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Thundercats Pinball

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MerlinRTP Created by
CapNClaw Artwork by
MerlinRTP Mod- JPSalas Original Scripting by
Original Manufacturer
2023 Year

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V 1.0.8 has several key updates, fixed a handful of buggy shapes/materials that were overlooked creating some weird bounces. A bunch of other updates including a much better DMD, Scorbit and VR Mode and some new light sequences.


This table and PuP Pack are a collaboration of MerlinRTP & CapNClaw

Many thanks to JP Salas & Scotty Wic otherwise this table would not be possible

Thanks to these additional folks for assisting

Hawkeyez88 – PuP Pack Advice

Team Tuga – Pup Overlays

PinStratsDan/Pegula – Beta testing and bame balancing ideas

Astriling21, DomLovesLobby and many others for Beta Testing


This table consists of three files required for gameplay

1.    Table Script

2.   Pup Pack

3.    UltraDMD Folder

Install instructions are included along with wheel art.

Edited by merlinrtp

Contact Author First.
v10.7 required

What's New in Version 1.0.9   See changelog



Finally Implemented the Audio PuP including Ducking -- Thought I had included this but left it out -- too many projects..  All that cool new audio improvements I was bragging about are finally in this release..

New Backdrop image from JoePicasso -- Thanks Joey !!

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   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

An excellent release.

Great fun to play and this takes me right back to being a child. I love those nostalgia hits.

Great work guys, the community will love this one.

Response from the author:

Thanks for helping with the testing Dom

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

table sounds are really loud. other sounds are really low, is there a way to adjust this.  table is awesome btw

Response from the author:

You can edit the bg music sounds and other video file volumes in the pup pack editor. See the other postings of the comments for more details or send me a DM and I can give you specific tips.

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

I grew up with the ThunderCats and was even in the ThunderCats gang with my 10-year-old buddies . With that said, I remember little about it except for the names and a vague recollection of the insignia and theme song. Blame it on growing up in South Africa, with limited TV viewing time back in the 80s. Either way... I enjoy the bit of nostalgia that gets conjured up as I play this table. The table itself is great fun and keeps you on your toes, especially with the lightning magnets that throws the balls all over the place. MerlinRTP and CapNClaw, and their collaborators did a fantastic job to make this table something special.

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· Edited by TransAmMan02

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

My favorite part of this hobby. Great Job fellas. Loving this. Great Pup pack too. 

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Man, I haven't thought about this show in decades. Great work on this! Thanks for your efforts and for sharing.

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Big Thunder Cats fan!! Thanks for this awesome table with the pup pack. 

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lots of fun! thanks for a good table with good modes. great entertainment, thank you

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Great Table with nice flow and rules easy to understand.
The pup-pack is perfect. Thanks !

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· Edited by jerorc


Very good job. 

With a better ball phisic it would be a top table.


Edit : I'll answer in the comment section

Response from the author:

JeRorc, any specific feedback on what materials or shots you would like to see improved?

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THUNDERCATS HO! This is a great table! Snapped me right back to being a kid! I kept draining the ball due to all the nostalgia. I too am having issues with the BGMusic being low (that seems to be an issue on quite a few PupPacks if I'm honest) but just saw how to fix that issue so I will be doing that tonight! Man this table is fun!

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· Edited by lost_in_the_wide_web


What a surprise, one of my favorite cartoons growing up as a kid! Thank you guys so much for this! Another win for virtual pinball 


ALP + BSA Deluxe Backbox 2.0




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Pure perfection on single screen projector 180" wall!  Plug and play!

Response from the author:

Would love to see a pic if you can share one!

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How to install an ultra DMD please? thanks for your work!

Response from the author:

there is an install instruction . txt file that explains exactly what to do.

Just unzip that folder, take the folder named "Thundercats.UltraDMD" and place it in the vpinball\visual pinball\tables folder. The same location that Thundercatspinball.vpx file goes

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This has been a go to table everyday for me since you put the beta out. Great table. 

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Awesome table and pup pack, thank you for this! Thundercats is one of my favorite childhood cartoons.

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· Edited by Pikagaz74


Such a great table, it gives me a lot of nostalgia.


It plays really well and the puppack is just the icing on the cake.


Also the puppack made me remember how hot Cheetara was lol

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Great Theme and update to an awesome table!  Love working on this with you,  can't wait for the next one!  Must have for anyone's collection.  Hope the community loves it as well!

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