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  • Star Trek The Next Generation (Williams 1993) By Wildman

    Star Trek The Next Generation (Williams 1993) Hi Rez version Thanks to ClarkKent for the hi rez scan
  • Rack Em Up (Gottlieb 1983) By kalavera3

    • 363
    Thanks to : Inkochnito for your Dipswitchs TAB, LuvThatApex and Destruk, for your version VP8 dboyrecords for your conversion and rotation in VP9 Also thanks to all those who got involved in one way or another (wildman in backglass, STAT in media pack, and if I forget someone I apologize) Thanks To Bord for his beautiful primitive flippers, implement them in this table. The table was recreated from scratch, the playfield try to make it as similar as possible to the original, there ar
  • Masters of the Universe: MASTERED Edition (DOFLinx Cabinet Edition) By TerryRed

    • 568
    You Have the POWER!!!  with my MASTERED Edition update to "Rom's" excellent "Masters of the Universe" Future Pinball table. I've also created an "all-new" DOFLinx cabinet mod as well. This table mod is inspired by SLAMT1LT's tables as well as the newer pinball machines (from JJP, Stern, Heighway Pinball) that now use monitors instead of DMDs.   A video demonstration that shows off all the features of the MASTERED Edition as well as the DOFLinx mod can be seen here:  
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