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VPX - Pinball Tables

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  1. Logans Run - VPX

    Logans Run VPX - v1.1
    Based on Goldchicco's 'ARENA' VPX table (rethemed with permission)
    Arena VPX script and table by Goldchicco
    from the VP9 Arena table by Mfuegemann
    Special Thanks and credits to:
    jpsalas' LUT and VP10 Rolling Sounds scripts
    New to Rev 1.1 table and script file:
    -Phenom for greatly improving and realigning the Logan's Run table lights
    -scutters for the addition of his terrific Logan's Run FlexDMD display script option (refer to .txt file on how to enable     this new feature)
    -jejepinball for the approval to include his Logan's Run backglass option
    -kidloco for the approval to include his three Logan's Run wheel image options
    -ButtFuzz for the approval to include his short Carrousel mp4 file
    Table requires Arena ROM
    Thanks to everyone who helped contributed to make this table look and play even better!
    All Logos, Copyrights and Trademarks are property of their respective owners.
    Permission to Mod: Yes with approval


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  2. Rocky TKO Tribute

    Rocky Tko Tribute
    My first release... ( But please thank all the VPNation guys )
    Thank you to JP SALAS for allowing Phenom to mod his  Ali table and always being so supportive of these projects and always helping out without hesitation. Thanks to BuffaloPinBro for the music mix implementation, VR Room, and helping with the b2s and testing. PinballPicaso for the awesome Vr Art. Thanks to Goldchicco for the table mods and his continued support. Special thanks to Dazz for hosting.
    Big thanks to all the VPNation gang for helping with this project. If ive missed anyone im sorry, you guys rock!
    Special notes:
    Vr Ready
    Right magnasave changes song.
    Folder named rocky must be placed in vpx music folder. You can add more if you wish.
    Media pack included.
    Please add your own music to the Rocky folder. You can add any mp3 that you own. Please support the artist.
    Hopefully in the future a KO Pup Pack from Hawkeyez88 and maybe just maybe a LE release


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  3. Gottlieb's "300" Team Scampa123 Mod

    Strike!  A perfect score!
    Presenting Gottlieb’s “300” Team-Scampa123 Mod 1.0
    This is a major update to Loserman76’s (and team!) recreation of Gottlieb’s 300 Bowling Themed Table
    This table is a hybrid containing the cabinet, desktop, and VR all in one.
    This mod was a true team effort, and the number of enhancements wouldn’t have been possible without the help of some great folks!!  I’ve learned so much in working with them and reviewing their contributions to this release!
    Huge thanks to:
    - @Loserman76 for permission to enhance the table!
    - @HauntFreaks for all the graphical work on the playfield and the traditional b2s, guidance and collaboration
    - @Rawd for the VR backglass animation work and for the VR coaching, guidance, and tweaking!
    - @Leojreimroc for the amazing VR reels and VR backglass lighting work
    - @Pritch33 for his wonderful animated wheel work
    - @Apophis for the coaching on nFozzy and Fleep… and extra eyes on my work
    - @VR Community for all the resources
    VR Video Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=In1j-V3s4YU/
    The team hopes you enjoy it!!
    Table Instructions:
    * Changing LUT: To rotate and select between the 16 LUT files press the Left MagnaSave
    * Changing VR Carpets: To select one of 5 different VR carpets press the Right MagnaSave
    * Game settings: Hold the Left Flipper for 3+ seconds to launch the game changes menu (left flipper to change and right to select)
    What's New in Version 1.0
    * Physics and Sounds:
        * Added nFozzy physics (scampa123)
        * Added nFozzy flippers (scampa123)
        * Added Fleep sounds (scampa123)
    * Playfield, Desktop and Traditional Backglass:
        * Complete redraw of playfield (thanks @Hauntfreaks)
        * Complete redraw of plastics (thanks @Hauntfreaks)
        * New Backdrop image for DT users (thanks @Hauntfreaks)
        * Enhanced Lighting and shadows (thanks @Hauntfreaks)
        * Cleaned up Backglass a bit (thanks @Hauntfreaks)
    * Game Enhancements:
    * Added missing triggers on the left side for additional scoring to match the real table (scampa123)
    * Added JP's LUT code  
    * VR Room and Enhancements
        * Added Minimal VR Room (scampa123, thanks @Rawd)
        * VR Animated backglass created from scratch (thanks @Rawd and @Leojreimroc)
    * New Gottlieb VR Coin Door model (scampa123 and George H.)
    * New Gottlieb 300 VR backbox model (scampa123)
    * Customize your VR Room's Carpet!!  5 carpets to choose from!
    * Included Animated Wheels:
        * Animated Wheels for Front ends (thanks @Pritch33)
    * …And so much more!!
    This is for personal use only. DO NOT include this in any pre-packaged ZIP of tables for commercial/non-commercial products.


