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Johnny Mnemonic (Williams 1995)

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4.9 From 25 reviews
305.04 MB File Size
jm_12r ROM Name
VPW Created by
VPW Artwork by
VPW Scripting by
Williams Manufacturer
1995 Year

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"The Ultimate Hard (Pinball Machine) Drive"


The latest in Sixtoe's "lets build the hardest machines in pinball", VPW are proud to present Johnny Mnemonic by Williams!


v1.1 - Brighter default environment lighting. Improved ramp textures, decals, and refractions. Some mesh optimizations. 
Fixed: playfield reflections, EB buy-in button, and Access Code 2 insert light


This was started way back in April 2021 because, like Iron Man, there wasn't an accurate version available, with the only available version being an old vp9 conversion. Sixtoe prefers to work on tables which don't have a "modern" version, so the process began to build from the ground up using all new assets.

It was finished to a certain point quite a while ago but we decided to wait for VPX and Niwaks toolkit project to catch up before going for another big render job, so it's sat there for about a year waiting, but now everything has caught up so here it is!
Like Iron Man, this is known as being an incredibly fast, brutal and unforgiving machine, don't expect many long games!


VPW Hackers


Sixtoe - Table-side full scratch build and scripting, VR Room - Dolphin Wrangler.
Tomate - Graphics modeling and rendering - 3D Street Preacher.
Apophis - Toolkit script-side integration, miscellanious script magic, ramp refraction probes - Neuromancer.
Iaakki - Glove, Matrix and Diverter - Handy Man.
Flux - Various Tweaks and assistance - LoTek Support.

Niwak - Blender Toolkit.

EBisLit - Playfield images.
Clark Kent - Plastic scans.
Baldgeek - Buying JM Glove.
Dazz - 3D Scanning JM Glove.
Leojreimroc - VR Backglass.
Scampa123 & RobbyKingPin - Tweaks.
Testing - PinStratsDan, Lumi, Tastywasps, Luk, BountyBob, bietekwiet, Clark Kent, CalleV, jsm174 - VPW Yakuza

Toxie - VPX and pushing out the newest 10.8 as a beta so we could release.


This uses a heavily modified version of DJRobX's glove and matrix code from Alessio/DJRobX/Ninnuzzu's version.



 (it's recommended to get a newer build from github actions though)

Contact Author First.
10.8 required

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


'v1.0.1 - Sixtoe - Deleted playfield mesh, set parts primitive to static, tweaked diverter to stop ball cradle, fixed refraction probe on ramp layer 3, 
'v1.0.2 - Sixtoe - Added material to all the lightmaps, for some reason none of them had it?!? Hooked up rail prims to room lighting,
'v1.0.3 - tomate - Added a new 4k batch with brighter room and some performance improvements (hopefully), added new baked ramps textures, fixed l13 insert, room brightness range expanded (thanks apophis!), added refraction probes to ramps
'v1.0.4 - apophis - Made all "Part" bakemaps static. Made all decals have active material. Fixed some ramp DB issues. Added rampMaterial to RoomBrightnessMtlArray. Separated Layer1_BM_room so that no refactions are on the slopes. Added spinner sw48 back into the table, included sound effect. Set all GI light z to 20. Removed warmup primitives. GloveRailPrim_001 lightmap names. Set GloveMagWall.timerinterval=10 in script. Fixed VRRoom choice range. 
'v1.0.5 - tomate - Added fixed batch, added refraction probes to ramps
'v1.0.6 - apophis - Made all "Part" bakemaps static. Made all decals have active material. Removed warmup primitives. Fixed GloveRailPrim_001 lightmap names. Fixed ball reject issue at glove VUK. Fixed EB buy-in button issue.
'v1.0.7 - Sixtoe - Split ramp prim to fix refractions, dropped ramp entrance decal prims -0.001
'v1.0.8 - tomate - added fixed batch, added refraction probes to ramps
'v1.0.9 - apophis - Made all "Part" bakemaps static. Made all decals have active material. Removed warmup primitives. Fixed GloveRailPrim_001 lightmap names. Fixed sw78 orientation.
'v1.0.10 - Sixtoe - Split ramp prim to fix refractions, tweaked ramp material
'v1.1 Release

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   4 of 4 members found this review helpful 4 / 4 members

Jonny Mnemonic is great fun and as fast and crazy as it can get. The glove mechanism is great and the VPW team has done an amazing job to implement it perfectly. This table is also the first release that make use of the amazing new graphical features in VPX 10.8 and the table looks better than ever. There is also a new low-latency mode called Frame Pacing implemented in 10.8 and my timing has never been as precise as this. It feels so good. Well done team for advancing the hobby in such a wonderful way.

