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Found 24 results

  1. Version 2


    Physmod 5 and standard VP files uploaded. Again, I adjusted everything for physmod so it plays best but I did a basic conversion down to VP 9.9 for those not on physmod yet. Thanks to ASOT for the table redraw and plastic resources. Thanks to GTXJOE for the Buck scripting as well as the rubber sound scripting. Thanks to kanario40 for the pics of the plastics and PF. Thanks to DARK for the buck model and help with the 3D ramp Thanks to my testers for helping to find bugs in the table. Hopefully we've found them all and I've got them all fixed. ***Everyone just needs to know right now that the buck is not 100% and I doubt it will be 100% at any point unless the true rom script can be figured out. Had some of the best minds on that and what I have on it now is the best we could come up with. It's good enough for me as it allows you to play the table but I know some like an exact match. Also, the Elk will get confused sometimes and the Elk wont match the diverter on rare occurrences. This has to do with how the diverter is working. It refreshes itself when it happens so just keep playing on and all will be well. *** 10-2 Update *** - Replaced the Elk model with an actual elk. Thanks to Dark for mapping the model for me. - replaced the script for the Elk to make it smoother. Thanks to GTXJOE for the suggestion to mirror the flipper logo routine - Updated wall5 to have no friction as requested in the comments section (thanks to Dozer for advising on it first) - adjusted the physics in physmod5. Just didn't feel right so I tweaked a few things - removed the "spin" from the bird target on the physmod version. This should make that shot more friendly. It shouldn't drain as often now when you hit it. - added BMPR lite routine for VP 9.9 version. Also tweaked several other items in this version. Ya'll are way to nice. I broke down and played this version a bit and I didn't like the game play at all. Way to fast, and bad ball movement. I think this version plays much more like a mid 2000 Stern. - adjusted flipper bounce on physmod5 version. I had the value as 1 and it should have been .1 for the coil return. While in there I adjusted a few more things so you can now do bounce passes. Thanks crazypin for point that out. - Walls added to flipper entrances to make for a smoother ball roll coming out of the inlanes. - several other small tweaks done as well
  2. Version 1.1


    Here's Indiana Jones Table has a unique 8 ball trough, to start the game, 4 balls must be launched to the ark before you can start. Sometimes the first ball doesn't register and it needs to run through the trough again, just wait until the text image disappears and then you can start the game. 8 ball Ark multiball is pretty intense quite a few unique things on this table thanks to gtxjoe for the 8 ball trough and ark script (aka the hard stuff) thanks to arngrim, 85vett, etherealmusic478, and gtxjoe for beta testing Sorry for the delay on this one, it was difficult for sure It's not the greatest game, it has it's moments though. I hope you enjoy it. I used several resources from the FP version of this table, the table was redrawn by Highlnder00 and created by GLXB. Thanks to both for permission to use them! You can download their table here: http://pinsimdb.org/pinball/table-2333-indiana_jones_wip PHYSMOD 5 ONLY PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE LATEST VPINMAME.DLL FROM ARNGRIM YOU NEED 2.04 OR NEWER TO PLAY THIS GAME
  3. Version 1.something


    I am happy to release my latest table - WWF Royal Rumble! Pretty self explanatory. A must have for wrestling fans. I think it's a pretty good flowing table, I don't know how it rates against other Data East tables though, I've never played a real one. For this table I had several beta testers who owned the table and provided lots of great feedback. It helped immensely, it wasn't a benefit I had on previous releases and from what I understand, it plays pretty true to life. Physmod version uploaded as well A couple bugs: for some reason, WRESTLE AGAIN light doesn't light when you can shoot again. This appears to be by (confusing) design. Also, you cannot lane-select when you launch the ball. I noticed this issue on GnR as well, I think it's an emulation issue for DE from this era. If anyone has a solution, I'd love to fix it. Thanks to everyone who tested the table, thanks to gtxjoe for the multiball GI help and getting my kickers to not screw up b2b! Easter egg: press "J" to toggle on the ROYAL RANDR playfield and apron, and "K" to toggle back to ROYAL RUMBLE mode. Don't ask why, it just makes me laugh.
  4. Version 1.1c