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  4. RickMorty Mod

    This is a reskin with cool music for Rick & Morty


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  5. Cueball Wizard (Gottlieb 1992) v 0.7

    Re-upload from VPinball (November 2020)
    Original Description:
    Here is my heavy Mod of Cueball Wizard.
    For me it is still a WIP, so I'll keep up working on it, but at the moment I'm a bit tired of it and thought, it's in a good shape to release as v0.7. I have a thousand more ideas. maybe later.
    See changelog for details, what I did.
    Change LUT (=lighting) with left and right Magna Save keys. Results are saved.
    Change look of upper acrylic playfield in script options (glass like, worn out, grunge)
    I started with Bigus' version.
    Table history:
    JPSalas (VP9 version) -> Rascal (conversion to VPX) -> Bigus (BigusMod) -> My version
    So all credits go to these guys.
    Big thanks go to:
    - @Schreibi34 for his awsome insert images
    - and most for creating all 8-Ball unit primitives for this table
    it was a great pleasure to work with you, mate!

    - @kds70 for some great help with scripting
    Thanks a lot my friend!

    - @jipeji16 for letting me steal his code for LUT changing and saving. All LUTs used are from me, but you better look at the code, where he stole from (with permission.. at least he calimed so )

    - @Thalamus for checking and updating the script for SSF
    hope you enjoy!


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  6. Ramones (HauntFreaks 2021)

    Ramones (HauntFreaks 2021)
    based on Fireball (Bally 1972) EM
    VPX 10.7 Required!!

    Table Features:
    Zipper-Flippers Disc Spinner  Kicker Holes Left outlane kicker Skill-Shot Multi-Ball Music
    Pinball58 - VPX EM original recreation (fireball) Arngrim - DOF HauntFreaks - Modified Layout, Custom Playfield and Plastics Graphics, Lighting, Object and GI Shadows Borgdog - Spinner Logic, Full Rubbers Animation (not just slings), Coding Fluffhead35 - Added nfozzy Physics, Fleep sound, Music Changer and Code (left magnasave or left control key) Apophis - Fixed Zipper Flipper and Ball Shadows

    Please do not redistribute, repost, repurpose or use the content for public or commercial purposes, images, or software code is prohibited without prior permission from author... in other words "dont be a POS"

    Reason for disclaimer:
    do to the total disrespect of the VP builders (tables, b2s, frontend , backend, etc.) and its community, certon talentless, low self esteem, trying to compensate individuals have taken it upon themselves to redistribute our work as if it is there god given right to do so.... the statements expressed are my personal opinions and not of VPU or its other members


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  7. Rocky (Gottlieb 1982)

    Re-upload from VPB, 
    Table done by Randr and Myself.  I dont have the original writeup so other may have helped too.  Thanks to all versions before that may have helped with the build but if i remember it was a full build.  Mods with approval.  Thanks to Wildman for his Authentic b2s and also the movie version of the B2s


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  8. Tiki Bob's Atomic Beach Party (Original 2021)

    Step into the world of Tiki Bob..
    A mid century retro atomic adventure filled with beautiful women, partying aliens, exotic animals , and fiery volcanos.
    Just wanted to personally thank everyone that was nice enough to lend their time on this project.
     A special thank you to apophis for your big brain and stunning good looks;)
    Created by iDigStuff
    2021, version 1.0.0
    Co-piloted by Apophis
    B2S | media | scripting help| fleep sounds | nFozzy physics | ???
    Special Thank You to VPin Workshop & Watacaractr & Scotty Wic & Peter G
    Much appreciation to JP Salas & VPNation
    DMD Artwork Joey B
    Primitive assistance Andrei Maraklov
    Testing by Rik Laubach, Apophis
    Background info

    MUSIC LINK LOCATED IN READ ME & TOP OF SCRIPT (Table will not work without it)
    Unzip and put folder "tiki" into :\\visualpinball\music
    Music Control
    Right Magna = Next Track
    Left Magna = Stop Music
    The start button can also be used to skip tracks if the player does not have magnasave buttons.
    Backglass & Front end media included in download
    All Artwork, Logos, Copyrights and Trademarks are property of their respective owners.


