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  1. Version v3


    VR Room added to @agentEighty6's table.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Preview video here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l83H14LM-Dw Full rebuild from scratch New HD translite Resolution : 2560 x 2048 px For 2 and 3 screens with DMD Image Authentic lamps placement, Rom ID and animations Authentic translite mask Photoshop lighting Thanks you to @32assassin for this amazing table recreation (and all the other authors and moders as well). Cheers Blacksad
  3. Version 1.03


  4. Version 2.1


    Twilight Zone_VPX_2.1
  5. Version 1.0.1


    I've finally picked up and completed this 2019 project... A lot of head-scratching over little details that I hope you'll appreciate. • Full rebuild from scratch • New, more realistic cannonball animation technique based on videos. • 2 images per flash animation • Bell Mod included • HD translite resolution : 2560 x 2048 px • For 2 and 3 screens, FULL DMD Image • Authentic bulb placement • Removable grill • Photoshop lighting Special thank to all the VP tables authors and VPX developpers). Cheers Blacksad Disclaimer : Please do not redistribute, repost, repurpose or use the content for public or commercial purposes, images, or software code is prohibited without prior permission from author. Please respect our hobby and keep it free. 💖
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Bow And Arrow EM (Bally 1975) HI REZ
  7. Version 1.03


    Note that BAM (Better Arcade Mode) must be installed for this table to operate properly. This table has a menu that is accessed by pressing the Special 2 key. Many of the guys who compete in pinball championships consider "Twilight Zone" to be one of the most difficult tables to play. I suppose that might be true but it is still really fun to play which I think is due to its incredible design. The FP version of the table was originally built by Francisco666 and the models were built by ROM. The basic rules are also not all that difficult to remember either. The center of the playfield has a door with lights around the perimeter. The lights display most of the available modes. During game play, one of these lights is usually blinking. Hitting the bumpers will move the blinking light around the perimeter of the door. You can start a mode of whatever light is blinking by hitting the kicker under the piano. The kicker under the slot machine may also start the modes randomly also. Any mode that you complete will change the blinking light to be lit solid. There are more rules but this will get you started. The quality of the original voice quotes was pretty bad but Francisco probably used the best available audio files at the time. I reworked the audio to provide a much cleaner sound. I found about 7 or 8 different versions of audio so I selected the best sounds from each. The new sounds are included in the new library, DIMENSION_SONIDOS. When I got to the music, I decided to provide two versions of music libraries in addition to the original music. All three music libraries have the same name but I changed the case of some of the letters so you can identify the version. All of the libraries are compatible with the older versions of the table. You can only save one of these versions of the music to your library folder at a time so you might want to save them the other versions to a subfolder. Original Remix - DIMENSION_MUSICA.fpl Alternate - DIMension_musica.fpl Rock - DIMENSion_musica.fpl I added Shiva flippers to this table that are switchable to the standard Gimli/George dynamic flippers. Shiva flippers have more power in the center of the flippers than at the tip and base. The Gimli/George flippers has the least power at the tip and the most power at the base. I also added a flipper rotation speed chart that I think will be used for the first time on this table. I am using a slightly modified version of a chart that JLou5641 developed. The chart changes the way a flipper accelerates and moves. It helps to improve the accuracy of the shots. I recommend that you try the options for physics in the menu shortly after you download the table because it doesn't take long for your mind to get locked into a certain way of playing the table. There is also menu switchable music that play the original rock song, "The Twilight Zone". It will replace some of the music selections in the music libraries listed above. There are a few changes I made that couldn't be done when the table was created. The real table has a "power ball" that is made of white ceramic and is much lighter than a steel ball. When this FP table was built, a white ball was impossible to create so they offered a choice of different colored balls. For this table, I created a white ball using a photograph of an ceramic ball used on the real table. I also changed the physics of it when it is released onto the table so it is lighter. My friend, AnonTet, performed a lot of testing on this table but he also figured out a way to make the dynamic flippers more efficient. This became necessary when I tried to add Wild's code that adds a sound when the ball hits the flipper. Wild also made a change to the model used on the side blades. He took a model that had the best fit I could find and made it fit perfectly. I added two new table loading textures that you can select on the Table Information screen of the FP editor: LoadingLandscape – For desktop usage LoadingPortrait – For pinball cabinet usage Of course, the table has the same lighting options I have added to other tables. I