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  1. Version 1.0.0


    HI, i converded the old projekt into a 64 colour edition. Redesignet many scenes and changed a lot of colours. Please test and report any errors. ROM: L2 Regards Sascha
  2. When you recognize something that don´t fit or work proberly it would be perfekt when you give me a note.🍻
  3. Thank You❣️ I always work on the scenes when i have passion and or time. I change colours and remove glitches when i recognize them. So just send me an mail and you get the updated files. Regards Sascha
  4. The upload is for v-pin, for real pin contact me. 🍻
  5. Glad to hear that, you have a vpin with a real pin2dmd? Give me review if you like it 😋
  6. So i released files for v-pin. Hope you enjoy and thanks again to @Terranigma for help with testing. Regards Sascha
  7. Version 2.4


    Hello, faster than i thought here are the files for your v-pin. Remind it´s an 64-colour project, so it will require a real pin2DMD with colourprism 10 or higher. I don´t know exactly if it works on v-pin. ROM-Version: 10.0 Spezial thanks to @Terranigma If you want to donate :): https://paypal.me/redrum2291 Regards Sascha Version 2.1 Hi, i am sorry to hear that the files don´t work on v-pin´s, i hope it get fixed soon. -some colour changings - worked on some sequences Version 2.2 - Redesigned some Scenes - Removed some glitches Version 2.3 -fixed a reported problem with bumper animation (orc´s) -removed some glitches -few colour changes Regards Sascha
  8. I will be also available for real pins. Just send me a pm. Regards Sascha
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