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  • VPUniverse.com Online Virtual Pinball Tournament & League

    Welcome to the VPUniverse.com Online Virtual Pinball League. These leagues are for fun, bragging rights and possible forum/site perks.  Depending on how the events go we may eventually add a prize pool.

    Please read and understand all of the following rules.  By all players playing by the rules fairly; we can hopefully have a fun event.


    The VPUniverse.com Online Virtual Pinball Tournament & League is supposed to help encourage people to stop tinkering and start playing! 


  • What is the difference between a Tournament and League?

    Tournament - Tournaments are short events. Tournaments will usually be limited to a single game for a specified amount of time. 

    League - Leagues are longer events.  Leagues will be run in Seasons.  Each "season" consisting of 2 events followed by a Finals/Championship.  Leagues are done in groups of games.  VPU will be using 5 different games, aka Arenas, during each event.  Leagues use a point system, so it is beneficial for players to put up at least one score on each game.

  • Modifying Tables or other Cheating methods:

    First off this tournament and league are solely based on the honesty of all the players involved. Without having a tournament director at everyone's house; we have no way to verify that the rules to this Tournament & League are being followed. It is up to the players to be honest and ensure that their settings are in line with the VPUniverse Online Tournament & League before playing. 

    For some playoffs/championships the tournament director may request that players record or stream gameplay.

    ** All tables should be played without any modifications. This includes editing the scripts for any reason, with exception of B2S/PuP or visual aspects. Personal POV is not considered a modification.

    Tournament director(s) have the rights to reject any submitted scores that may seem suspect without question/warning.

    Punishment for cheating:
    1. Cheating will get you kicked out of the tournament.
    2. Possible ban from future events as well as VPUniverse.com.

  • VPX Settings for Tournament & League Play:
    The only way to make an online tournament to work is by playing honestly.  It is up to the player to ensure that their settings are in line to those being use for this tournament.

    Tilt / Nudge - All keys related to nudging need to be unmapped in Visual Pinball under Keys.
    Extra Balls - All EXTRA BALLS should simply be plunged, unless the tournament/league game specific setting specifies otherwise.  For game specific settings please see Rom Settings for the Arena/Game once the game list has been posted.

  • General RULES: 

    * Please see game specific rules on the tournament or league page. Those rules will trump the General Rules if specified.

    * All games should be using Visual Pinball X (only) & PinMAME or Pinball FX3 (Console or PC). 
    * Players may use a desktop view or Pincab view.  Even when using Desktop, a screenshot will not be accepted for score submission. Users must still take a picture, using a camera, with the required elements. See Score Submission.
    * Games should be played using the default settings of the downloaded table.  POV modifications are allowed. Any other modifications to the game are NOT permitted.  This includes modifications to any physic settings or flipper settings.
    * ROM's used must be at default settings (unless game/arena specified).  Enabling Free Play is considered a default setting.
    * Players can use the normal ROM or Color ROM if available (as long as version is the same IE: trn_170h or trn_170hc).
    * Players must play the game as intended and do not use any possible means of cheating.

    * Games in the arena will be listed on the VPU Online Pinball Tournament page at start of the event. 
    * Games will be listed with the Game version - Author - ROM Version.  This is the game and ROM that should be used for this specific event. 
    * Games may have special settings required. 

    * This tournament & league is using Match Play Events.  Users must register with Match Play Events. http://matchplay.events 

    • Players MUST submit their score by taking a Picture using the following standards:
    • Screenshots are not allowed - Pictures must be taken with camera. It's by far the easiest if you use your phone and submit scores via the Match Play Events mobile site.
    • Picture MUST contain the Game Over screen with the players score.
    • Pictures showing High Scores/Grand Master will not be accepted.
    • On the start day of the event an Event Token will be added to the current event. This Event Token MUST be included on submitted pictures.
    • The image MUST also include a card/paper with the Event Token your VPUniverse.com Username and Date written on it visible along with the score.
    •      The League Event Token, Username & date written must be legible.
    •      The written date must be between the event start & end date.
    • All images submitted prior/after the event start time/date will not be counted.
    • All submitted scores are manually approved by Tournament Director/Admin. Please allow time after submission for scores to be approved.
    • Tournament Directors/Admin have the rights to reject any suspicious scores without warning.

    Example Score Submission  Image:

  • Possible Prizes & Rewards:

    For the first tournament we may not have any major prizes; it will be a learning curve for most of us.

    • Everyone that participates, by having correctly submitted a score (including all necessary information), will be entered into a drawing at the end of the tournament for an item from the VPUniverse Merch Shop. 
    • Tournament & League Winners will be awarded a reward icon on VPUniverse that will display on their user profiles.


    Prizes are currently TBA.
    Prizes may be determined on the number of participants.
    Once we get this rolling, we may reach out to see if anyone would like to sponsor prizes.


  • TERMS: 
    By submitting scores to this league; the player agrees that all of the above RULES are agreed to. 

  • Tournament Directors:

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