added a spotlight for the first time on the miniplayfield. It will probably use it again on other tables. Included in the download is a zip file that contains a file that changes the unlit pixels of the DMD. It changes the color of them to be the same color as the background. If you choose to use it, it must remain zipped, have the same name as the table and be placed in the same folder as the table. You can download a different version of the table that is called "rotated display". This is for a desktop PC with a single monitor that can be rotated so the monitor is in portrait format. I added a screenshot of it and the download includes a PDF file with directions. Pat Lawlor designed a beautiful table that really needs no enhancements. If you play this table a lot, you might get tired of the same music so I added some options there. Even though Slamt1lt added some video and music, the game play of this table is the same as the original. My objective here was to make the table look, sound and perform better. I think you will agree that this objective has been met. I hope you enjoy it! These are the list of changes: 1. Replaced poorly recorded sounds, including all voice quotes. 2. Added new instruction cards. 3. Added custom physics and dynamic flippers with Gimli/GeorgeH flippers and Shiva's flippers. 4. Added emkickers to the slingshots to improve physics. 5. Added lighting mod and add Lighting Control Panel to the script. 6. Added HUD Toggle Key that saves setting. 7. Added new textures on the table loading screen for both desktop and cabinets. 8. Added menu system with options for lighting, balls per game, HUD on/off etc. 9. Added message that looks at BAM version and reminds you to upgrade BAM if needed. 10. Added shadow maps. 11. Edited plunger pull special script so you can make the skill shot. 12. Added switchable option for 3 or 5 balls per game that saves setting. 13. Added bulbs that provide the halo that shines through the slingshots. 14. Added side rails with art (sometimes called side blades). 15. Added bump maps to the camera and slot machine. 16. Added DMD background color, ball/flipper shadows and ball configuration to the script. 17. Added rock version of theme music and made it switchable with the default theme music. 18. Added menu option to switch between Gimli/GeorgeH flippers and Shiva's flippers. 19. Added menu option to switch table slope so end user can easily change ball speed. 20. Added menu option to switch bounce control options. 21. Converted images and video images to use power of 2 to reduce table loading time. 22.Lowered right ramp to make it perform better. 23. Added BAM code that allows the score to exceed 2 billion points. 24. Changed the end of game video so it can be turned off. Also fixed the end of game video so it plays the correct audio file and remove the broken Rod Steiger video. More detail about the development of this mod is available at this link: https://pinballnirvana.com/forums/threads/twilight-zone.20208/ George
  8. View File Paragon (Bally 1979) Just like with Lost World, iaakki picked up this old crusty Paragon build and revamped the physics, giving it a new lease on life. RothbauerW helped with drop target physics. Fleep sounds, dynamic ball shadows and VR room by TastyWasps based on a VR room by Rajo Joey. Upscales by redbone. Tested at VPW. Visuals aren't as modernized as I'd like them to be, but it holds up ok. Submitter bord Submitted 01/05/24 Category VPX - Pinball Tables  
  9. View File Cactus Canyon Continued (Bally 1998) Cactus Canyon Continued (Bally 1998) Since the original release of the table, Fast Flips support was added. Fast Flips can be enabled using the script at Thalamus's Github script repository. Link: https://github.com/sverrewl/vpxtable_scripts/blob/master/Cactus Canyon (Bally 1998) TTNZ v2.0.vbs For VPX 10.4 or 10.5, updating the script requires deleting out the old script and pasting in the updated script. For CCC, the P-ROC flag should be changed to a value of 1. For VPX 10.6, users can just copy the vbs file to the same folder as the table. The vbs file name should be identical to the table file name. Rename if necessary. When opening the table in VPX 10.6, the contents of the vbs file should automatically be loaded. For CCC, the P-ROC flag should be changed to a value of 1. For users that have already installed Python 2.7 version of P-ROC, there is no need to install it again. Nothing has changed with the P-ROC installer since V3.2 which was the version available at MBPC before they closed. They may just want to run Install CCC.bat (requires wget.exe from the installer "files" folder). For users that have updated the game code recently (since Aug 30, 2018), they do not need to run Install CCC.bat. It will not do any harm if they do want to run it. There are not any new code or assets at this time. But I will maintain Install CCC.bat if there are any updates. For new installs, the order is 1. STEP 1 - Install Prerequisites.bat 2. STEP 2 - Install PROC.bat 3. Install CCC.bat Sorry, I can't provide much support beyond this. The installer worked for me out-of-the-box on both my laptop and my cabinet. If users happen to have any chepas tables, the only other thing to do to complete the installation is to open a command prompt and type: pip install requests Submitter ninuzzu Submitted 03/31/2019 Category Visual Pinball 10 - Tables ROM Name Link to B2S http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/4191-cactus-canyon-continued-bally-1998/ Link to Media Pack Permission to Mod Contact Author First. VP Version v10  
  10. Version 3.0


