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Visual Pinball 10 - Tables

136 files

  1. Deadly Weapon Gottlieb (1990)

    Needs VP 10.6   rev. 3696 or higher!!

    After almost 8 months it's finally done! A very special thanks goes out to Herweh!! Withou him this table wouldn't be half as good!! Thanks my friend!
    Don't miss Herwehs "Additional GI" switchable in the script! More GI-OFF for those who enjoy it!
    I hope you guys have fun while playing!
    - Herweh for scripting everything on this table, including kickers, animations, airball, additional GI and SSF sounds. He also fixed stuff like the trough and the tilt script!
    Without him this table wouldn't be half as good!!! One of the best and a great guy!! This is also your table!! Thanks!!!

    - 32assassin and BodyDump for bringing this Table to VPX. I used their table as a base.
    - Kiwi and Destruk for a great hint when 'Tilt' didn't want to work the way it should
    - RothbauerW for some code of his manuel trough in 'No Good Gofers'
    - Bord and BorgDog for images, testing and all kinds of help!
    - BorgDog for moving spinner rod
    - Flupper - cycles insert material
    - Thalamus for playtesting and screenshots
    - Ninuzzu - BallShadow
    - Whoever made the flipper shadow
    - Last, and definetly not least the VPX devs!! Thanks guys!
    v 1.0.1
    - Herweh fixed a crash caused ba a glass hit
    - fixed the "bleeding" of the flipper textures
    - better DT background image
    - Herweh fixed two hickups in the script. Flickering of the GI when hitting the flipper button is now gone. Thanks to Thalamus for finding both issues and providing a quick fix!



  2. Playboy (Bally 1978) MOD

    Playboy (Bally, 1978) MOD v1.2
    by djredick/DJSpeedy
    This is my first mod in years (quite literally).
    The thought behind this mod was to see if I could get the scoring displays to look a bit
    more "realistic", and since I had PacDude's scoring reels, I decided to try it with a
    modified LED strip.
    I think the results turned out pretty good.
    I also tried to fix the "Object doesn't suport this property or method" error by reimporting
    the fx_ballrolling0 sound.  While this did change the vol value from -1 to 0, it did not get
    rid of the error.
    v1.2 changelog
    ' Added the proper LED comma displays
    ' Resized the LED displays to cover more of the black area of the scoring reels
    ' Raise the brightness of the LED numbers for better readability



  3. The Phantom Of The Opera (Data East 1990)

    Phantom Of The Opera
    Original mod for VPX by 32Assassin
    I finished up the modeling and texturing
    New Machine Learned / AI Backboard Bumper Covers Light in Organ Added Missing Plastics Added Catwalk Ramp Added Wire Ramps L/R Added Magic Mirror flapper, and Plastics Adjusted Lighting for the Phantom letters in the back Do deal with sound Tuning, make sure Display DMD is set to 1 (On) in the script, then press "Tilde" -> ` The symbol to the left of the "1" key and modify sound banks, there are 3, 1 for the "Phantom of the opera sound and some FX" and the other two are for the organ and the other musical pieces that play.



  4. Shrek (Stern 2008)(NZ&TT)(v1.0)

    Shrek (Stern 2008)(NZ&TT)(v1.0)

    '****************************************************** '* SHREK VPX 1.0***** ********************************* '****************************************************** '* STERN PINBALL 2008 ********************************* '****************************************************** '* SAM SYSTEM ***************************************** '****************************************************** '* ROM VERSION 1.41 (shr_141.bin) * '****************************************************** '* CREATED BY NINUZZU AND TOM TOWER******************** '****************************************************** '* Many thanks to Groni, without him this wouldn't be * '* possible.The table is based on Family Guy by Groni.* '* Many thanks to comicalman, I used his FP table as * '* a resource for playfield images and toys. * '* Thanks to arngrim for the DOF script * '* Also a huge thanks to Freneticamnesic, who fixed * '* the bug with the flashers and to DJRobX, who fixed * '* the center post script. * '* Shrek, Fiona and Donkey models made by GLXB * '* What I did: * '* Readapted the textures to fit Groni's models * '* New Plastics from scatch * '* Some textures redone from scratch * '* Made a new model for the mirror * '* Reworked some 3d models * '* Added light system to Donkey mini-pinball * '* Other little stuff (lights, model positioning) * '******************************************************  



