners and gate
    - lighting changed to new flasher style



  18. Stratoflite Williams 1974

    Stratoflite Williams 1974
    Light all 3 A's, B's, C's, and D's to light the center A,B,C,D.
    Lighting one letter: Double Bonus
    2 Letters: Triple Bonus
    3 Letters: Extra Ball lights.
    All 4 letters: Special Lights.
    Direct B2s, and mod to Full Screen, and some lighting help/testing: Itchigo
    Photos of the real game: JAChappy
    Author: Pbecker1946
    Permission to mod: Yes
    Table, Direct B2s, and a wheel are included. (I don't know where the wheel is from).



  19. F-14 Tomcat (Williams)(1987)(JPSalas, Rosve, chinzman93)(2.1)(FS)(9.2+)DayMod

    **** Here is the link to the NIght Version *******
    This is a day version of my original F-14 mod and the version 2.00 updates. The table is much lighter than the picture makes it appear with all the flashers going off. Maybe not everyone enjoys night mods as much as me... All the GI functions are available.
    This is a modification that I had started last winter and never got around to finishing until now. It is primarily cosmetic. Alpha flashers
    have been added throughout the table. Upgraded plunger and fading lights routine. Scripting change for selecting controller.
    I hope everyone enjoys the changes made to the table. I plan on making changes to physics in a future update that would also include
    any bug fixes with this version.
    Turn it up load and turn out the lights!
    I would like to thank:
    JPSalas and Rosve for their great work on the previous versions and allowing the mod.
    JPSalas for use of his Fading Lights routine and for flasher images.
    Koadic for use of his plunger method and controller selection code.
    Aaron James for giving the table a spin and offering suggestions and use of the controller selection code.
    All the authors, art guys, and other contributors that make this such an enjoyable hobby.
    Please feel free to let me know that you think...good, bad, or otherwise. It's my first release so
    if I am doing something wrong, I would like to fix it for the future.
    Note: This modification was built with VP 9.16 rev 652 and also played with the latest beta.
    I am not aware of anything that would prevent this from using 9.15. However, the flashers do use
    Additive BI and maybe a bit strong without it. I would recommend 9.16 or better with this, but
    feel free to give it a try with 9.15.
    Updated to version 2.00!!
    Version 2.00
    Add B2B scripting. Thanks to Koadic for the help.
    Night modded.
    New GI with 6 colors for the user to choose and they can be mixed and matched throughout the table. I really hope you have fun with this. The colors are white, yellow, red, blue, green and purple.
    Code to overide GI on by location with different colors.
    Tested with ball size of 50, larger balls will get stuck.
    JP flipper code
    The user options section:
    '***************** User options for controller and General Illumination ****************
    'Ball size: Values above 50 will likely result in stuck balls.
    Const BallSize = 50
    'Choose Controller: 1-VPM, 2-UVP, 3-dB2S, 4-B2S by Rosve (Please note: If using option 4, all naming convention for table,BG,and Hyperpin still apply.)
    Const cController = 1 '<-------Select controller here
    'Choose GI Colors: 1-Blue, 2-White, 3-Red, 4-Yellow, 5-Green, 6-Purple
    Const cGI = 4 '<----Selected desired color for GI. Indiviual bulbs can be overriden below.
    'GI Colors Layout
    Select Case cGI
    Case 1:Bulb_Image = "f14_gib" 'Description: A cool temperature blueish white
    Case 2:Bulb_Image = "f14_giw" 'Description: A crisper white
    Case 3:Bulb_Image = "f14_gir" 'Description: A redish white
    Case 4:Bulb_Image = "f14_giy" 'Description: A warmer yellowish white
    Case 5:Bulb_Image = "f14_gig" 'Description: A greenish white
    Case 6:Bulb_Image = "f14_gip" 'Description: Somewhere between pink and purple
    End Select
    'The code below will allow for the user to override the global GI color selected above on individuals areas in the table
    'argi126d and argi127d below demonstrate how to override the global GI color. See above for valid values and a description of the color
    'This will allow for the user to mix and match as desired. Hopefully you have fun with this!
    argi7.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Center Target Bank
    argi7a.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Center Target Bank
    argi7b.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Center Target Bank
    argi9a.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Right side mid-table under wire form shooter lane
    argi9b.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Right side just above righter upper flipper
    argi9c.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Right side second lamp above upper right flipper
    argi10.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Upper target banks
    argi12.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Just above left lower flipper
    argi13.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Just above right lower flipper
    argi14.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Right sling
    argi15.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Left slipng
    argi18.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Left mid table
    argi19.image = Bulb_Image 'Location: Right mid under flashers
    'The two below need both variables updated
    argi126d.image = "f14_gir":LGIBulb = "f14_gib" 'Location: Second light above left lower flipper.
    argi127d.image = "f14_gir":RGIBulb = "f14_gir" 'Location: Second light above right lower flipper.
    Hope everyone likes it and plays around with the lighting. Please report any issues to the support topic.



