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Visual Pinball 10 - Tables

188 files

  1. TikiTime

    Tiki Time (2021)
    This VPX is a re-skin / re-theme of HiRez00's The Fog table which was a rework of BorgDog's Space Walk (Gottlieb 1979) table. 
    About 20 years ago I got swept up into the Tiki Bar craze.  I could not see enough of them!  Not talking a thatched covered beer hut on the beach in Florida, I am talking about your dark classy restaurant/bar where you can get a real Mai Tai or a Zombie, filled with carvings from Oceanic Arts. Sadly, many have gone out of business now.  Fifteen years ago I gutted my first arcade machine and replaced it with MAME.  The Windows XP desktop powering it died so I replaced it with Retro Pi last year.  I ran across Visual Pinball and got it working well enough for me to feel comfortable with building my own cabinet this past September to put next to my RetroPi cabinet.  I have loaded up 100's of table, including VPX, Future Pinball and this past week I added FX3 (Zen was running a sale).  What I really felt I was missing was a good Polynesian themed table.  I mean Beach Bums, Gilligan's Island, Endless Summer are all good, but I really wanted that old school feel of a 50's Tiki Bar.  That's when I decided to see if I could make one.
    I decided to start with simple table without DMD or complicated game play.  I figured an EM table which had already been modified, would be a good introduction to getting a theme completed pretty quick.  I followed HiRez00's plan of Kiss = Keep it simple, stupid.
    After being granted permission by BorgDog and HiRez - I went through and redesigned all the artwork for the playfield, plastics, backglass, etc.  I grabbed a trial copy of Photoshop, but transitioned to Gimp for all of my editing.
    The back glass is a picture from one of my favorites; the Mai Kai in Fort Lauderdale.  The play-field is filled with characters from Tiki artist Josh Agle (better known as Shag).  Music is from Tiki Lounge greats Les Baxter, Martin Denny and more.
    I am a 'cabinet' pinball user but I made sure the Desktop users would have a complete Tiki table as well.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    When you boot the table for the first time, the table will appear a lot brighter than it is intended, Tiki bars are usually pretty dim.
    Hold down the LEFT MAGNASAVE and then press the RIGHT MAGNASAVE to cycle through the 13 LUT options. This bypasses the need of using the Day / Night slider. Depending on the resolution of your playfield monitor, everyones preferred LUT setting is different. When you cycle through the LUT options, when you select the one you prefer for your setup - it will automatically be saved when you exit / quit the table for the next time you play the table. You can adjust the LUT Option at any time when the table is loaded, even during gameplay.
    PLEASE NOTE: Pressing the LEFT MAGNASAVE will shut off the music as well. Simply press the RIGHT MAGNASAVE (without the LEFT MAGNASAVE pressed) to resume music playback.
    - - - - - - - - - -
    By default, the table is set up to play one of several random startup tracks, cycled Game Play tracks, and several random Game Over tracks. Instead of giving the option to turn ON or OFF all music, we split the options up at the top of the table script. You can adjust each type of music playback based on your preference. You can isolate and turn ON or OFF either the 3 options at the top of the script.
    If you want to temporarily turn off the music, press the LEFT MAGNASAVE and it will stop the CURRENT music track. You can then press the RIGHT MAGNASAVE (without the LEFT MAGNASAVE pressed) to resume music playback.
    During gameplay, and ONLY during gameplay, you can change the music track by pressing the RIGHT MAGNASAVE to switch to one of 6 music tracks. During actual gameplay is the only time this feature works.
    - - - - - - - - - -
    When NOT in gameplay (i.e.: no ball in the plunger lane or game started) you can access the Game Options Menu by holding down the LEFT FLIPPER for 2 - 3 seconds. This allows you to change the number of balls, free play or coin play, high score visible setting, or Replay Score settings.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    The install is fairly standard and straight forward, except for 1 IMPORTANT thing, the Music folder for VPX. In order to avoid the growing 'mess' of a million .mp3 files in your Music folder, the additional audio / music files for this table NEED TO BE INSIDE a folder called 'TikiTime'. This reduced adding to the clutter and global warming problem.
    So when you unzip the music / audio for this table, the directory structure should look like this when installed 'Visual Pinball / Music / TikiTime'.
    You will get an error when you boot the table if the mp3 files are simply dumped into the Music folder.
    - - - - - - -
    I didn't want this new version of the table to compete or interfere with the existing Space Walk (Gottlieb) table or the re-themed “The Fog”,  so I have renamed the cGameName and all associate reference to Space Walk to "tikitime".
    Until DOF is updated with this new table to be included, but you just can't wait - open your DOFConfig.ini and copy the command line for SpaceWalk_1979, paste it to a new line - and change 'SpaceWalk_1979' to 'tikitime'.
    - - - - - - -
    Overall - I am happy with how the table turned out. The look, features, sound, music, graphics and gameplay are how "I" wanted it for my cab. This was all my preference, and may differ from your tastes of preferences. Please make use of the multiple options to get it to your liking.
    - Aloha!
    - - - - - - - - - -
    Link to Music Files.txt
    - - - - -
    BorgDog - Original Space Walk table
    HiRez00 - Table Re-Theme / Re-Designs
    Rascal - Scripting, Updates, and Testing
    Loserman76 - EM Knowledge / Advice
    JP Salas - LUT Selector Enhancement
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Permission to Mod: NO
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    This project took about 30 hours to put together and I am happy to share it with everyone ... so "thanks" or comments in the support topic are appreciated.
    PLEASE NOTE: I create these image, videos, tables and backglass files for fun and for the dedicated VPX pinball users on this and other forum. I DID NOT create this for you to download as SELL, MAKE MONEY OR PROFIT ON ... You have been warned!
    DO NOT include any of these files with other downloads or projects without asking / getting permission first.
    All Logos, Copyrights and Trademarks are property of their respective owners.



