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Jurassic Park (Data East) 1.0.0

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Happy to present the first release of another monster-project, first time I worked on a Data East table.
Project summary (Thanks to Slippifishi for the summary tool!):
Dump files: 48
Palettes used: 135
Triggers: 3269
masks used: 25
working hours: 550+
Big thanks as always for the incredible WOB aka Beau Dwyer for all the effort for testing and video/dump providing. Also thanks to Jochen Nicklas and Sven Breuer for Real pin testing.
Known bugs:
- Stampede mode not possible to colorize completely, it has far over 1000 frames, 100% dynamic. (I colorized 669 of them to get a basic cover, so the text and score will lose color the more hits you do at once. For the real pin version I had to reduce them to 600 because the pin2dmd storage could not handle it.)
- Minor flicker and maybe missing frames, especcially at transitions and maybe at some rare scenes.
- Possible flicker at 3+4 multiplayer match win
Working with rom version 5.x and 6.00 (recommented)
If you would like to say thank you by sending some chocolate, feel invited to use the following link:
For real pin requests, please pm.
Please do not share any of my files or upload them somewhere else, lead the people to me instead.

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