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PuP-Pack Original (PuP-Original) Game Creations

7 files

  1. Batman 66 Stern Tribute 

    BATMAN 66 Stern Tribute
    Daphishbowl, Mr H, MPT3k & Harlan 
    Special Thanks: 
    Harlan - Pup help, graphics, sounds  MPT3K - Gameplay, videos, real table comparison, sound and testing   Dimi - Video & resources  Flipstream - Awesome Gameplay videos  EbIsLit - Playfield scan  Nailbuster - Massive Pup help (and VPX code tips!)  Rik - Massive Testing  TerryRed - DOF and lots of support   wAxx - Awesome Physics and detail tweaks  Joey - Backglass graphics  DJRobX - Turntable help  Sixtoe - VR Room   G5K - Turntable help  Pinballfan2018 - Table support  VPW - nFozzy fixes and details (Benji, Apophis, Iaakki, Astronasty, Bord, Sixtoe)  Alpha/Beta Testers - Too many to list   
    INTRO:   Huge thanks to everyone for the massive help!  After a year in the making we hope yall enjoy it and feel it was worth the wait.  Nobody can match the amazing code Lyman Sheats did for the original table but this was hand coded and shows how much work it must of taken to make the real table.  We tried to replicate every detail on the gameplay with exact scoring, bonuses, modes, pinup interactions, gadgets, service menus and so forth. 
        In the 27K lines of code I am sure there are a few things we still missed so feel free to let us know.  Our goal is to pay tribute to this amazing table but also show that there are no limits when it comes to originals.  We hope this will bring something the community will enjoy and inspire others to join in on the fun. 
    NOTE: YOU WILL NEED THE NEW 1.4.6 PINUP (also included in the Baller Installer):   
    PUP Pack:
    Run the appropriate batch file and "Read the on screen instructions to know how to setup the script in VPX"
    Version 1.1.0   -  https://mega.nz/file/XMIgnRwC#LmRlA5GjAzxrWdjxl4O87PxqjUldOF4kA-fLoU0odFQ
    Version 1.0.0 -  https://mega.nz/file/eJh0lARL#BCzPwXZLqc9ylRgwwlLtEFd6FAmdGymNMrrPf_kIiEo
    The Rules: 
    There is a lot to this table so don’t forget to read the rules so you can enjoy all this has to offer 
    This table is collectively owned by all of those that contributed to it in order to give back to the community.  No one author retains the right to pull this table from the community.  If you would like to mod this table you shall obtain permission from one of the authors, leave the list of original authors at the top of the source and finally add your name to the list.  If for some reason we all leave this community and we are unreachable then this table will then become open to anyone in the community. 


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  2. Galaxy Quest - PUP edition

    This is a Galaxy Quest re-theme of Pinball58's Space Shuttle (Williams) table.
    The download contains the updated VPX table, table rom, table music, and PUPVideos folder. Place the .vpx file in your tables folder, the rom leave zipped and place in your Vpinmame rom folder, music goes in your Visual Pinball Music folder, and sshtl_l7 goes in your PUPVideos folder. The default is for 3 screen users. Inside the sshtl_l7 folder is a folder named 2 Screen files. For 2 screen users (Playfield/Backglass) copy and paste the 3 files into the main folder overwriting the 3 .pup files. This will disable the topper and add the speaker grille so you can adjust the DMD into its proper place for scoring. If you wish to run this Pup Pack and the original Space Shuttle table you will need to use the VPMalias option. More details here: https://youtu.be/6NhWvUN9_so
    2-screen version by PEandS1Ws
    Sound effects: https://www.zapsplat.com
    Sarris image: DopePope on Art Station https://www.artstati...m/artwork/n0dJK
    3D Rocks wireframe: Icekazim on https://3dexport.com...ocks-288240.htm
    3D Protector wireframe: John Hoagland https://sketchfab.co...oWwcc9spH3U7FiU
    Playfield image: Courtesy NASA


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  3. Chris Cornell Tribute Pinball with Video PupPack

    A tribute table to Chris Cornell.  Hope you enjoy!
    Download includes vpx table, ultradmd files, puppack and wheel image.
    Note: Choose your screen(s) layout with any of the 1-5 options inside the chriscornellpup folder. Ultradmd options are at the bottom of the script to suit you taste and dmd size.

     Special shout out to Goldchicco and Hawkeyez88 for all your help! You guys are legends!
    Please rate and give a like if you download anything from vpuniverse. All creators and authors appreciate it as I'm sure you appreciate their work.
    Thank you and Rock on!


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  4. Iron Maiden Virtual Time PUP Edition [IMVT PUPED]

    VPX file version of Iron Maiden Virtual Time needed to run the Pup Pack
    PUP Edition v1.2.0
    ⚠️  ONLY RUN WITH the PupPack from pedroperes02  ⚠️
     🔗 Link to downlaod the Pup Pack :


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  5. Slipknot

    Grab your Beer !!!!
    Volume 100%
    and get Ready for Slipknot !!!!!
    This is a Complete Reskin and a Pup Pack, with amazing videos of this amazing band!!!
    The Pup Pack comes with videos but you can add as much videos as you want to the folders:
    Folders with the music name will play while on the table matching the name that is on DMD
    Folder MusicvideoRandom can play videos in random before you launch the ball pressing RightFlipper
    and also plays after the music table finish.
    Pup Pack offers options for 3 and 2 screens drop the folder Slipknot inside your pupvideos folder
    and the music files in your music folder inside visual pinball
    PupPack Link : https://mega.nz/folder/T3Ij3Iwb#THO9AwrrIcuCdER53tLI4A
    This was possible Thanks to this Great People and for everything they do for this community:
    TEAMTUGA (Pedro Pires & Pedro Peres)