  5. King Kong (Data East 1990)

    Special thanks to:
    Dazz creating the King Kong WIP on VP9 and asking me to help with scripting the table. The two left ramps proved to be almost impossible to implement with VP9 and Physmod. With VPX, it was finally possible
    DStruct for sharing the FP resources
    Wildman for the Kong backglass
    Arngrim for DOF support
    Toxie and Fuzzel for VPX
    Cheers, Javier..
    Please, if you can help me with a small contribution to update my work team and continue to make more tables I will be eternally grateful.



  6. Ready Aim Fire (Gottlieb 1983)

    This is a VPX recreation of a 1983 Gottlieb Ready Aim Fire pinball machine. It needs the rom "raimfire
    .zip" to run, you will have to find that yourself. Don't let the music drive you crazy. 
    Thanks to Tab and Destruk for the earlier version to work off of.
    Thanks to Gaston for the emreel script correction.
    Thanks to BorgDog for his awesome Gottlieb EM 42" Template table where I got most of the playfield parts,
    Thanks to Rawd for the physics overhaul.
    Thanks to Arngrim and Thalamus for injecting DOF and SSF into this table.



  7. Cactus Canyon Continued (Bally 1998)

    Cactus Canyon Continued (Bally 1998)
    Since the original release of the table, Fast Flips support was added. Fast Flips can be enabled using the script at Thalamus's Github script repository. Link:
    https://github.com/sverrewl/vpxtable_scripts/blob/master/Cactus Canyon (Bally 1998) TTNZ v2.0.vbs
    For VPX 10.4 or 10.5, updating the script requires deleting out the old script and pasting in the updated script. For CCC, the P-ROC flag should be changed to a value of 1.
    For VPX 10.6, users can just copy the vbs file to the same folder as the table. The vbs file name should be identical to the table file name. Rename if necessary. When opening the table in VPX 10.6, the contents of the vbs file should automatically be loaded. For CCC, the P-ROC flag should be changed to a value of 1.
    For users that have already installed Python 2.7 version of P-ROC, there is no need to install it again. Nothing has changed with the P-ROC installer since V3.2 which was the version available at MBPC before they closed. They may just want to run Install CCC.bat (requires wget.exe from the installer "files" folder).
    For users that have updated the game code recently (since Aug 30, 2018), they do not need to run Install CCC.bat. It will not do any harm if they do want to run it. There are not any new code or assets at this time. But I will maintain Install CCC.bat if there are any updates.
    For new installs, the order is 
    1. STEP 1 - Install Prerequisites.bat
    2. STEP 2 - Install PROC.bat
    3. Install CCC.bat
    Sorry, I can't provide much support beyond this. The installer worked for me out-of-the-box on both my laptop and my cabinet.
    If users happen to have any chepas tables, the only other thing to do to complete the installation is to open a command prompt and type:
    pip install requests



  8. I Dream of Jeannie Pinball VPX

    I Dream of Jeannie Pinball VPX by CryptDoctor21 and Xenonph
    Based on the Hanna-Barbera cartoon series of 1973
    This custom pinball table is a modification of Genie by Gottlieb
    originally released by 32assassin, HauntFreaks and Fuzzel
    Many thanks to them for their outstanding VPX release of Genie!
    Also big thanks to Darquayle for his great backglass which we used
    and modified for this project!!

