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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Alternate backglass for PupDMD for 4:3 scale monitors. Contains B&W and color versions.
  2. So, I've always been a big fan of what you all are doing out there. Last year, I had some unused components and scrap materials, so I decided to make a build for the mancave. Basically, it's a fancy box for an old mother board and monitors. I designed some side art and my buddy who runs a sign shop was nice enough to print my decals for free. So, the whole project ended up costing $30 for buttons. I wanted to play both arcade and pinball, so I split the difference with the playfield angle. The main display just rests freely on slats inside and the backglass monitor simply sits on top. You've gotta work with what you've got sometimes. I hope that any of you thinking about a build, will go for it. If I can do it, so can you. Thanks for all the artwork, inspiration and solutions this community provides. GAMES INCLUDE: VPX, FP, FX3, MAME, Clone Hero, Corn Hole (BAGS) via Dolphin/Wii, SK Jukebox and Fly The Copter (flash) https://youtu.be/V0rGhWva4IE
  3. You can set a folder of photos as a screensaver in Windows. Also, if you have an old Chromecast and monitor, you can turn it into a digital frame with Chomecast's "ambient mode". I have one for movie posters and one for album covers. Backglass is another good idea.
  4. You can improve the low-res graphics by running them through an app called ReminiReminiRemini. Thanks for your time and efforts. Looks great!
  5. Is there a version of this table without the pup pack? Would like to put it on a lower-end machine with just a standard backglass and DMD.
  6. Open the table in VPX and use the sound manager from the "Table" tab. Delete the existing files of the same names and import the ones from the download. Save and play. Be sure to edit the script while you're in VPX (* There's one new sound file. Replace sound "fx_droptarget" in line 4713 with "poppermain") and save it. *The pup-pack sounds are still going to exist and play on top/over the table sounds (annoying) . IMHO, the table is better with the new sounds and a standard B2S backglass. The pup-packs are sometimes cheesy and a system drain.
  7. My thoughts exactly, but you can replace or remove the songs from the pup-pack and I have made replacement sounds for the table file. Download here. * There's one new sound file. Replace sound "fx_droptarget" in line 4713 with "poppermain"
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