    Based in AC/DC Stern 2011 CREDITS: FRANSISCO666: Models 3d and resources redraw MUKUSTE: For excelent PhysMod WILDMAN: B2S Backglass ARNGRIM: DOF Koadic: New Plunger code Zany: Flasher Domes Dark : Primitive screws bolts and bell model 3d DAZZ: BY ALLOWING THESE BEAUTIES WILL BE HOSTED ON THE FORUM. The table runs VP_PHYSMOD5. Download latest version VP: Physmod5 To add the table Hyperpin should follow this tutorial. Launch different version of VPinball fron Hyperpin Download VPinMAME_SAM_UNITY_PINDMD_UNIFIED latest version: vpinmame.dll Español La mesa corre en VP_PHYSMOD5. Para descargar la version VP con las fisicas: Physmod5 Para agregar la mesa a Hyperpin, deben seguir este tutorial. Launch different version of VPinball fron Hyperpin Descargar VPinMAME_SAM_UNITY_PINDMD_UNIFIED ultima version: vpinmame.dll
  5. Version 1.1


    TABLE MUST BE PLAYED WITH PHYSMOD 5!!! Previous version released earlier. but this update adds some nice features and hopefully has all the bugs out of it! Thank you list: dark - lots of primitive work including the ramps, ramp decals, dino egg, baby-trex plus custom lighting for the t-rex, snagger arm, etc. Plus play testing and finding lots of misc issues freneticamnesic - lots of assistance in scripting primitive animation for the snagger arm and dino egg and also did some primitive work as well. Also helped with misc bugs and issues and provided info on how to convert to PM5 fredobiwan - provided a very nice redrawn playfield Slydog43 - provided very nice decal images gtxjoe - assistance with some issues onemanproject - provided Hummer primitive B2S backglass, and play testing powerfufi - play testing arngrim - DOF support javier1515 - updated physics, ballrolling sounds, other table adjustments Hopefully I didn't forget someone! I apologize in advance if I did. Well, here is the table! One thing holding up the release was the snagger ball lock animation. It is not 100% where I would like it to be, but I think it works well enough for now. If anyone would like to improve it, by all means! As you can see, I had a lot of help with this one. Enjoy! One thing I added that is not accurate is the raptor near the shooter lane lights up at certain times, such as when you have a smart missle. The light is actually on the shoot button. Overall, pretty fun table. The skill shot and video mode are some of the most easy ones I've seen. first, the skill shot is really slow and doesn't speed up on successive shots. Also, the video mode, you get the same score if you jump over the T-rex, or if you get eaten by him...What?!? Haha. Ok, enough writing.
  6. Version 1.0


    Gottlieb's Road Race (1969) Table primary build/scripted by Loserman! Thanks to the following for their contributions (whether they know it or not!) If I have missed anyone, let me know as this table would not exist without the folks in the community. Dazz - Playfield resources Freneticamnesiac - Playfield redraw (not used on this particular version) Grizz - Playfield and plastics redraws JPSalas - gameroom backdrop and methods gleaned from his fantastic tables EalaDubhSidhe - table object templates Black - HS save/load routines Itchigo - table templates which gave me ideas on how to accomplish what I wanted in this table CONRAM - various code ideas learned by tracing through code on his tables akiles50000 - for that totally awesome tutorial on table building. So much stuff I now understand because of the work put into this tutorial Inkochnito - scorecards/instruction cards Pinuck - Gottlieb chimes and score motor routines Herweh - directB2S designer and tools JimmyFingers - rolling ball and other objects' sound routines Bendigo - routines for rotating arrow target Knorr - Physmod 5 Arngrim - DOF scripting! Message from Dazz - Thanks to loserman76 and everyone for helping out with this build weather they know it or not. This game has been noted as one of the worst pinball games by Gottlieb. For the complete story about why this game means a lot to me check out my post on BYOAC.
  7. Version 1.1


