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  • SAMbuild   By CarnyPriest

    • 3377
    Unofficial Stern SAM enabled compile based on Visual PinMAME
      Same as official VPinMAME except 1. also supports Stern S.A.M. system including LE AUX board plus user customized full color DMD patches/mods for S.A.M. game code 2. also supports clones/hacks that have unique configurations in DOFConfigtool - blkou_hf, rambo, ratfink, missworld, penthouse Instructions for use: Install official Visual PinMAME Overwrite VPinMAME.dll with the SAMbuild version. Run Setup.exe again and press the 'Install' button. Copy the SAM.vbs file where you have your others vbs script files in your Visual Pinball/Scripts folder. In order for any user customized game code mods to load and run whether the mod adds full color DMD or a soundtrack remix, the game setting for the replacement game code set must have 'Ignore ROM CRC errors' enabled.  PinMAME executable included for rom testing and auditing. Bass.dll from the official VPinMAME package must be in the same folder as PinMAME.exe. Compiled with VC2015 Special thanks to @Ginsonic and @TerryRed for testing and troubleshooting this cycle!     PLAYERS NOTE (for 2.8 or greater): To align with official VPinMAME set naming from driver.c, the following were renamed: Iron Man & Iron Man Vault Edition im2 -> im
    X-Men xmen -> xmn
    The Avengers avg -> avs
      This will also require renaming the rom in VP table scripts   For stable release based on official 2.7 go here and then click "See Changelog" button and select June 30 v2.34.    
  • VPU Color ROM Patcher   By Dazz

    • 205
    Use this program to quickly patch color ROMs. Download ROM and extract file (.bin)
    Download Color Patch (.diff)

    Select Original ROM (.bin)
    Select Color Patch for ROM (.diff)
    Enter name of ROM and ensure that you include .bin extension.
    Click Apply Patch Patched ROM will be placed in \mods\ folder where you have unzipped this app to.
    Right Click on the new ROM and select Send to > Compressed Folder.  Make sure that filename is valid name from game list in PinMAME Setup. Please Note:
    ** I haven't done much testing of this.  I patched a couple ROM's, but did not test them on my machine.  I'm assuming they should work correctly.  If you run into any issues; please let me know.

    Next version will have Auto zipping of completed ROM.
  • X-Files Hanibal 4k LED Edition   By Hanibal2001

    • 782
    Based on X-Files Table from JPSalas and Sliderpoint, a nice work. I have changed the physics, they are now very nice. I have redraw particaly the playfield and update all the lights. Add some nice light effects, and ball relfection. Looks like  an LED modified table  
  • Lord Of The Rings (Stern - 2003)Neo LED Mod 1.0   By neofr45

    • 596
    Hello everyone

    A big thank you JPsalas for its version of LOTR and allow me to share my MOD.
    Thanks to bassgeige for his participation on the original table
    Original 3D models from GLBX.JP's adapted to VPX and adjusted their textures.
    The path of the dead figures are simple images since I did not have any 3D models of them. special thanks to Leevuth wheels picture creator

    changelog - New texture for all ramps and rails, sword ramp, My precious ;), wall
    - New playfield
    - Change all Gi light for colour led effect
    - Add Mod Sword toys Bilbo
    - Change dead figs for led model
    - Change soron eye
    - noise reduction all plastics You need the latest VPX 10.3 beta (or newer) to play this table. Thank you all for your support and to have taken the time to read me