  20. World Cup Soccer (Bally)(1994)(Bmiki75 Koadic Bodydump Bent98)(1.2)(FS MOD).

    This is a mod of Bmiki75's World Cup Soccer table. About a year and a half ago, I did a redraw of WCS for a future pinball version that never materialized. Bent98 then got permission from Bmiki75 to mod his VP table. I changed out the PF and apron and redrew some decals and then forgot about it. Then Bent98 got the ball rolling again by getting in touch with Koadic and we all got motivated. Koadic adjusted the table to accurate aspect and added the primitive soccer ball. Every time we fixed one thing it made 3 other things look worse. Eventually almost everything got updated. Koadic changed all the pegs, rubbers, wireforms, flasher domes and goalie to primitives. Flashers were all redone, sounds were swapped and added. Decals and ramp edges were redrawn. GI was added (not the most exciting GI - only flashes with tilt warning and goes out with tilt).
    Special thanks to:
    Bmiki75 for the original table
    Bent98 for being project manager
    Koadic for all his coding genius and primitive blinging and putting up with my dumb questions
    JimmyFingers for sounds, sound routines, refresh routine and also putting up with my dumb questions
    UncleWilly + JPSalas for being my table building inspirations
    Kiwi for the redrawn "trap" decal and for play testing
    Arngrim for DOF and play testing
    Koadic also added a great F6 menu where you can change backglass server, B2S settings, soccer ball color and pattern, goalie speed, mechanical sounds off for feedback, etc.
    Requires VP 9.20



  21. BlueChip (Williams)(1976)(Bodydump)(1.1)(FS)DOF

    Blue Chip (Williams 1976)
    Single player EM with B2S backglass
    Special thanks to:
    TheWool for the awesome physics tweaks
    UncleWilly for the use of his starter table and objects and scripts
    JimmyFingers for sound and flipper routines, kicker routines and all the other help he's given me
    JP for scripts and objects
    Eala for his table objects and his original vp8 version which I played before building this
    PAPA for posting an awesome video from which I derived the rules, gameplay and physics(TheWool)
    Bent98 for DOF code
    Pinuck for high score postit script
    In2Kiss for play testing



  22. Barracora (Williams)(1981)(gtxjoe)(1.0.0)(FS)(9.2)

    Targets on left bank and right bank must be hit in order to drop targets. Completing bank will enable Multi-ball lock
    and increase Bonus Multiplier. Complete BARRA-CORA increases Super Bonus Multiplier which carries over to next ball.
    One strategy is to lock ball in top lock and play single ball until it drains. When it drains, ball in top lock is
    released allowing you to continue play and repeat strategy
    Another special feature: Winner during multiplayer game is awarded 30 second Multi-ball at end of play
    Thanks to all VP, B2S, DOF, Media authors/developers who contribute to this hobby
    Special Thanks to:
    akiles50000 - For the Big Brave Supertutorial (http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=25665)
    fuzzel, toxie - For continuing to improve/update Visual Pinball. New lightmap/primitives/plunger feature used on this table
    JPSalas - Inspiration taken from the TOTAN beta. Learned how to use insert lightmaps/decal layer
    melon - Inspiration taken from the recent BK2K release. Learned how to use do GI lighting effects including reflection
    DesAngel - Inspiration taken from the VP8 Barracora table



  23. Whirlwind (Williams) (1990) (ICPjuggla, Cosmic80, Herweh) (1.0) (FS)

    WHIRLWIND for VP9.2+
    by ICPjuggla, Cosmic80 and Herweh
    Playfield by ClarkKent
    Very, very special thanks to Blackmoor for providing us awesome scans and images of his pin, for play-testing a lot to get the gameplay feeling as accurate as possible and to always be there to answer all our questions.
    This is a 'from scratch' rebuild.
    Check out the options in the table script. You are able to select the plunger lane direction, the apron's cards color and the option to rotate the Williams logo on the apron like Whirlwind's fan.
    Thanks for and to:
    - Fading lamps code, flasher images and a lot inspiration from JPSalas
    - Bumper's meshes and a lot inspiration from UncleWilly
    - Some sound files, flipper tap and saucer code from JimmyFingers
    - Alpha Ramp Plunger code by Koadic
    - Ball rolling code by JimmyFingers and/or Rascal
    - B2B Collision code by Steely & Pinball Ken and Koadic
    - Play testing by Blackmoor and Lobotomy.
    Hopefully we haven't forgotten anybody.
    The table features 'Customizable Options' at the top of the table script. You may select VPinMAME, UVP or B2S, DMD rotation, GI and/or Flashers on/off, Cabinet Sounds or Ball Size. There are some more settings to affect the gameplay.
    Have a lot fun.