    Welcome to the Mystery Castle of... DOOOOOOOOOOMMM!! After launch, hit the right ramp repeatedly for skill shot awards Hit the flashing ITEM insert to start mode and hit flashing ramps to score Hit the left standups to keep the left outlane kicker (Catapult) enabled Potion item activates the SECRET DOOR (left loop) and SKULL mode Megamode starts 2 ball multi-ball Complete T-R-A-P to light Mystery Must be played in the dark! Well not really, but you should This table must be played with Physmod5.exe and download newer version of vpinmame if you have issues with mystcasa rom Note: If you have no background music, try playing table with mystcast ROM and then switch back to mystcasa ROM Special Thanks to: TAB, TomDK - playfield image ssbodyman - restoration pics and scans freneticamnesic - billboard primitives and GI lighting approach arngrim - awesome dof config, vpinmame support wildman, dboyrecords - backglass support fuzzel, toxie, mukuste, etc - VP, Vpinmame development
  8. Version 1.1


    It's been a long time coming OXO by Williams, 1973 Script by Leon (PinballPerson) - thanks for your VP8 table, without which this table would have been impossible for me Redraw by vecto (I think?) from here http://arcarc.xmission.com/Web%20Archives/vectorlib.free.fr/Pinball/OXO.1.html DOF by arngrim Sticky note high-score by gtxjoe B2S by Loserman Primitive table by icpjuggla Physmod5 and VP990 available for download, I recommend the PM5 version. I have not spent much time on the VP990 release. This is my "reflection mod" technique, adapted from Rascal's application on "Triple Strike", by Rawwwd Wheel image and b2s included in the download As with all of my releases, full permission to mod, just give credit to the other authors if you use their resources (script)
  9. Version 1.0


    This table works on physmod2 through 5. Physmod5 is available here: http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=27416. If you have VP9.90 installed, this should be a drop into your vp folder and run type executable. If you don't, you will have to configure the keys and video options. As with any of the DX9 versions, you should use windowed full screen mode. More information here: http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=27416 Required table: Sharkey's Shootout (Stern 2000).vpt from Freneticamnesic -Fixed for physmod -Updated some sounds -Updated ball. Sorry, I cant track that darker ball well with my bad eyes. Special Thanks: Freneticamnesic for making a really awesome version of Sharkye's Shootout. mukuste for making an awesome physics enhancement to visual pinball. This makes the game actually playable. Physmod is the in-test update for visual pinball physics. It implements a rolling ball with ball spin and proper flippers. Shots can actually be aimed now. The flippers finally play like real pinball flippers.
  10. Version 1.3b


    Based on the Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends series, created by Data East in 1993 Credits LoboTomy: For the playfield redraw FBX: For the HR plastic pics Akiles: For the HR pics Makuste for the all work in VP SCENE Koadic: New Plunger code JPSalas: code, textures, Sounds etc mfuegemann: Model Primitives Sorry if I forget to mention someone The table runs VP_PHYSMOD5. Download latest version VP: Physmod5 To add the table Hyperpin should follow this tutorial. Launch different version of VPinball fron Hyperpin Español La mesa corre en VP_PHYSMOD5. Para descargar la version VP con las fisicas: Physmod5 Para agregar la mesa a Hyperpin, deben seguir este tutorial. Launch different version of VPinball fron Hyperpin
  11. Version 1.2


    English Thanks: Fransisco666: HR Pics of the FP version Dark: On the 3d models and lighting effects. JPSalas: for the help on the table in general. Sorry if I forget to mention someone. The table runs VP_PHYSMOD5 the VisibleLock not work like real table. if anyone can solve this problem .. you feel free to modify the table. I hope you enjoy it .. Español Agradecimientos: Fransisco666: HR Pics de la version FP Dark: Por los modelos 3d y efectos iluminacion. JPSalas: por la ayuda en la mesa en general. Perdon si me olvido de mencionar a alguien. La mesa corre en VP_PHYSMOD5, el VisibleLock no funciona como en la mesa real. si alguien puede solucionar ese problema.. que se sienta libre de modificar la mesa. Espero que sea de su agrado..
  12. Version 1.0


    Based on the table The Simpsons (Data East 1990) The 3D models were created by Silos Dark (Thanks buddy) The domes are created by Zany. The table runs VP_PHYSMOD5. Download latest version VP: Physmod5 To add the table Hyperpin should follow this tutorial. Launch different version of VPinball fron Hyperpin Español La mesa corre en VP_PHYSMOD5. Para descargar la version VP con las fisicas: Physmod5 Para agregar la mesa a Hyperpin, deben seguir este tutorial. Launch different version of VPinball fron Hyperpin
  13. Version 1.0


