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  1. Unfortunately, I do not have permission to publish it. If you want, I will send you this table and you can combine your version with this one and make it even better
  2. A very fun job. Some time ago I made my version of this table. Unfortunately, I was unable to contact the author of the table. It's nice that you managed to spend this table
  3. Thank you for the beautiful update. Unfortunately, the display does not work?
  4. how did you change the script to get the floating Flex-DMD on the desktop?
  5. If you are using PuP-Packs on Top files then remove these files from puppack. Set this table as Force exclusive Fullscreen Mode
  6. I wanted to try the desktop version and I was able to do something like that
  7. Hello . I have a question . Where can I download the latest vpx 10.7.1 beta Rev 222
  8. It also works with the old one. However, with the new, there are also films on the apron. I don't know if they also start in the old one?
  9. I downloaded the pup and it is different than the old one
  10. May I ask where did you get the color rom for this table from?
  11. This is the version I did with my friend. So the data as to the authors are a bit incorrect here
  12. You have no heart. I'm leaving for holidays. Wonderful table and work. When I come back, I will play all night Thanks for your time and hard work
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