  2. Pat's Patrouille 1.1 FR/ Paw Partol 1.0 EN

    Salut ceci est ma premiere table . Merci a Javier pour la table utilisé (Sonic)
    Ceci est une table pour enfant de la serie Pat' patrouille . La table originale est de Javier que j'ai modifié pour mon fils fan de la serie .
    Bon courage au parents .
    Bon jeu .
    Pour tout probleme n'hesiter pas a commentez ou Mp.
    This is my first mod table .
    Thanks to javier for the original Sonic Table .
    It's a child table paw patrol in french version.
    BG in the archive.
    Good Game
    For any probleme contact me.



  3. Michael Jordan (Data East, 1992)

    This is my release of the 1992 Data East Michael Jordan recreation. Right off I'll tell you that its not perfect and thats because there are very few resources. Also there are lights and things that don't match up with the manual. I redrew the playfield and plastics myself and I think it looks pretty good considering the lack of resources. This is a mod based off the Lethal Weapon 3 table that javier1515 created and bigus1 modded. I made it all work with the Michael Jordan reskin.
    32assassin has been working on a WIP and has made a lot of changes. Some of them are in this table, but not all. Sorry, 32assassin, but I got busy with real life and quite frankly I got tired of this table. I know a lot of people have been waiting for the release so here it is. Where I left off and open for anybody to mod. I like the table the way it is, but that's just my opinion.
    Its summer here where I live and I have been busy living. I got things I want to do.
    So thank you to the following and you all have fun:
    bigus1 for LW3 mod I based this table off of.
    javier1515 for his LW3 vpx table which I based this mod off of.
    oooPLAYER1ooo for his LW3 artwork that I used as a template to reskin.
    francisco666 for his LW3 artwork that I used as a template to reskin. pinballfan6500 for his work on getting a rom dump of this rare table.
    toxie for adding the rom to the vpinmame beta.  
    Thalamus for his FSS additions to the script.  
    32assassin for a bunch of modifications to the WIP which some made it to this table and some will have to be added. Sorry, I didn't do them all. Please release your version, It does not matter if there are two or more downloads of this table.   Oh and included with this table is HiRez00's very nice wheel art.   IMPORTANT: YOU NEED THE BETA 3.3 OF VPINMAME TO PLAY THIS TABLE https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=31231   Download the rom here and rename it mj_130.zip https://www.ipdb.org/files/3425/Data_East_1992_Michael_Jordan_ROMs.zip   Sorry if I missed anybody in the credits. Let me know and I will add you.    
    Thanks, Rascal



