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Ice Fever (Gottleib, 1985)

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icefever ROM Name
Endeemillr, Armyaviation, Wildman (b2s) Created by
Endeemillr, Armyaviation, Wildman (b2s) Artwork by
Endeemillr, Armyaviation, Scutters(flex) Scripting by
Gottlieb Manufacturer
1985 Year

9 Screenshots

This is a major update to my modification allowing players to change team uniforms on the playfield, backglass, and now desktop and DMD!


Why would you play a hockey game and not see the score?  Not in the millions of points, but in goals scored? In the spirit of Gridiron, a number of EM baseball games, and Flipper Football, I added a feature to allow players to play for both points and goals scored.  While I was at it, I gave overlooked attention to desktop view and the third backglass screen (which I don't have at home) with multiple new backglasses!  While I don't have a third DMD screen, I have a "real" DMD in the form of a ZeDMD which prompted my to learn the dark mysteries of FlexDMD and produced one for goals, points, and team logos.  I can't thank scutters enough for feedback and putting my script back together after I horribly mangled some of his earlier work.  Tie game? Of course not. Points are used to break ties in "Overtime."

For solo players, I added scripting to generate opponent scored based on performance from the previous 9 balls played. Option switchable in script. 

Another switchable option is to score one goal at a time for every hit, or allow multiples based on how many drop targets fell.


A nvram file is included because the dip switches need to be changed to track current players correctly. You can instead open up the dip menu with f6. I changed the option text to indicate which should be selected.
This is a modification of Armyaviation's Ice Fever that allows selecting home and away teams from all 32 NHL franchises. Hold down left magnasave to change away team with left/right flippers, and hold down the right magnasave to change home team.  Holding down either or both magnasaves and pressing the launch button advances team selection by an entire division.   You can hold down both magnasaves to change both teams at once. Teams are arranged by division and then alphabetical by city.
Thanks to Armyaviation for allowing to modify his table. I never could have done it from scratch!. Also thanks to Wildman for letting me use his backglass as a starting point.  His original backglass still works with this table.  The included backglasses all show the team uniform changes and the scores and other backglass stuff. There is a "Classic" Version, mostly like Wildman's Backglass, a "City LED" version which simulates an alphanumeric display showing team names/cities, and a Widescreen version, specifically formatted for 16:9 screens that includes team logos.

Edited by endeemillr

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Wooh!!! Now that's a mod. Absolutely on the original.


every team selection changes the look of the table, the b2s, the flexdmd.


This is a stroke of genius that is unrivalled.

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· Edited by Virtualman-


As a follow Canadian - this is pure Ice Fever hockey at it's best! Looks great on 86" tv!
Got the flexdmd to 1.9.0 to 1.9.1 and flawless :).
P.S. Nice touch on changing the teams via magna buttons - Montreal Canadians, Oilers for the win!


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I love this mod! To be able to have all the teams available on a single table and such an easy way to customize it to your liking. My favorite visual mod to date!

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