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Jurassic Park (Data East)

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Happy to present the first release of another monster-project, first time I worked on a Data East table.
Project summary (Thanks to Slippifishi for the summary tool!):
Dump files: 48
Palettes used: 135
Triggers: 3269
masks used: 25
working hours: 550+
Big thanks as always for the incredible WOB aka Beau Dwyer for all the effort for testing and video/dump providing. Also thanks to Jochen Nicklas and Sven Breuer for Real pin testing.
Known bugs:
- Stampede mode not possible to colorize completely, it has far over 1000 frames, 100% dynamic. (I colorized 669 of them to get a basic cover, so the text and score will lose color the more hits you do at once. For the real pin version I had to reduce them to 600 because the pin2dmd storage could not handle it.)
- Minor flicker and maybe missing frames, especcially at transitions and maybe at some rare scenes.
- Possible flicker at 3+4 multiplayer match win
Working with rom version 5.x and 6.00 (recommented)
If you would like to say thank you by sending some chocolate, feel invited to use the following link:
For real pin requests, please pm.
Please do not share any of my files or upload them somewhere else, lead the people to me instead.

What's New in Version 1.0.0


Same version converted to pac extension for the new dmddevice.dll


Get it here:

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Thank you so much for the effort you put into this - another great enhancement :)

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SPECTACULAR work here sir!

This is another amazing colorization by the Master....absolutely love the color pallet chosen for this project. It looks so bright and vibrant on a pindmd3.....just could no be more impressed with this.

Cannot thank you enough for sharing this with us. You're without a doubt in a league of your own with these colorizations.

Colorization requires an incredible amount of time and dedication to finish.....I am in awe. 

This table IMHO has been one of the best looking and playing tables...the Pup pack really cranks it up but adding this color ROM files simply sends it over the moon. Thanks to all involved.

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Watching the T-Rex break out its enclosure was like watching the original movie in IMAX 😉 The amount of work this man has done is staggering!

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A great DMD brings new life to the game.  Thanks for all you do!

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Thanks for this great job and for sharing it. I love your CDMD's.

Party on dude!!!!

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Thank you so much for all your hard work.  This colourization is amazing.  ?

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Dude, thanks so much for such awesome DMD work!  Your time and work on this is much appreciated.  Great Job!

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Wow! Thanks for your 550+ hours and sharing this masterpiece!

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This is some fantastic work you have done, Thank you for Sharing
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another amazing addition!!! everyone should be trying these out!!! true artist and the patience of a saint here.

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