  4. Talking Word Clock

    What is this? Its a clock made in VPX! If you have an old pc sitting around, turn it into a talking word clock, or have this running when your pc or cab is idle. Its a soothing sight and sound talking word clock with many features. Here is a list of the features.
    1. It talks! It uses the built in TTS voice in windows to tell you the time, month, day, and day number every 5 minutes.
    2. It's a word clock. It display in words the time at every 5 minute interval. It also displays the day of the week, month and day number (Desktop view only).
    3. Changes from day to night scene according to time and also sounds change according to time (birds by day and birds and crickets by night).
    4. London Clock Tower scene with Big Ben chimes and animated water with sound on the river Thames.
    5. A swan swims back and forth on the river.
    6. Every half hour a tour boat cruises by and you hear 1 of 50 fun facts about the clock tower spoken by a tour guide with an English accent. This happen at 6 minutes after and 36 minutes after in every hour.
    7. The two faces and hands visible on the clock tower show the correct time going by minute and hour hands.
    8. Up to 10 programable special days via script. Commented in script near the top are options to schedule special day animations. Things like anniversaries, birthdays, and so on. On those days you will see a bobbing display on the bottom of the screen with a image of your special days. You would need to create and load any special image you want to display into image manager, and then follow the examples in script to make them display.
    Also via script you can turn on and off features like tour guide facts or the TTS voice if you want the clock less noisy. If you have more than one TTS voice in windows you can change the voice in script. You can turn on/off and test the TTS voice using the "t" key.
    Big thanks to Steely for making the clock tower hands primitives.



  5. TMNT wip

    adaptation stern
    to do : animation van (multiball , petite finition rampe, quelques decalcomanies..)
    freeplay , to do SCRIPT full ....😂



  6. ABBA v2.0

    First off let me thank you JP Salas and stat
    Thank you for all your help with this pinball could not have done it without you
    Thank you JPSalas for letting me use your table template and for the help with coding
    Thanks to STAT, for helping me with a bug I had With B2S and critiquing the game. Many of you may remember this group from the 70's and 80's they were, I think bigger than Kiss. There is an included Instruction card in the zip file. The Instruction Card is written with LibreOffice Writer this has been saved with the open doc format. You should have no problem in using it with Microsoft word .
    This table is built on Vortex a nice game from Taito 1981. I hope this VPX original will be a good addition to someone's  game list.
    Ibid: After a response from slydog43 I can only give you a link to music files and let everyone get there own music to add to the script. This is due to copyright restrictions.
    https://www.youtube....arch_query=abba. If you download music, it will need to be in MP3 format and placed in the music directory. Then change the script to play the files you have, remember to rename the files in music directory to conform to the script format.

    Gray Ghost



  7. Aliens

    Aliens - Heavy mod of William's "Sorcerer" by JP Salas.
    Thank you JP for allowing mods without permission.
    Quick shout out to Siggi for his awesome "metal" tables and help



  8. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (Sega 1995)

    VPX version by Schreibi34 and Herweh
    Version 1.0: Initial release
    Schreibi34: Visuals and gameplay "It's simply amazing what you do in Blender. So thrilling, so inspiring, so extraordinary. I'm overwhelmed every time when I see what you have created. You are the man. And a very relaxed, cool guy too. And for sure an awesome drummer ;-). Once again it was a pleasure and an honor to work with you"
    (this was written by Herweh)
    Herweh: Scripting, VP development and gameplay "Everything you see below in this script! Without him Mr. Basic v2.0 Schreibi34 would have been totally lost! What he has done on this table goes beyond my imagination. From animating Frank to implementing RothbauerW's physics to the texture swaps to all sorts of extras. Please check out all the stuff that the script Voodoo Master has provided for you below! Thanks for being such a cool guy! It was a pleasure!"
    (this was written by Schreibi34)
    Special thanks to:
    - Dark: We all know what he did! Frank is just jawdropping!! - Dids666: For starting all of this and his awesome meshes. Thanks for letting us finish this!! - Sheltemke: For stitching together the PF image and playtesting - Mlager8: For PS help on the sling plastics - RothbauerW: For his awesome physics' guide at vpinball.com and some more help on the physics - Mark70, Bord, Thalamus: For beta testing and some good hints - Batch: For the DT background image (Sorry for making it a bit darker! Batch's original is in the image manager for those who like more pop)
    Magna save selects LUT filters!
    Version 1.0.1
    - Herweh: Fix for the trapped balls and the post left of the Geneva hole. Fix for LUT filters resetting after restart
    - Skitso: Alligning the GI-ON and OFF better so they don't "jump" when swaping
    - Schreibi34: Minor gameplay/physics adjustments