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  9. Cheech & Chong: Road-Trip'pin (Bally 2021)

    Note: Please use the altsound file included with the table. If not, you will not
    be able to experience this table as it is truly intended.
    WARNING: This table contains mature content. Parental discretion is advised.
    Far out, man! Dave IS here! ...finally!
    That's right, Cheech & Chong are here! It's been a long time coming, but this insanely funny duo have
    now made their nostalgic venture in to VPX! Kick back and enjoy the ride as you take a road-trip with
    these two famous stoners, doing what they do best, and explore their world from those crazy 70's and
    80's. You'll encounter characters, music and sounds based from their iconic comedy albums, as well as
    their hilarious cult classic movies. Traveling from "Pedro's House" to the "Battle of the Bands", and
    back, Cheech & Chong: Road-Trip'pin, will provide you with a "high" amount of fun and laughs that
    only these two can deliver.
    Dedicated to one of the best, if not, the best, laugh-out-loud comedy teams in history. Thank you
    Richard "Cheech" Marin and Thomas Chong for the side-splitting laughter that you gave us back then
    and even today. These two comedic geniuses have deserved their own real pinball machine for decades
    and I am proud to at least pay tribute to them with a VPX version.
    This table is also dedicated to the old-school pinball lovers, the diehard Cheech & Chong fans, and all
    of those crazy uncles out there who introduced Cheech & Chong to the younger generation.
    "To do a comedy team, it requires so much extracurricular stuff, so much compromise, so
    much intuitiveness to know what the other guy is doing. That's why it's so hard to do it."
                                                                                                                                        - Richard "Cheech" Marin
    "The thing about Cheech & Chong is, we've brought more families together than Dr. Phil"
                                                                                                                                                            - Thomas Chong
    Featuring the voice over talents of Ed Kelly as Cheech and Chong (Pedro and the Man).
    Additional voices: Brian M. and Sheri B.
    I'd like to say thank you to a few people:
    JP Salas - Thank you for all of your animation scripting help. (Happy retirement my friend).
    Benji, apophis and idigstuff - Thank you for your altsound advice and .csv help.
    The Visual Pinball and VPinMame Development Teams - Thank you, because without you, none of
    this would be possible.
    To all of the pinheads out there, I hope you have as much fun playing it as I did creating it.
    "Let's roll a pinball, man!"
    Your friend in pinball,
    Included in this file:
    - Cheech & Chong: Road-Trip'pin VPX table
    - "che_cho" altsound file
    Install instructions:
    UPDATE 7-19-21:
    Update to VPinMAME 3.4 beta: You can find it on Github:
    You must have this updated VPinMame 3.4 version in order for this table to work correctly.
    This table was built in VPX 10.6 and runs great in it. You can run it in VPX 10.7, but you'll need
    the latest beta version due to sound issues in earlier versions.
    Install table. Install Directb2s 2 or 3 screen(for cab users) & official ROM, if you have them already.
    (Note: None of these are included in this download but are available on this site).
    Install altsound file:
      1. Create an "altsound"(no quote marks) folder in your VPinMame main folder, if you don't already have one.
      2. Then just drop the included "che_cho" altsound file in to your freshly made "altsound" folder.
      3. Start the table (you'll hear nothing). Hit F1. Where it says, "Alt. Sound Mode (0-3):" on the right, enter "1". Hit "OK".
      4. Exit the table and restart.
      5. After the table loads, you should hear the Cheech & Chong intro and then you're good to go.
    Note: If you don't add the altsound file you will be unable to experience this table as it is truly intended.
    For more detailed rules/scoring and other info, please refer to "table info" in VPX editor.


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