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Files, tutorials, documentation for Pin2DMD

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2 files

  1. AC/DC Premium/LE 1.70 ROM with PIN2DMD colorization by PinballMikeD

    For real pins. Use this file to update your game using the usual USB stick method.
    Colourisation from PinballMikeD included, using in-band data (no need for serial connection from MPU to PIN2DMD).
    Generated using Pinball Browser, with the macro for 1.68 which is freely available in the repository. The macro only required minor tweaks to be compatible with 1.70.


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  2. VPU Color ROM Patcher

    Use this program to quickly patch color ROMs.
    Download ROM and extract file (.bin)
    Download Color Patch (.diff)

    Select Original ROM (.bin)
    Select Color Patch for ROM (.diff)
    Enter name of ROM and ensure that you include .bin extension.
    Click Apply Patch
    Patched ROM will be placed in \mods\ folder where you have unzipped this app to.
    Right Click on the new ROM and select Send to > Compressed Folder.  Make sure that filename is valid name from game list in PinMAME Setup.
    Please Note:
    ** I haven't done much testing of this.  I patched a couple ROM's, but did not test them on my machine.  I'm assuming they should work correctly.  If you run into any issues; please let me know.

    Next version will have Auto zipping of completed ROM.


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