  24. Tron LE (Stern) (2011)(85Vett)

    This is one of my all time favorite tables in real life so hopefully I've done it justice.
    You will notice that I made some of my own plastics so they will not match the real table as well as the backpanel. I also used the LE version of the playfield as my redraw since this is the LE version (silver boarders vs colored).
    There are two version of the table being uploaded. One with ramp lights and one without. Be for warned that the table with the ramp lights is resource heavy when things get going in the game. Due to this I made a version without that so everyone can enjoy the table.
    Thanks again to Dupe3d for testing the table out for me. Hopefully between the two of us we caught all the bugs but if you find one please let me know.
    As with other SAM tables you will need to get the rom from Stern. You will need the LE version Rom and make sure to name it as it appears in the game (trn_174h).
    This table was built and tested with 9.2 (version 792). I am not sure if it will work with older or newer releases.
    Have fun!
    ***Update Version 1.02***
    - Thanks to Fuzzel for the 3D Recognizer and performance boosted scripting for the flasher version.
    - Thanks to Teppotee for the ramp flasher idea and physics update.
    - With this version more people should be able to use the table with the flashers as the new flash refresh routine boosted table performance.
    - The non-flasher table also got the 3D Recognizer. It is now stationary as well.
    - Both tables received jimmyfingers flippertap code and BMPR lite
    The new physics really makes this table much faster and harder. If you prefer the original physics setting just delete (or comment out) all the lines after:
    - Flasher table - 1238
    - non-flasher table - 1150.
    Doing this reverts the physics back to the original style.
    ***Update Version 1.03***
    - Fixed physics to be slower. Thanks to Teppotee for helping with this as well as JimmyFingers advise
    - Updated Ramps to be ROM controlled. Thanks to Luvthatapex and JP Salas for helping and guidance with the scripting to get this to work correctly
    - Updated the ramps coloring to look more like lights
    - added the metal scoop ring (mantis protector)
    - Some extra flasher routines added to add to the realism (scoop and behind recognizer)
    - Fixed not going to the left flipper when going through loop and not pressing the left flipper
    - couple of other minor graphical and play oriented fixes
    ***Update Version 1.04***
    - added faded light routine to apron lights
    - corrected some drawing errors that were blacking out some alpha ramps
    - correct the TRON drop target order and decals
    - Corrected the "S" stand up target decal
    - adjusted some minor other graphical things
    ***Update Version Physmod5***
    - decided to upload my personal version of this table that is fully converted to physmod5
    - Updated lighting and flashers to the new style
    - added missing post by right ramp entrance
    - primative spinners and gates added
    - minor other changes/tweaks
    - *** this only works in phsymod 5. There is a minor bug with the ramp to where it adds a bit extra speed sometimes upon exit. This is something that is being looked at for the next version. It will also experience balls being lost sometimes. I've never had it but my beta tester did twice.
    - thanks to loafmister for his help testing this table and "hopefully" getting the digital plunger script to work for everyone.



  25. Bad Girls (Premier)(1988)(Bodydump Koadic)(1.0)(FS)

    Gottlieb/Premier's Bad Girls (1988)
    I started redrawing this back in 2011. I then attempted to build it in VP as my very first table build. Everything was going good until I ran into serious coding problems. The game uses various relays to switch the functions of lights and solenoids during gameplay. I tried to get it to work (the old Tab/Desturk version doesn't work properly) and failed miserably and gave up...until I found koadic. Koadic quickly figured out how to code around all the issues and get the game working properly. Then I got the rest of the flashers and stuff up and running and then sent it back to Koadic's Kustoms for a full blown 3d primitive model bling out. Primitive posts, rubbers, drop targets, wireforms, lane dividers, VUK, varitarget, etc.. And of course you get one of his handy menus for changing options. Hope you enjoy.
    Thanks also to:
    JimmyFingers for flipper routines, sounds, sound routines and general help
    UncleWilly for his starter table and help and inspiration
    Arngrim for DOF config and testing
    Bent98 for testing and project management
    Tab and Destruk for the older version of the table