    Based on Stern Austin Powers 2001 Thank you very much to: DStruct, to mediate between Francisco and for this table was made. Francisco666 and Rom for 3D models and pictures in high quality used in vercion FP. JP for the help in the animation of the models (Thanks for the patience MAESTRO) JimmyFingers: Code and sound BMPR Koadic: New Plunger code Zany - Flasher Domes Dark - Primitive screws bolts Destruk: old vercion Makuste toxi fuzzel and all dev team for the hard work I apologize if I forget to mention someone. The table runs VP_PHYSMOD5. Download latest version VP: Physmod5 To add the table Hyperpin should follow this tutorial. Launch different version of VPinball fron Hyperpin Español La mesa corre en VP_PHYSMOD5. Para descargar la version VP con las fisicas: Physmod5 Para agregar la mesa a Hyperpin, deben seguir este tutorial. Launch different version of VPinball fron Hyperpin
  14. Version 1.4


    This is a mod of Requlem's excellent RollerGames VP table. It improves the sound, adds some modern flasher objects, and has been changed to work with PhysMod5. I've also included a directb2s that is a mod of Wiggly's "Obscure Brands" version. His version had significantly cleaned up graphics around the DMD. This updates it to support 3rd-monitor DMDs. Thanks to both Wiggly and Requlem for giving me permission to mod and their original work!
  15. Version 1.0


    Based in CSI Stern 2008 CREDITS: FRANSISCO666 AND ROM: Models 3d and resources redraw GTXJOE: Animation the Skull MAKUSTE: For excelent PhysMod WILDMAN: B2S Backglass ARNGRIM: DOF Bodydump: DroppTargets Flippers Koadic: New Plunger code Zany: Flasher Domes Dark : Primitive screws bolts DAZZ: BY ALLOWING THESE BEAUTIES WILL BE HOSTED ON THE FORUM. "I apologize if I forget to mention someone." The table runs VP_PHYSMOD5. Download latest version VP: Physmod5 To add the table Hyperpin should follow this tutorial. Launch different version of VPinball fron Hyperpin Español La mesa corre en VP_PHYSMOD5. Para descargar la version VP con las fisicas: Physmod5 Para agregar la mesa a Hyperpin, deben seguir este tutorial. Launch different version of VPinball fron Hyperpin
  16. Version 1.01


    I was planning on launching this Christmas morning as a present to the community but since I'm betting most of you will be out with family then I might as well make it an early present :-) This is a recreation of Sterns Avatar. The only thing I added to this table that isn't part of the real table is the Jake animation. The DMD shows the box closing but the figure is stationary on the real machine. I made an animation to make it close when you lock a ball and to open back up when their is no longer a ball locked. Hope you all like it. This table is a drain monster out of the pops. I left it that way as that is how the real avatar was that I played. simple nudge will save it 99% of the time so that adds some skill to the table. I hope you all enjoy this table and a special thanks goes out to Dupe3d whom play tested this table for me to try to make sure it wasn't launched with any bugs. He was even able to add the 3 bank target as a primative which I feel looks much better than having to use multiple walls. Thanks Dupe3d! Keep in mind this is a SAM table so you will need to appropriate files located here - http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/2480-vpinmame-25-sam-enabled-cabinet-versions/ Also keep in mind the ROMs are not hosted here. For more info on getting the ROM and installing it please see this thread - http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/828-stern-roms/ *Special Instructions for Avatar ROM* http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/965-avatar-stern-2010-85vett/?p=8604 If you see any bugs let me know and I'll do my best to get them fixed. As with my other tables, if you wish to MOD this table please let me know. I have no issues with that but I would like to check it out first to make sure it's inline with the original creation and doesn't create bugs/problems. **** physmod5 version uploaded - added primative spinners and gate - lighting changed to new flasher style
  17. Version 1.01


    While cleaning up some files I came across this table that I had started and figured it would be a good idea to go ahead and finish it up. This started off as JP's version of which I went through and redid most of the images to match the Stern table, ROM control was added, the FP models were added, redid the overall look of the table to resemble the Stern version and adjusted the physics settings. I'd like to thank JP for allowing me to mod his table and Randr for helping me get the models right. I've done this in two version. One is higher res for larger cabs and a lower res version for smaller cabs or weaker PC's. The rom should be named sman_260. ***remember that the ROMS are not housed here. They must be obtained via the Stern website*** *** This table was built on the Direct X9 VP version. If you haven't tried this version you should as I think it plays better due to some flipper adjustments that were made. It should play fine on the new VP 9.2.1 build but I have not tested it on this version.*** Hope you enjoy ***physmod5 version added
  18. Version 1.02