  9. Lost in Space (Sega 1998)

    Thanks to 32assassin help and support this table now is completely alive!!!
    Script update
    All sound are working
    Gates and Targets added to collections created ad sound added
    Layer 1 wire triggers are now set to VPX triggers deleted the primitive wire
    copied the slingshot rubbers (for animation) from the default table they need to be shaped to fit the table
    Spinning disk code was rebuilt no more walls took Primitive and code from DJRobX Twister
    Layer 2 removed trigger s20 and s21 and used Gates as triggers
    added walls to stop ball
    Generic Triggers# are only used for generic sounds
    Layer 3 added missing lights
    Layer 4 Prim Robot is now animated
    Layer 5 GI code has been added simply add all your lights and add them to GI collection
    Layer 6 added multiple missing lights controlled by Solenoids
    Layer 7 You should consider adding components from the default VPX table some of this objects built by walls can be found in primitive form as an example I added a Lane Guide Prim
    Layer 8 No Changes just moved Plastics to Layer 8
    Layer 9 added Physical subway, only way this will work is if I built a prim PF
    all kicker codes where updated, a vertical kick is now visible.
    Once more Special Thanks to 32assassin, he sent me those words:
    "feel free to upload and distribute the table this is why I took the time to rebuild the code"



  10. Lost in Space (Sega 1998)

    Conversion from VP8, but added all the non mechanical sounds and new ball design with scratches.
    Only sound I can't get to play is the ball rolling sound.
    Table is ready for SSF Users



  11. Vasco da Gama (Mad Buffalo 2020)

    Version 1.0       Special thanks to J. P Salas for authorizing the use of the Mod "Straight Flush (Williams 1970)" table that I used as a base.       A tribute to Vasco da Gama best soccer team in the world.



  12. Soul Reaver 1.1

    G’day everyone,
    Here is a very small update to fix some niggling issues I have noticed since the initial release:
    * Fixed the values for the multiplier lights - the original release started with the multiplier bonus at 1x instead of 2x.
    * Shortened some of the longer sound samples to avoid sample on sample issues.
    * Optimised a couple of sound samples for in-game clarity.
    * Replaced intro sound sample with music for a more “polished” transition into the game.
    Cheers and thank you for the support.
    If you already downloaded the release version of this table;  Just copy the .vpx file into the "Tables" folder in VP - Don't forget to rename the .directb2s file to match.
    If you are downloading this table for the first time. Copy the .vpx and .directb2s files into the "Tables" folder in VP, then transfer all the files in the "Music" folder (in the download) to the "Music" folder in VP.



  13. Post Time

    When Williams released a new 1-player in 1969, the 'Paddock', a variant was built especially for the Italian market: "Post Time". However, the containers full of these flippers were refused by Italian customs. Send back to the US was too expensive. Loontjens, a coin machine operator in The Netherlands saw his chance, and bought the entire lot for next to nothing. And everywhere in the south west of The Netherlands you could find this game.

    Because “Post Time” was especially designed for the Italian market there was no credit wheel visible. Instead, a white window had been placed with the text “previous hi score”. So, you could not win a new game but you could win 5 extra balls per ball (Add-a-ball).

    An anecdote is circulating about the design. In 1969 Harry Williams was director of the eponymous pinball factory Williams. And Harry was a passionate horse lover. When one of his racehorses lost a race in a very clumsy way, it caused quite a bit of hilarity for Harry's colleagues. (Reportedly, the beast put his four hooves in the sand in the middle of the trail for no reason, and did not want to move forward or backward). Designer Norm Clark and draftsman Christian Marche (RIP) saw the humour in it and retreated behind their drawing boards. The result was Post Time. Harry's horse ended out of time. Reason for disqualification!

