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High Speed MOD 3.0

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High Speed MOD 3.0


"Ok Buddy, Pull Over!" As usual, I didnt plan it. High Speed is my all time favourite table so I was constantly trying to improve something,
starting with physics and ending with graphics. This time it started with trying to add nFozzy physics and ended with a very big change.
Of course, a lot of great people from the VP community help me with big and small things.


Changes and additions:


- nFozzy's physics
- Fleep's sounds (some sounds was replaced)
- flupper's 3D inserts
- flupper's flashers (ON flasher modified)
- wire ramp texture
- metal walls texture
- traffic lights 
- some playfield resize
- plastic added
- fake plastic borders
- sharpened colors of plastics
- black ramp protector (I did what I could without rendering)

- black ramp enter area
- playfield shadows modified
- backwall, sidewalls, metalwalls reflections
- dynamic shadows
- Virtual Room
- big GI rebuild
- many elements added, position corrected
- materials, envirnoment, ball changed
- ball shooter trought gate is invisible now
- and a lot of little things I don't remember

First, I would like to thank again 32assassin and everyone who made the original table!

Special thanks to (without you, it wouldn't have happened):


- Sixtoe (big help with new flupper's domes, and many other things).
- Bord (PF shadows, tips and tricks and a lot of help before that mod).
- Rawd (VR cabinet, dynamic shadows, many other things).
- Tomate (new wireramp and metal walls textures, many other things).
- scampa123 (3D inserts code, tips and tricks).
- apophis (updated the physic and fleep sounds, added wire triggers inserts to Lampz and many other things).
- armyaviation (plastic scans, not used yet but they will be).
- Thalamus (erratic solenoids problem, suggestions).
- Unclie_Paulie (suggestions, fix some Desktop problems, other things).
- Rothbarew (a lot of help and suggestions on all that mod process).
- Wylte, leojreimroc, Benji, PinStratsDanm, RIK, iaakki (suggestions, tricks, tips).


I do not remember many things and I am not sure who helped me in what. I hope I did not miss anyone (if that happened I should be ashamed).  Thank you again for your help and support!


Have a nice day. :)


First, I would like to thank 32assassin and everyone who made the original table! Thanks 32assassin for allow me to upload moded table!
As usual, I didnt plan it. High Speed is my all time favourite table so just after 32assassin uploaded his original HS I started to change it a bit. I started to change physics and sounds to match this table to myself. In the meantime, I've learned a few tricks in VP so I was playing more with materials, lights... and some great people from our community helped me with coding and 3D stuff.
Big thank you to and credits to:
- 32assasin, Flupper1, Krugger99, nFozzy for the original table.
- DjRobX (flupper's flashers to the script, missing white flashers, many tips and tricks)
- Bord (playfield shadows, new traffic lights, new black ramp, many tips and tricks)
- jpsalas (flashers reflections)
- Fleep for his great mechanical sounds
- everybody who helped me with VP
- new physics
- apron and bumpers (Sliderpoint's primitives and modified textures)
- traffic lights, black ramp, playfield shadows (Bord)
- flipper bats (Flupper1)
- flashers (Flupper1's modified)
- flashers reflections on the walls
- GI lighting
- inserts lighting
- materials
- envirnoment
- fastflips
- ball
- ball shadow (ninuzzu)
- some metal walls now are metal wires (like on real table)
- many resized, replaced and modified elements (walls, rubbers, plastics...)
- small items have been added and changed/moved (screws, rubbers, textures...)
- a lot of changes in the table sounds
- some little changes I dont remember
Have a nice day :)


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