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  6. Guardians of The Galaxy

    Guardians of the Galaxy
    By: Daphishbowl and Mr H
     Special thanks to: 
    Arngrim - DOF help  Nailbuster - Amazing work on the PUP framework and helping me get all those nice little features working so it feels like the real thing, Rik - Amazing testing Orbital Group - Awesome help with my first table and alpha testing (John M, G5K, Pinballfan2018, Scott, Bambi, Brian, James,  .. the names go on) VAAS - PupFrame Ashtone6 - Awesome highres photos of the real table Al - Help cleaning up Pup Graphics MPT3k  - Gameplay from real table wAxx - Major physics updates and tweaking  ****************************************************************
    Intro:  This is my first table and I really want to thank everyone for all the help.  The table script was hand coded to match the 
        original table.  I tried to replicate every detail on the gameplay with exact scoring, bonuses, modes, pinup interactions and so forth
        I am sure there are things I missed in the 11K lines of code but I am hoping the hundreds of hours we put into the making of this
        will bring something the community will enjoy and show there are no limits to what can be done.
    NOTE: YOU WILL NEED 1.4.5 PINUP:   https://www.nailbuster.com/wikipinup/doku.php?id=release_notes
    IF YOU HAVE REAL DMD: In the script set line 45, DMD MODE to 1
    PUP Pack:
    Version History:
        - Fixed cherry bomb so you can do it again after finishing.  
        - Fixed hole where ball could bounce through to shooter lane 
        - Bug fix where DOF was getting left on. 
        - Added desktop backdrop that MrFireshots created 
        - Added pup script for desktop mode 
        - Incorporated wAxx changes for the following 
        -     Physics changes to give it a more realistic feel.  
        -     Updated slingshots  
        -     Added changes needed for Desktop mode 
        -     Moved Stern button on the actual lockbar 
        -     Updated missing details on playfield (magnet position, rocket strength, flipper position, missing 3d prims and rubbers, metal holding Orb, GI and many more..) 
        -    Fixed billboard/standup above scoop so it doesn’t look blurry (Also fixed blur on Groot) 
        -    Added small wall to prevent ball from getting stuck in left Outlane 
        -    Quills Quest didn’t give progress the first time you hit the scoop 
        -    DOF Enhancements - Thanks James D. 
        -    Music leveling - I didnt get it all in but thanks to Rajo for the help 
        -    Trimmed game over song to 30 seconds like original game 
        -    VR Support – Thanks Toby!!! 
        -        Locked all objects in editor so that they were not inadvertently moved. 
        -        Changed 12 primitives on layer 9 called "Post Plastic+Fluro(OnlyScrewCap)" to "PostFluroOSC(num)" as the original name was too long and was crashing the editor (thanks to DJRobX for compiling a version of VPX which let you edit out-of-range filenames). 
        -        Changed layers assets were on to free up layer 11 for VR stuff and to organise them for better visibility, dropped editor detail for some primitives. 
        -        Changed cabinet blade primitive and added new higher res blade image, added script switch to change back to old sideblades. 
        -        Added Stern Spike 2 cabinet and VR Room primitives to Layer 11, including importing images and materials. 
        -        Added "VRStuff" collection and put all of the VR objects in it. 
        -        Added VR Room switch to turn on or off the vr room primitives (Line 36) and the code to control (Lines 97-136) 
        -        Added lockdown bar "fire" button, switchable between Apron (cabinet/desktop) and lockdown bar (VR mode) (lines 97-136) 
        -        Added timer plunger code (Lines 1226-1229) so sync VR shooter rod with table plunger. 
        -        Added -15 height wall called "trigger" and assigned all playfield triggers to use it as a surface to drop them to the correct height. 
        -        Repositioned all flasher primitives to correctly sit on the plastics. 
        -        Replaced "Flasherlight" lights with secondary "FlasherFlash" flashers so they can be angled with the table slope, you shouldn't even notice. (5157 - 5375) 
        -        Made MetalPost(Point)4 (Layer 9) visible as it wasn't (hidden underneath right ramp), was a "floating" rubber. 
        -        Added deeper wood for all playfield holes. 
        -        Updated apron primitive including UVmap so that it looked OK in reverse angle. 
        -        Made apron wall visible, changed material and tidied up apron underneath. 
        -        Fixed plunger audio and positional sound. 
        -        Repositioned billboard and all assets on billboard aligned. 
        -        Changed depth bias settings for ramps, blades and flashers. 
        -        Changed Groot mouth wall (Wall017) to stop losing balls under plastics. 
        -        Change height of wall001 and wall005 ramp triggers to match ramp height, removed collidable status. 
        -        Repositioned ramp rubber bungs (Primitive2) 
        -        Added missing flathead screws to ramp entrances 
        -        Added missing mounting poles to left and right slings, added pole to right inlane guide, removed old redundant screwheads. 
        -        Adjusted spinner to stop it clipping through the plastics. 
        -        Added sleeves to hexpoles on playfield level, removed doubled up sleeves. 
        -        Cut GI so it doesn't stick out sides of cabinet 


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  7. Coldplay Pinball with PupPack Videos

    Hey all! I had this table on vpinball but now its gone so here it is again but updated with music videos pup pack! Enjoy!
    Special shoutout to Goldchicco (vpx) and Hawkeyez88 (pup) for all your help! You guys are legends


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