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Future Pinball and BAM Essentials - All in One - COMPLETE

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About This File





by TerryRed


v2.4 - Feb 2024


BAM version: 1.5-373

BAM-OpenVR version: 1.5-373


AIO Example Table and Tutorial: 3.30.03




The FP and BAM Essentials AIO package includes a complete install of Future Pinball, the latest BAM update, the latest BAM Open-VR update, and a collection of essential files. This covers desktop, cabinet, and VR players.


Installing this package makes setting up Future Pinball and BAM easy at any time with everything you need, ready to go in one folder.


This can be used for a new install or an update. If you already have a working Future Pinball and BAM setup, then this package will get you updated with everything you need to play the latest and greatest Future Pinball tables!


No need to use installers or download files and guides from different locations. No need to patch files. It’s all here ready to go in one zip file!




What does "FP and BAM Essentials AIO" include?




  • Visual C Runtime updates
  • DirectX


Future Pinball and BAM files


  • the entire install of Future Pinball (Future Pinball.exe patched for 4 GB ram access)
  • the latest BAM update (FPLoader.exe patched for 4 GB ram access)
  • the latest BAM Open-VR update (FPLoader.exe patched for 4 GB ram access)
  • BAM Settings files for desktop, cabinet, vr
  • Future Pinball Settings files
  • FizX 1K Ball model (default.zip)
  • PinEvent_V2_Settings.txt file (for PinEvent tables)
  • DOFLinx.vbs (for any tables that require this file)
  • ZBRrollingballsoundslib.vbs (for tables that use smoke ball rolling code)
  • "Start FP" BAT files that will automatically change FP settings for desktop, cabinet, vr, PinEvent, run DMDExt, and more before launching Future Pinball




I have included all my updated guides (now in PDF) to give you info and help for FP, BAM, BAM OpenVR and many other apps and extra features.


  • Future Pinball and BAM - Install Guide
  • Future Pinball and BAM - Info Guide
  • BAM OpenVR Guide
  • DMDExt Guide
  • PinEvent V2 Guide
  • Popper and Baller Installer Tips
  • Single Screen and PuP-Packs Guides
  • FAQ and Help Guide


Tutorials and Examples


  • All In One Example Table and Tutorial (FizX, FLEEP, PUP SSF, Ball Rolling, DOF)


Tools and other Apps


  • DMDExt (to mirror the FP DMD to another display / real DMD)
  • FP Companion (extract contents from Future Pinball tables and Libraries)
  • FP to Borderless Windowed (force FP from windowed mode to borderless windowed mode)
  • FPM Editor (create and edit Future Pinball models)
  • Reset Monitor IDs (to try to correct problems with FP displaying on the wrong monitors)
  • 4 GB patcher app (if needed for future use)






Can I install "FP and BAM Essentials AIO" files if I installed Baller Installer or have my own existing Install of Future Pinball?


- yes, the "FP and BAM Essentials AIO" files will work with any setup of FP. It will get you completely up to date!


I've already installed the "FP and BAM Essentials AIO" files... but I'm not sure if my other files are correct now. Can I just reinstall the "FP and BAM Essentials AIO" files again?


- yes, the "FP and BAM Essentials AIO" files can be installed at anytime as often as you like. They will not replace any of your settings files from FP, BAM, or DMDExt. Just be sure to install the latest version.


Does it take long to Install FP and BAM, the "FP and BAM Essentials AIO" files... and get everything setup?


- you can have a complete setup of everything all done in minutes, or at your own speed

- the included FP and BAM Install Guide shows you how to do everything easily Step by Step








BACKUP a few things first!


If you already have a previous install of FP and BAM, then before installing "FP and BAM Essentials AIO" files, you should backup the following (if they are installed)


  • the entire BAM folder
  • the entire BAM-OpenVR folder
  • Scripts\PinEvent_V2_Settings.txt



HOW TO INSTALL "FP and BAM Essentials AIO" files


  • read the included "READ ME! How to Install.txt"
  • install the contents from the zip file (make sure the zip file is not blocked by Windows first)
  • follow the included FP and BAM Install Guide
  • install the included Visual C updates and DirectX
  • install my BAM settings files
  • use the Future Pinball settings I show that are REQUIRED!
  • you are ready to play all the newest FP tables! Easy!






- DMDExt by freezy

- BAM by Ravarcade

- Future Pinball by Chris Leathley

- Pinup Player by Nailbuster

- All in One Example Table by JLou and TerryRed

- FizX physics by JLou

- all Guides and videos by TerryRed




Future Pinball and BAM Essentials AIO video series



Part 1 - Intro, Install and Setup





Part 2 - Info Guide





Part 3 - Bam OpenVR





Part 4 - DMDExt Guide





Part 5 - PinEvent Guide





Part 6 - Popper and Baller Installer Tips





Part 7 - Single Screen and PuP-Packs Guides





Part 8 - FAQ and Help Guide





Edited by TerryRed
2.21 - AIO Example table and tutorial updated to 3.30.01

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Works great - thanks!

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· Edited by Demolisher


Thanks ! i found a false positive in this file that triggered my antivirus, but otherwise it works well !, afterwards i watched your YouTube video about it and says to put zip file before to unzip into antivirus exclusion.


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Thank you Terry. With last update, we can now fully enjoy FP in VR 🔥

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Thanks for making this so quick and painless to update much appreciated.

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ich bin gerade beim download,ich hoffe das ich das hinbekomme.

vielen dank

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just upgraded my GPU and can now play future pinball tables without reducing the effects, shadows etc.and they are great! this update is easy to install but you really do have to follow ALL steps.



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I can't tell you how happy I am for this! Your FP tables are amazing (the best, actually), but I never had the time or patience to read through all the guides and tutorials to get your tables to work correctly.


Thank you so much!

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Super terry c'est le premier pack complet pour FP merci pour ton travail magnifique et bravo pour tes superbes table FP merci

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Super easy to follow.  We all really appreciate the hard work and dedication 

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Amazing and detailed work. Keep it up. pinball community greatly appreciates all your hard work. 

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