    This table is a joint release by Xenonph and myself!  We have had
    a really good time modifying this table with the I Dream of Jeannie
    theme!!  We hope you all enjoy it!
    I did the artwork for the table, plastics and backglass and customized
    B2S backglass file.  Backglass is included with the table.
    Xenonph did literally everything else including a spectacular sound 
    modification and tons of technical additions and adjustments!  Some 
    of his improvements include:
    Fast Flippers added
    updated script with new controller method
    JPSalas GI Effect added to script for twinkling table lights!
    various script changes including music options
    magna save music off option
    POV settings for full screen and desktop
    plunger adjustments
    kick out hole adjustments
    lighting adjustments
    graphic fixes
    rubber height adjustments
    purple LED displays
    various physics adjustments
    sooo much more!!!
    Xenonph's AMAZING sound mod includes:
    dozens and dozens of actual sounds from the TV cartoon.
    3 different versions of the theme music which play randomly between games.
    many comical and wacky sounds that are hilarious
    Jeannie's voice
    many of the targets and switches have several sound options
    which make each game a unique experience!
    This project is very much an equal partnership between Xenonph
    and myself!!  I got the ball rolling with a fun weekend project...
    and Xenonph has dedicated many hours of his time...and used many
    of his skills to bring this table to the next level!!
    We are both very pleased with the final result and we hope all
    will have a great time playing and experiencing...
    I Dream of Jeannie Pinball



  9. Wizard (Bally 1975)




  10. Fireball (Bally 1972)




  11. champions-league




  12. Space Shuttle ( Williams 1984)

    Space Shuttle VPX v1.1 - pinball58.rar



  13. Fish Tales VPX v1.1 - pinball58

    Fish Tales VPX v1.1 - pinball58



  14. Junkyard Cats (Bailey 2012)

    Junkyard Cats created by Brendan Bailey 2012 (another masterpiece) in Future Pinball is now available on VPX.
    About Brendan 
    Brendan Bailey buys, fixes, sells, appreciates, and designs pinball machines. 
    His love of the art, music, and design of arcade games knows no bounds. He was exposed to Williams pinball machines of the late 80's and early 90's at age 3 and has forever been a big a fan of creativity featured throughout those games.
    The desire to create original pinball machines is what fueled Brendan's exploration into creativity. From (slowly) learning Photoshop to composing electronic music, Brendan owes all of the inspiration for his abilities to the work of the designers, artists, programmers, and musicians of late 80's Williams pinball. Brendan went on to study graphic and new media design at Hofstra University, a career path he never would have discovered had it not been for pinball.
    Junkyard Cats is 100% original - Brendan created everything you see, hear, and experience during the game - even the voices! He cannot thank Christopher Leathely enough for creating the Future Pinball platform with such incredible passion and attention to detail.
    Brendan lives on Long Island and works as the creative director for Generations Beyond, a digital design agency in Ronkonkoma, NY... and yes, they have pinball machines in the office!

    Original Junkyard Cats Webside: 
    PD: I can not test the table properly, my PC work has a graphics card onboard and I reboot the system, I apologize
    for possible bugs.



  15. Who Dunnit (Bally 1995)




  16. Wheel of Fortune (Stern 2007)

    Wheel of Fortune (Stern 2007) 1.0



  17. Twilight Zone (Bally 1993)

    Twilight Zone_VPX_2.1



  18. Theatre of Magic ( Bally1995)

    Theatre of Magic 2 versions
    Theatre of magic VPX NZ-TT-HATMAGIC-1.0
    Theatre of magic VPX NZ-TT 1.1



  19. Submitted

  20. No Fear Dangerous Sports (Williams 1995)

    No Fear Dangerous Sports (Williams 1995)_1.1



  21. Monster Bash (Williams 1998)

    Monster Bash X - NZ&TT 1.3



  22. Medieval Madness(Williams 1997)

    Medieval Madness 5 versions
    Medieval Madness X VPX- NZ&TT 1.1_flippers



  23. Johnny Mnemonic(Williams 1995)




  24. Indiana Jones The Pinball Adventure (Williams 1993)

    Indiana Jones - NZ&TT 1.2



  25. Family Guy (Stern 2007)

    Family Guy (Stern 2007)1.1.1



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