    Press 1 to start game without bells, press s to start game with bells.



  14. Firepower Vs A.I.

    Welcome to Firepower (Vs A.I.) V1.1.1 (VPX 10.6 rev. 3584 or later)
    A  first of it's kind pinball game that you can actually play and challenge a fully capable A.I. computer. (Hal-9000)
    This release is both graphically and physically identical to my original Firepower but can also still be played in a vanilla state like the original.
    By default the computer's level of skill is set to "Expert" . Player 2, 3 and 4 are the computer. There are four levels of difficulty to choose from. Easy, Normal, Hard and Expert. 
    You can pick and choose which player is human or computer and even have all four players computer if you wish (lots of fun to watch and even bet on games).
    (In Game)
    '*Use the "L" key on keyboard to select language. 
    '*Use Flipper Buttons to setup human and or computer players before starting game. (Green Human, Red Computer).
    '*Use Magna Save buttons to select flipper bat type.
    '*While pressing and holding both flipper buttons use the Magna save buttons to select difficulty. (Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert) (Legendary coming soon...)
    '*Press and hold the Right Flipper Button to display player and difficulty status during game play. Logic Panel displays during DTmode only. 
    '*Once game is started no selections can be made or changed until game is over. 
    '*Once A.I. is playing, A.I. sound and visual effects can be toggled on/off by using either flipper button.
    '*The A.I. can be shutdown during the A.I. turn by pressing and holding both Magna Save buttons. The player can then take control. 
    '*All options can be hard set in the script under Table Options as desired.
    A very special thank you to rothbauerw for help with the coding and conditional logic. Slydog43 for additional coding and everyone else in the community.  Vogliadicane for the cool backglass and coding. 
    This is something that I hope you will all enjoy as much as I have enjoyed making it. I very much plan I installing this on other tables in the near future.
    Same as before I recommend turning off AO (Ambient Occlusion) in video preferences and keeping ScSp turned on. 
    Anything else (Anti-Aliasing, Post-proc AA) will depend on your set-up. 
    I also suggest going through the THX set-up to ensure that you are experiencing this table as it was intended. Enjoy...



  15. Demogorgon

    evolving script. to complete according to your imagination
    cpu cycle to optimize
    I will use pup for the next update, for better video results
    should be considered wip
    the physics of the central flap, presents anomalies in collision.
    collidable at the beginning of the slope, but more in the middle !! ??
    the 4 DT will lower if they are all hit



  16. Pharaoh - Dead Rise

    UPDATE! Version 1.1 - For those that were experiencing stutter, this version takes care of that. Plus, smoother animations! Thank you rothbauerw for the overhaul.
    The Mighty Pharaoh has long been dead and the decades, centuries, and ages that have passed were like
    whispers in the wind, sifting through the sands of time. With quiet strength, the Pharaoh's tomb did
    stand in solemn testimony to the mighty ruler of Egypt, but alas, since then, the dark side of what once
    was has revealed itself inside the tombs.
    His people believe that this dark presence is none other than the Pharaoh himself, risen from the dead, in
    some form, to exact revenge on all who enter. As for the skeptics? Well, let's just say that they have all
    mysteriously "disappeared", lost forever, inside the tombs.
    So.. do YOU dare enter the Mighty Pharaoh's tomb.. again? Be warned, for this is PHARAOH - DEAD RISE!
    Thank you to:
    *xenonph & *HiRez00 for the awesome PF skull which inspired me to create this!
    *JP Salas for creating the script for the torch flickers and your awesome knowledge!
    *BorgDog for suggesting to try flashers. Never used them before and now I can't stop! lol
    Pharaoh is a great table but I wanted to create a bit more sinister version, adding a little
    more fun, to an already exciting table. I researched through videos online trying to replicate
    the best I could for most of the aspects of the real machine. I hope that I honored it well.
    Thank you again for allowing me the privilege to share my work here.
    I hope you all have as much fun playing it as I did making it.
    Don't forget about the end game bonus with 2 or more players, and of course the MAGNA-SAVES!
    PHARAOH - DEAD RISE uses the standard rom pharo_l2.
    Your friend in Pinball,
    Note: Pharaoh - Dead Rise is designed as a 5 ball table. After installing you'll notice that the
    default is 3 balls. You can change it to a 5 ball game, or change other things, by adjusting
    the Williams 7 System...
    1. Press 9 to enter diagnostic mode. The displays should go blank when you
       enter this mode.
    2. Press 8 to enter test mode.
    3. Press 7 and then press 8 to see 01 in the credit display.
    4. Continue to press 8 until you see 04 in the credit display and 30 in the
       match/ball in play display.
    5. Press and hold the 1 key to select the number of balls you want. The value
       will increment by 1 while you are holding in the 1 key. When you reach the
       number of balls you want to set it to, release the 1 key. (NOTE: If you
       want to lower the value, or if you pass the value you wanted, release the
       1 key, press and release the 7 key and then press and hold the 1 key. The
       value will then decrement by 1).
    6. Press F3 to save your changes and reset the table.



