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  • Fathom (Bally 1981) LED Mod By vogliadicane

    • 953
    This is basically a mod of my Fathom vintage Mod, anyways all credits go to unclewilly and 32assassin, who made the ancestors of this one. Inspiration came first by pics from the web of some Fathom LED Pimped table with all those repro plasics, playfields and backglasses, which have a total different touch than the original. Plus I had some more ideas and I thought it's a nice experiment. Table: - most changes you see anyways - changed the color scheme completely (blue, white an
  • CSI (Stern 2008) By Javier15

    • 1,945
    Based in CSI Stern 2008 CREDITS: FRANSISCO666 AND ROM: Models 3d and resources redraw GTXJOE: Animation the Skull MAKUSTE: For excelent PhysMod WILDMAN: B2S Backglass ARNGRIM: DOF Bodydump: DroppTargets Flippers Koadic: New Plunger code Zany: Flasher Domes Dark : Primitive screws bolts 32Assassin:  VPX 10.4 comvertion    I apologize if I forget to mention someone
  • Wild Fyre (Stern 1978) By Wildman

    Wild Fyre (Stern 1978)    Hi Rez
  • Zira (Playmatic 1980) By Wildman

    Zira (Playmatic 1980)  Hi Rez
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