    Who says valentines day is just for our significant others :-) As some of you know this will be my last release for a while so I hope everyone enjoys this table as much as my others. I guess you can consider this a temporary farewell present from building. I'll be back building some day and will still hang around the forum to offer support but I just need a break to get some things back in order and building is just eating up to much time to make everything work. Back to X-men. I've never played this table in real life but after building it I'm hoping to some day. Really has been a blast to build and has been a pin that has surprised me with how fun it can be. That magneto magnet will get you cursing at the game real quick! I'd like to thank Teppo for helping with the physics and adding BMPR Lite and the flipper routines. I think it plays quite well but I am a bit partial though so if you find any bugs let me know and I'll do my best to correct them. The auto launch can be a bit temperamental but I left some of the randomness in place to keep things interesting as I've noticed with a lot of Stern tables they don't always launch in the same fashion anyways. I redrew the playfield and plastics and tried to keep them smaller in size. Their are several flasher in the table (makes for some nice light shows) but with the sizing of the images I'm thinking that most everyone should be able to play the table fine. If it turns out that a large chunk of people can't get it to play smooth I may do a low res version for those. *** you will need to get the updated VPmame file to run ROM 1.50. - http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/2480-vpinmame-25-sampindmdunity-cabinet-versions/ *** for the ROM see here - http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/828-stern-roms/ Enough talking and time to playing. Have fun. *** Update 1-02*** * Added new character images (thanks loadedweapon) * adjusted plunger to help prevent balls from short plunging. I played several games and didn't have any so hopefully this is fixed now * adjusted the right loop. A wall was not lined up correctly causing the ball to bounce away from the upper flipper when coming down the loop * adjusted location of the top right pop bumper. Found that some balls were hitting the bumper skirt which activated it when they were above the X-men figure by the ramp opening. * added roofs to the rams. This should keep the balls in play. I got several multiballs and never ran into a ball lost situation so hopefully this is fixed now too * tried to update the plunger image for those that have a puller vs just using the button. I couldn't use the script as provided as it messed up the push button images. Hopefully this works better now. * made a couple other minor adjustments (updating script to 1.51 and moving a couple post walls to make for smoother travel). *** Update - physmod version added. The physmod version has updated lighting and a handful of graphical changes.
  19. Version 1.1


    IMPORTANT: You need to run this with the latest VPinMAME (2.04 or higher) otherwise VP will crash on JACKPOT events. Thanks to arngrim for implementing a fix for this release! I recommend running this with a static backglass image for accurate gameplay. The standard LED array in VP is for a 64 bit display. In every other game (WOF, TSPP, Monopoly) this is more than enough information. WPT is the only game so far that displays more than 64 bits of information on a secondary display. If we run the 64 bit script, it leaves the last 6 columns of LEDs unlit no matter what, but we can run b2s (and in turn, DOF). If we run the 128 bit script, you can see all of the array, but it won't start with b2s. To solve this, gtxjoe scripted an amazing workaround that will fill in the blanks. For 80% of the use of these last 6 columns, his script will accurately display the information that needs to be displayed. However, for the "River" card (the very last card turned over), it's a complete guess as to which suit will be displayed. In theory, 25% of the time, the suit will be correct. The other 75% of the time, the suit will be wrong, but in all honesty may never even be noticeable. There is some bounce on the upper PF flippers. It has no effect on gameplay, but it sometimes occurs and is a little confusing at first. It has to do with the physmod reaction of physics on a wall (upper pf in this case). This can be fixed in a new version of Physmod I think... for now it's negligible. This is for PHYSMOD 5 ONLY. I'm sorry to non-PM users, but for me, this is the only way to play anymore. I give full permission (as always) to mod and release my table as anyone desires. If anyone does a non-Physmod conversion, feel free to upload it or release a patch here on VPU! With all that being said, please enjoy this release! Thanks to bodydump for great pictures of the plastics which allowed me to redraw everything really quickly. As with all my latest releases, a lot of the primitive code on this table is thanks to Rascal. His movement script for primitives has severely sped up the time that I am able to turn tables around in. On a table like this, with a million drop targets, it cannot be understated... Thanks to gtxjoe for the script help on the LED Array. Also thanks to Sindbad for some input. Thanks to Arngrim for the VPM fix. Thanks to mekurri2006 for a lot of playtesting and feedback. I'm very happy with this table. It's much funner to play than I would expect. It flows very well and the LEDs in the middle are, at the very least, a clever novelty.
  20. Version 1.04