  17. Hot Tip (Williams 1977) – v1.0 – S34

    An almost from scratch build of my first ever upload! Big thanks to Herweh for his incredible stuff, and another special thanks to 32assassin for bringing this table to VPX!!
    - Herweh for the incredible saucer physics, scripting all moving parts, SSF sounds and reworking the rest of the script! Thanks, man!
    - 32assassin for bringing this table to VPX! I used his table as a base for all of this.
    - Mlager8 for his incredible Apron redraw!!
    - Poppote for his ultraclean original artwork. Made the 8k upscale alot easier!
    - Bord for the shooterlane image and playtesting!
    - BorgDog for the wood image!
    - Thalamus for playtesting and kicking everybodys ass in the forums!



  18. Flying Turns - Midway 1964 - VPX - vpPlus

    This is a VPX recreation of a 1964 Midway Flying Turns pinball machine.
    Several options you can turn on in the script.
    Line 8 - netplayenabled = true. This enables peer to peer network play via vpPlus (explained later in this discrption).False = off
    Line 14 - handsenabled = true. This enables virtual hands to use the controls. False = off
    Line 20 - musictalkenabled = true. This enables my choice of music from the 1964 era to be played. In game you can turn on/off with the "f" key. Also enables me getting angry when the ball play is short. False = off always.
    There is a B2S backglass included and a wheel art logo in the table zip file. Cab people, you know what to do with B2S and Wheel art.
    Peer to peer 2 player games over the internet!!!
    If you want to give this a try, get the vpPlus plugin installer here.
    Let me just say this, vpPlus can be pretty touchy to install and use and what I type in this discription is all the support you will get from me. This is not to say that it is not awesome or the most fun way to play this table, because its a freaking blast when you get it working. So lets start with the installing.
    INSTALLING VPPLUS: To install, extract the vpPlus zip file some where. Now RIGHT CLICK Setup.exe and run as ADMINISTRATOR. After that just follow the install. Its important that the program gets installed as ADMINISTRATOR to register the com object with Windows. The other thing that is very important is that VPX is also run as ADMINISTRATOR.
    The ideal way to play this vpPlus table is to establish a voice over ip chat through like Discord or TeamSpeak or someother voice activated voice chat. So you can talk to the person you are playing against. I use Discord. Make this audio connection first before running the table. If you are hosting the table, share with the other person your IP address to connect to (your external IP address. If you don't know what it is you can get it by going to this site. https://whatismyipaddress.com/
    VERY IMPORTANT!!! THE ONLY WAY TO LAUNCH THE TABLE IS TO DOUBLE CLICK THE .VPX TABLE FILE. YOU CAN NOT OPEN VPX EDITOR FIRST OR LAUNCH THE TABLE THROUGH PINBALLX. I'm not sure why, but if you load the table any other way you will get Socket# 0 errors and the table won't launch. Once the table is launched by double clicking the table file it will open and run the table. Two coins will be automatically dropped and two start buttons will automatically be pressed too. Also after you play a full game, and both of you decide to play another game, the 5 key will drop two coins and press the start button twice automatically to start the next match.  Anyway, once you start the table successfully the connection dialog box will appear shortly after the coins and the start buttons are pressed.
    THE HOST: This is the person that is willing to share his IP address and open two ports through his firewall and/or router. By default vpPlus uses ports 12345 and 12346 for its communication. You can set different ports if you choose on the dialog box when you host, but they need to be open through your firewall and/or router.
    THE CONNECTING MACHINE: When the hosting person says he is hosting, then the joining person picks the option to join and types the hosting persons IP address and click OK.
    Leave the Disable UPnP checkbox checked.
    Now if you did everything right and don't get a Socket# 0 error, then you will get a dialog box to enter your name. After both of you have entered your names and click OK, the game will start. The hosting person is player 1 and starts the game. After his ball drains, the visiting player gets control and can play their ball.
    ONE OTHER IMPORTANT THING!!! ONCE YOU GET CONNECTED AND ARE PLAYING, DON'T PAUSE THE GAME OR CLICK ON ANOTHER WINDOW. In other words don't lose focus on VPX or the connection will crash. You probably will have a crash when one of you decide to leave.
    Again I need to stress that vpPlus is AS IS and I will not support it, so don't PM me. If you can't figure it out from this point then just disable it at line 8 in the script and play flying turns like any other table. You can even launch it with pinballx if you don't use vpPlus. But if you can get a good stable connection with someone and you can talk to them via Discord, its a real blast.
    These directions will be included in the zip file too.
    I hope some of you try out the P2P netplay, its a lot of fun.




