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  • Batman (Data East 1991) By Javier15

    • 735
    Author: Javier
    Lighting,Physics,layout,coding. 3D/Art: Dark
    Ramps,batmobile,batcave etc Ben Logan:
    Additional sound effects and beta testing.
    Graphics clean ups. PF redraw: Internet (https://www.facebook.com/groups/pinballsargentinos) Resources thanks to: 85vett, Jawdax, cyberprez and flupper1, Daniel Ivan
    Special Thanks:
    I want to thank Eric (Dark) for the predisposition he has had over these years for me in helping in most of my tables, as I already mentioned somewhere ... he is 50% of my work, Now for good reasons and makes me very happy is going to look VP from a side of the road, so I want to thank you friend for accompanying me in these good years. I wish you the best of luck in your new projects. 
  • Xenon (Bally 1980) directB2S 2048px By Blacksad

    Specifications : Full rebuild from scratch New dark translite image cleaned Resolution 2048 x 1896 @70dpi Authentic lighting (as possible) Infinity lights with reflexion on the convex mirrors Thanks to Hauntfreaks for the convex mirror image ID based on the previous Dozer316 version with little modifications, thanks for this incredible job. Contains about 70 snippits No DMD image
  • Batman (Data East 1991) By Wildman

    Batman (Data East 1991)  Hi Rez