    This is one of my all time favorite tables in real life so hopefully I've done it justice. You will notice that I made some of my own plastics so they will not match the real table as well as the backpanel. I also used the LE version of the playfield as my redraw since this is the LE version (silver boarders vs colored). There are two version of the table being uploaded. One with ramp lights and one without. Be for warned that the table with the ramp lights is resource heavy when things get going in the game. Due to this I made a version without that so everyone can enjoy the table. Thanks again to Dupe3d for testing the table out for me. Hopefully between the two of us we caught all the bugs but if you find one please let me know. As with other SAM tables you will need to get the rom from Stern. You will need the LE version Rom and make sure to name it as it appears in the game (trn_174h). This table was built and tested with 9.2 (version 792). I am not sure if it will work with older or newer releases. Have fun! ***Update Version 1.02*** - Thanks to Fuzzel for the 3D Recognizer and performance boosted scripting for the flasher version. - Thanks to Teppotee for the ramp flasher idea and physics update. - With this version more people should be able to use the table with the flashers as the new flash refresh routine boosted table performance. - The non-flasher table also got the 3D Recognizer. It is now stationary as well. - Both tables received jimmyfingers flippertap code and BMPR lite The new physics really makes this table much faster and harder. If you prefer the original physics setting just delete (or comment out) all the lines after: - Flasher table - 1238 - non-flasher table - 1150. Doing this reverts the physics back to the original style. ***Update Version 1.03*** - Fixed physics to be slower. Thanks to Teppotee for helping with this as well as JimmyFingers advise - Updated Ramps to be ROM controlled. Thanks to Luvthatapex and JP Salas for helping and guidance with the scripting to get this to work correctly - Updated the ramps coloring to look more like lights - added the metal scoop ring (mantis protector) - Some extra flasher routines added to add to the realism (scoop and behind recognizer) - Fixed not going to the left flipper when going through loop and not pressing the left flipper - couple of other minor graphical and play oriented fixes ***Update Version 1.04*** - added faded light routine to apron lights - corrected some drawing errors that were blacking out some alpha ramps - correct the TRON drop target order and decals - Corrected the "S" stand up target decal - adjusted some minor other graphical things ***Update Version Physmod5*** - decided to upload my personal version of this table that is fully converted to physmod5 - Updated lighting and flashers to the new style - added missing post by right ramp entrance - primative spinners and gates added - minor other changes/tweaks - *** this only works in phsymod 5. There is a minor bug with the ramp to where it adds a bit extra speed sometimes upon exit. This is something that is being looked at for the next version. It will also experience balls being lost sometimes. I've never had it but my beta tester did twice. - thanks to loafmister for his help testing this table and "hopefully" getting the digital plunger script to work for everyone.
  21. Version 1


    Based on the table from Williams 1986. CONTAINS TWO FILES, ONE FOR VP99x AND ONE FOR PHYSMOD5 Thanks to: TAB - initial playfield image ClarkKent - stuff from his killer cyclone table. Zany - acornnuts UW - primitive template objects Big thanks to DARK - for the rest of the primitive objects (ramps, loop, etc.) Huge thanks to Jim5Six for all the resources, tuning, and lights help. Thanks to these folks that I pulled scripts and bits from their tables/code: Destruk, JPSalas, JF, ClarkKent. This table is angle independent and can be rotated to desktop settings. These are a good starting point:
  22. Version v2.0