    still in WIP
    freeplay and autoplunger
    in preparation animation of the trunk, ejection of 2 balls and carousel animation.
    rules to do by yourself , according to your tastes.......😂



  20. ALIEN

    video, animation and sound FX



  21. R2D2

    little "script"
    test video
    replace it with your video



  22. Soul Reaver

    Soul Reaver by Delta23 - A graphics and sound mod of Taito’s Titan by JP Salas.
    I have been a Visual Pinball aficionado for a long time and I would like to thank the efforts of all the people involved in this hobby, from artists and programmers through to site moderators and users.
    I have been toying with the idea of “modding” a table for a while now and finally here is my little contribution to this great community.
    Before moving onto the table details I would like to especially thank the following people:
    Siggi for his friendly attitude, support and help. Siggi’s insight allowed me to get stuck into this mod, without it I don’t think I would have attempted it (Thanks mate and thank you for all your metal tables, they rock.)
    JP Salas for creating the original Titan table and allowing mods without permission. Using a solid and beautiful table from your catalogue was a given. (Muchas gracias hombre! lo que has hecho con este hobby es fenomenal!).
    Thalamus for your super fast responses and pointing me in the right direction.
    Wildman for creating the original Titan back glass. - I used it to create a basic back glass for the table (I hope this is ok).
    The table is based on the "Legacy of Kain" video game series by Crystal Dynamics, where the main character, a handsome vampire named Raziel, under the ever watching eyes of a giant squid, has to unravel his past and future, all the while dodging and dealing with his dysfunctional family!
    In an attempt to capture the game’s moody feel. I have added a lot of subtle sound samples to the table.
    If you find that the music volume is muffling the sound samples, I recommend adjusting the music volume from the Table Options.
    The download should contain a wheel image and a basic back glass to get you going. The back glass is a simple rework of the original Titan back glass by Wildman (I just changed the picture and moved some lights).
    Now without further ado… turn your lights off put the volume up and immerse yourself in the dark world of Raziel and the Soul Reaver.



  23. T-Rex

    minimalist script




  24. VPX Foosball 2019

    Another crazy not pinball creation by Rascal. VPX Foosball 2019 is just that, a foosball game. It does auto row switching for you so you just need to control one row. You can control it with several different controllers (Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick X and Y axis, Joystick X and Y Rotation, Joystick POV, or on a cab with left flipper, left magna-save, right flipper, and right magna-save). You can play against another player with sharing a keyboard (w, a, s, z for red team and arrow keys for blue team). You can also play red team joystick and blue team mouse. Then there is the red team set to AI which is insane, but crazy fun. See if your good enough to beat the AI. All these option choices are in the script at the top. If for any reason the ball gets in a dead state, you can hit "k" on the keyboard or do a forward nudge on a cab to give the ball a little kick.
    Included in the download is the table, a b2s, a logo art, and the vpmousejoystick com plugin to get the mouse and joystick functions into VPX. There is a instruction to install text file included too.
    Hope you try it and like it.




    for beginners , table starter with counting points



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