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Harlem Globetrotters On Tour (Bally 1979) Mikcab_mod

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41.21 MB File Size
hglbtrtb ROM Name
JPSalas Created by
JPSalas Artwork by
JPSalas - Mikcab Scripting by
Bally Manufacturer
1979 Year

2 Screenshots

Thanks to JPSalas (vpforum) for creating this table and allowing me to publish this Mod.


What I added 

* Fleep mechanical Sounds

* nFozzy physics

* Slingshot correction

* Flippers Bats Primitive

* Flippers shadow and Dynamic ball shadow

* Targets and Drop Targets physics , add correct switch multipliers drop targets sw1, sw2, sw3, sw4 (ipdb , Bally_1979_Harlem_Globetrotters_On_Tour_Manual.pdf)

* Some minor lighting changes


Good game 😁

Contact Author First.

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· Edited by TheEternalGremmie

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This looks and plays great! I'll be spending lots of time with this one for sure!


Note: regarding the earlier comment of having the song playback, I personally took the uncommenting a step further. First, I added a new Boolean value PlaySong to the block of General Sound Options:


'----- General Sound Options -----
Const VolumeDial = 0.8				'Overall Mechanical sound effect volume. Recommended values should be no greater than 1.
Const BallRollVolume = 0.5 			'Level of ball rolling volume. Value between 0 and 1
Const PlaySong = true				'Control music playback [true -> ON, false -> OFF]


...then I check the value of that Boolean in an if/then block:


' If you want to listen to the Globetrotters song, set the PlaySong variable above (under General Sound Options) to true
if PlaySong = true then
	PlaySound"Song", -1, 0.3     '0.3 is the volume, just change it to your preferences
end if


This way, I can separate the configuration from the code to a small extent.

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Table looks and plays great.  Really enjoy the background theme music.  Outstanding work!

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Wonderful recreation with stunning visuals and very good gameplay! I love the extra touch being able to have a song playing (see top of the script).
Thank you so much!


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Best Harlem Globetrotter version I have seen. Best playable too.

I played the real table in my youth hundreds of times. I hope you will do Bally Viking too sometime.


Response from the author:

You can find Viking (by Bord) here :


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Very awesome mod.


It looks good, it feels fantastic and it plays great!

Definitely the best version out there. Thank you so much for this mod!


Maybe Scared Stiff will be your next project 😉

(It REALLY needs a nice update like Harlem Globetrotters)

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Mikcab did an excellent job with this table. I just wanted to quickly check it out and ended up playing for two hours! It plays beautifully with nfozzy/rothbauerw physics. 

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Fantastic!! I love the table and the mod is excellent. Thanks for creating and sharing it.

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Amazing work on a table I love! The previous version on my cab was just a bit too easy, but this one went straight onto the Favorites list.


Lighting is 10/10

Target physics 10/10

Spinner dampening 10/10

I did make a few personal adjustments (Table friction = 1.2, Upper gate elasticity +0.1).


One thing I noticed is in regards to the shooter lane; in my extreme excitement to play, I yanked the plunger immediately upon the ball entering, resulting in it clipping into a wall (requiring a restart). This is mitigated by using the easy fix of "taking a damn chill pill."

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Lighting is the best I've seen for this table... well done  Thank you for this nice upgrade. 



BTW...I noticed the music didn't play, as it does on my other versions... am I missing something or can this be corrected in the next upgrade.

Response from the author:

Hi, If you want the music to play, uncomment line 42 of the script.

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Thank you SO much for this mod.  The HGT table is one of my very first pinball memories as a young kid in the 70s in NYC.  Much appreciated.  It's beautiful!  And plays great.  Blessings. 

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