    Indianapolis 500 (Bally 1995) with a better rez pic
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Supersonic (Bally 1979) HI REZ 6 and 7 digit versions
  12. Version 3.0


    Welcome to my Dr. Dude refresh - version 3.0 for VP10.8. This table has undergone a tremendous amount of refinement with countless new visual details, all-new lighting, all-new physics, better sound effects additional table options. The table now uses a Primitive Playfield which allows for very realistic saucer (VUK) ball physics. Shout-outs to Cyberpez, Rothbauerw, nfozzy, flupper, DJrobx, Bord, Apophis, Brad1X, TasyWasps, sixtoe, and leojreimroc for heavily contributing to this latest refresh. Can't thank you guys enough. The table includes all of the tips and tricks I have learned over the years as well as many of the PROs in the community, and really looks and plays better than ever. Please refer to the script for additional credits and table options. Big thanks to GTXJoe for allowing me to complete the table he started. Hope you guys enjoy it. All table Options available at the beginning of the script: -VR room -GI Color change mod -Bumper caps color mod -Select the apron color and style (sys11 and WPC) -Select flippers style (sys11 and WPC) -Add or remove Cheater Post in center drain -Add or remove the special effect "Excellent Ray Beam". The "Dr. Dude" re-mastered playfield and plastics graphic files are only authorized to be used free of charge and may not be altered, redistributed, reused or sold without direct permission from Brad1X.
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Yet again, no good text-only version of Little Joe to be found in the community. Had to create it myself. I used a closeup photo of a backglass.
  14. Version 1.1


    This originates a few years back in the vpinball.com days. This new update was picked up by iaakki and was given updated physics. Big thanks to him for all the work. Also thanks to TastyWasps for: VR integration (based on rajojoey), fleep sounds, dynamic ball shadows, script cleanup, desktop digits, deluxe VR Room. Major assists from Wylte, Hauntfreaks, DGrimmReaper, DarthVito, and testers at VPW.
  15. View File Lost World (Bally 1978) This originates a few years back in the vpinball.com days. This new update was picked up by iaakki and was given updated physics and sound. nfozzy/fleep. The works. Big thanks to him for all the work. VR based on rajojoey's work. Major assists from Wylte, Hauntfreaks, DGrimmReaper, DarthVito, and testers at VPW. Submitter bord Submitted 01/05/24 Category VPX - Pinball Tables  
  16. Version 3.0


    Strange Science(Bally 1986) HI REZ
  17. Version 1.0.0


    Gold Ball (Bally 1983) New Build, Lighting, HI REZ
  18. Version 2.1.0


    'Dungeons & Dragons (Bally 1987) ' 'Development by agentEighty6 2019 for Visual Pinball X (Previously uploaded on VPinball) ' I would like to send a very special thanks to the following. ' - mfuegemann : For being able to freely use his VP9 table graphical resources. ' - Herweh : Your Atlantis table and techniques you used were invaluable in me learning VPX. ' - nFozzy : For coming up with those brilliant flipper physics subroutines ' - flupper1 : For creating another great set of resources (flupperDomes2) for more realistic flashers. ' - sheltemke : For playtesting the table and advice on tweeks and improvements. ' - brandonlaw : For help in cleaning up and improving the payfield, plastics, and ball graphics. ' - I could go on forever thanking many many more of you guys for the hard work bringing this hobby up to such an awesome level! ' - VPX development team: For making and keeping VP up to date and one of the best pinball simulators available ' - To anyone I may have forgotten, please let me know and I'll add you. 'Versions: ' 2.1.0 - Updated version for VPU -- physics and lighting adjustments and table tweaks **** If you have never used this table or you are having problems getting it to accept coins, please try using the attached NVRAM file (put it in your nvram folder). **** dungdrag.nv
  19. Version 1.0.0


    " Special Force (Bally Midway 1986) VPW" vpx wheels and dmd picture if you appreciate the work, then thank you for not forgetting a "like" or a "review" , it's nice! Personal, non-commercial use only. Please contact me if you would like to use it in another way.
  20. Version 1.0.1


    FMV Topper I created using some game show clips. Enjoy!
  21. Version 1.0


    Spy Hunter (Bally 1984) Hi Rez
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