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   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

What a great surprise, out of a sudden! The table looks, sounds and plays fantastic! Also a great table choice. Thanks a lot to all involved for sharing the hard work. It is appreciated.

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Ok Ok Ok, I downloaded Vpx 10.8 Beta. And what do my eyes see? A perfect JM... a wish come true. Thanks again to all VPW members! It's really amazing how Perfect you work together and once again everything is right SSF, lighting, graphics and gameplay! 

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Surprise surprise: looks amazing and plays like a dream! Even on my janky i5/1650 setup, solid 100fps performance. Only slight fps drops when the glove moves but, eh... ball isn't in motion when that happens, anyway. A great unsung table from the 90s finally gets its rightful due. Thanks and CHEERS! 🍻

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

This baby was worth the wait, the ramps look fantastic as does the ball rolling under them, WOW. The lighting and every bit of the playfield looks so realistic......especially in VR, thanks!!!

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Another high quality table by VPW: Amazing as ever and with VR because, in this case, it's mandatory! 🤩



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   0 of 9 members found this review helpful 0 / 9 members

Cool Table but it says Error, Out of Memory before the Table Launches

Response from the author:

This is not a support thread, but you're probably not using 64bit or your PC is not powerful enough to run it.

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As per usual, an outstanding work of art that plays immaculately.
Smooth performance when not running on a notebook that my Nanna picked up from the middle row of Aldi's in 2015

Big up the VPW, massive! 😘


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That in game menu rocks guys. Both things i wanted to alter, reducing the brightness of the playfield and the mech sounds being reduced worked easily. I really need to update to 64, still using 32 here but reducing the max textures to 3k allowed the table to load, albeit almost triple the time other tables do because of the size. No complaints here. Table looks jaw dropping. The amount of work that went into this must have been staggering. It shows. Thank you for everything you do and share with us. It's appreciated.

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Je viens de passer en 10.8 j'ai hâte de tester votre pépite !! :) 


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Perfect as usual VPW team! Thanks for taking this hobby to amazing new heights!  

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Ok OK 

The version 1.1 now works fine for 3DTV with Reshade


Great job


Thank you

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One of the best looking tables out there.... Simply jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

Only Flupper's tables have previously given me this kind of immersive lighting; Stunning!


This REAAAAALLY makes me anxious for your long-awaited Twilight Zone version... 🤞


Thank you for all you incredible work ! Amazing...🤘

Link to review


Incredible mod - some of the best lighting Ive seen in VPX so far! Im amazed that with the new updates, even my kinda junky i5 system with 1070 card plays this game very smoothly (except with lots of flashers going off in mb, get a little stutter)  overall I have to chalk this up to the brilliance of this team of creators. Well done lads, well done! -salute-

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Wow what another amazing VPW table.  The new lighting effects are evident and the table looks gorgeous.  Feels like it’s pushing my 3060ti even with the flashers on simple, so may be time to raid the piggy bank again!!  Thanks to all involved.

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The future is now!!!

Amazing realease with outstanding lighting, but best of all the physic and the gampleplay is just on another level.

I dont know if it is something involved by vpx 10.8 but it is really supersmooth with no input lag at all and i can hit every shot like with the real thing. First time i can truly master a super fast gameplay on a vpin. Ive just destroyed my previous highscore on first game.

Thanks VPW

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My mind is officially blown! What an amazing build. Everything screams quality. It plays great, looks great, and the lighting is just beautiful. All the objects/primitives like the ramps and glove combined with the new lighting techniques certainly can trick the brain.

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· Edited by Vikingmop


Amazing table,  got it running on my mini pin cabinet I built 13 years ago,  just revived it with an old computer my brother upgraded from  running it on a GTX 960  using vpx 10.8 64bit latest beta, I had an issue with the rom sticking at the initialization but I had to get the 3.6 rom then it launched right up it runs surprisingly well. looks amazing,   you guys are next level.  

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First time playing this one.    How could I not play it after VPW put their magic on it?    As expected, the table plays and looks phenomenal.   I'll certainly be giving this one some love going forward. 


Thank you!

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And out of the left corner VPW comes out with another knockout.  The way these tables look and play is unbelievable.  Thanks 10x to the VPW team and all involved.👌

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Thanks again VPW team for another amazing table. It's Jesus time.

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