    There are two version of the table being uploaded. One is for use in VP 9.9 and the other is for Phsymod5. The physmod5 plays much better in my opinion so I encourage you to give that version a try. The table plays fast (as I like them) but can be slowed down by reducing the gravity or adding more friction. Easy changes in the editor (click on the backbox and you will see it on the right). I encourage you to tweak those setting to your feel. I'm hoping I've caught all the bugs but if one is present please let me know and I'll do my best to correct it. Keep in mind that the crane will only register hits at a specific strength of shot (or higher). Balls rolling down the playfield out of the pops or lane generally wont meet that threshold thus not register a hit. You will also see the ball get trapped by the crane sometimes on the right loop if the ball comes from the top. The crane will move and the ball will release. happens on the real table but is more prevalent on the VP version . Thanks to P1 and UW for letting me use the the Joker turntable and bat ramp animation from their WIP. This saved me a lot of time and works great! Thanks to gtxjoe for the script help for the crane animation Thanks to all my beta testers. I'll keep your names quite so you don't get PMed asking for some of the other tables in test ;-) *** you will have to rename the rom off sterns website to bdk_294*** Happy Friday! *** version 2 uploaded - with version 2 I have reduced the threshold to activate the crane switch as well as increased (and relocated) the targets. This should make the crane more sensitive which should help with balls being caught by the crane. There will still be caught balls but hopefully it will be minimized now. If you would like it to be more sensitive just click on the wall for each spot where the ball stops and change the threshold (right now it is 9). Reducing it to 1 or 2 will make it real sensitive and pretty much prevent ball hang ups but I felt that was to soft as it would register light glances which the real table would never register. i went down the middle but you can easily change to your liking.
  23. Version 1.0


    Let me begin with thanks to TAB for allowing me to mod this table and all credit for the original desktop VP9 build go to TAB and the build team for that table. A big Thank you to all of the people I had with me on this build. UncleWilly … the beautiful GI lighting and Night mod of the table along with some primitives Dboyrecords …. The great playfield images that really cleared up the table Itchigo …. Tutorials and tips and tricks for adding sounds and triggers and some images Arngrim …. DOF code for disabling the Mechanical sounds when using B2S server and back glass and correct config tool toys Thank you Also thanks to all the community that gave support and helped with Ideas and suggestions and kept me motivated. This is my second attempt of making a table to give back to the community … the first table is still a WIP! I chose this table because I am a hockey fan and player and coach so when I remembered playing this table as a child I just had to have it on my Cab. I converted TAB's Desktop VP9.0 table to FS and adjusted to my personal Cabinet viewing taste. Added all the missing sounds and added some new sounds with some help. dboyrecords updated the play field images. Adjusted a few play field objects that were out of alignment. Sent it off to a master of GI lighting UW for the night mod and all lighting that you see. I wanted to get the look that TNT Amusements achieved when they did a video review of this table on their website. I think UW nailed it. Have to give a shout out and thanks to Zany for the suggestion of Zipper Flipper upper flippers, I have tried to recreate them as best I can (Thanks to UW for the primitive help) but I am a novice so I spent a day trying to get what looked good to me. Photoshop the PF images to clean up a few little things and also for the Zipper Flipper primitive images. I have spent a lot of time and made a lot of adjustments to the Physics of the game and with a friend of mine owning one I was able to play it and make some very good game play that I feel is really close to the real table. This Table was built on Beta VP PhysicsMod5 and WILL NOT WORK on any other version without modifications. Please feel free to mod this table without my permission at any time. I am a novice and I am sure there are people that can make this table even better. Use with Beta VP PhysicsMod5 exe F6 for the Dip switch menu while in game. Also look for my VP 9.9.0 release, it plays very well and a little faster than this version but still really close to the real table I played. Enjoy
  24. Version 1.2


    PHYSMOD VERSION This is my first physmod conversion and I had help from 85vett on this, I did adjust the physics to suit my taste after he did it, so if anything is messed up I probably did it. Please let me know how this plays, I'd like to improve on this. ------------------------------------------------ Also known as Toy Paradise. it's like Stern threw as many toys at this game as possible when designing this. It's been a long process but here we go. Without ever playing the real machine I can't be sure of its accuracy but I've tried to get it close based only on videos. Thanks to: Rascal, luvthatapex, Javier15, unclewilly, oooPLAYER1ooo, rom, zedonius, dark, ASOT, gtxjoe, ICPjuggla, 85vett, arngrim They all helped a little and a lot. Here's a short gameplay video, showing off all the crazy toys:
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