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Spider-Man Vault Edition : Siggi's Mod (Stern 2016) VPW Mod

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96.8 MB File Size
Alessio, Siggi, VPW Created by
Stern Manufacturer
2016 Year

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**Reupload, nothing new since 1.0.1 - Dec. '20

This is a mod of a mod based on Siggis’ excellent Spider-Man Classic graphics mod of the Spider-Man Vault Edition table (Stern 2016) made for Vpx originally by Alessio. Includes nFozzy physics, Fleep sounds, new metal textures, 3D inserts, new RGB GI lighting, minimal VR room by Sixtoe, and much more! Many thanks to everyone whose hands have touched and improved this table in the past.
This release wouldn't have been possible without the legacy of those who came before us.
Thank you to Flupper for 3D insert techniques and Flasher domes. Thank you to Fleep for the sound package. Thank you to Rothbauerw and NFozzy for physics. Thank you to Wrd1972 for bouncy standup targets.

'VPW edits
' 00X - benji/iaakki - various versions
' 006 - iaakki - NF script updated one more time, GI resolved, solenoid light control added, insert materials redone and adjusted, insert text flasher should be done
' 009 - iaakki - GI rework and various tweaks. Sidewalls are borked
' 010 - Benji - Added reflective metal texture to walls (only reflect with SSR Enabled) and color graded all the graphics. Added preliminary beveled edges to bottom half of plastics
' 011 - iaakki - RGB GI implemented, various fixes
' 014 - iaakki - pf&text images reworked, inserts made more shallow, GI adjusted different when mode on
' 015 - iaakki - villain spots created, heads material swapped
' 016 - Benji - Adjusted bevels and baked GI onto playfield (experimental) old playfield still in image manager
' 017 - iaakki - redid rgb gi, some cleanup
' 018.6 - Sixtoe - Added VR room and associated switches, replaced most flashers & hooked up flash prims to lighting, added global rgb gi flasher, tweaked spotlights and added character prims to lighting system, aligned ramps, unified timers, added ball shadow, replaced green goblin for comic version, reverted playfield, aligned apron wall and made visible, raised Apron, changed trigger shapes, removed numerous old incorrect walls and lights, raised metal screws and fittings up slightly
' 018.7 - Tomate - replaced wire run prims and textures
' 019 - Sixtoe - Made more holes in playfield for triggers aand targets, added wood drop sides, added new wall for sw43a image, added backglass to gi system, hooked up light refllection flashers on sandman and added some to goblin and lock lights.
' 020 - Benji - Added color grade to  playfield from 019
' 021 - Benji reintroduced more yellows to overall color grade
' 022 - tomate - spiderwebs and diverters redone, new textures for metals, diverters and spiderwebs. Improved wire ramp textures
' 023 - Sixtoe - fixed some depth bias issues, fixed rear back wood, fixed pop bumper flashers, fixed a few flashers
' 024 - tomate - Some tweaks to the textures, shadows in the apron and reduction of the file weight by lowering the resolution of some textures
' 025 - iaakki - Latest NF flips code, cabinetmode, fixed desktop mode, small fix to default pov, readjusted flips and fixed trigger areas
' 026 - iaakki - RGB GI brightness adjusted
' 029 - oqq -  added some missing variables. swapped out 1 at ballwithball collision ( not sure if its the right one ) . Bumper sound ... swapped out Vol(activeball) with 0.2 at RandomSoundBumperTop
' 031 - tomate - add Goblin's bracket and some work on Goblin texture
' RC1 - iaakki - default options set, flipnudge check fixed, sandman standup target bank physics reworked
' RC2 - tomate - new prims and brackets for all villains, Sandman texture fixed so it doesn't collide with the ramp, add some thickness to central plastic, shadows added to apron
' RC3 - tomate - new bumper rings prims and new textures
' RC4 - Sixtoe - redid sandman and ock "holder" prims and textures, fixed goblin lighting, fixed spider sense lighting, unlinked difficulty rubbers from main prim and repositioned correctly, removed floating screw, various depth bias issues corrected, cleaned up unused images
' RC5 - iaakki - Some inserts fixed
' RC6 - iaakki - flupper domes
' RC7 - iaakki - dome flasher adjust, info fields updated, script cleanup
' RC8 - oqq/tomate - add movement to goblin bracket and separate prims
' RC9 - Sixtoe - Added invisible walls to stop ball being lost under top right ramp and hopping over centre targets, updated laser sensor lights, split cover plastics and adjusted position and materials so they're in the right place, added ultra minimal vr room options, colour corrected DMD
' RC10 - Sixtoe - Fixed what I broke because I can't code at 2am, various tweaks
' v1.0.0 - iaakki/sixtoe - Final tune and testing
' v1.0.1 - Sixtoe - made plastic protector over green goblin collidable and increased size of protector wall under venom ramp to prevent balls being trapped


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Thank you for this table, it is extraordinary, I love it. Thanks again guys

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Still working my way through the VPW library and everyone of them is a HIT.  LOVING this table.  Modes are easy to ID, callouts are great, really like bashing on sandman.  Upper venom shot is super satisfying.  Very fast loops.   VPW strikes gold again!

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Fantastic Work by the Team! Amazing Table. Looks Great, Plays Great on All Elements. A Totally under-reviewed and sleeper hit!!!! 5 STARS

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Génial les gars, vous êtes vraiment une super équipe. 👍:D

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