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5 files

  1. Virtual Pinball Backup Manager Installer

    Virtual Pinball Backup Manager (VPBM) is a backup manager aimed at generating and managing individual game backups for Virtual Pinball systems using the Pinup System. These backups can be browsed and compared to the live system, and restored/updated as needed.
    VPBM processes a variety of game content including:
    Game scripts/files Backglass files, POV files, ROM and NVRAM files as well as alt colour/sound files (VPX) Game libraries required by game scripts (Future Pinball) Game specific Pinup Player Pup Packs Game specific Pinup Popper front end media files Copies of all stored game database settings Copies of any game specific registry settings (VPX)
      This is the first publicly released version of VPBM so feedback is welcome.

    The contents of a games backup can easily be viewed within the application using the tree view, while an integrated Quick View bar provides users a quick visual indication of the presence of critical files - as shown in the screenshot provided. Additionally, a Pinup View displays Pinup media, in a manner consistent with how media is displayed within Pinup Menu Setup.
    VPBM is not designed to replace Pinup System, in fact it depends on it to function - rather it tries to add features that make managing game files and settings easier. I found myself storing all files used by a game in a backup folder and then having to manually copy these files when I felt the need to update my system, VPBM automates this process.
    VPBM has been designed to quickly highlight to users when a games backup has fallen out of synch with the currently installed version of the game, allowing users to use the functions provides to address the inconsistencies.
    VPBM backup files are encrypted and locked to the machine that they were created on, however a mechanism is provided to export games to a known external system. For infromation on this feature, refer to the Export Path and Export Host Identifier settings within the Application Settings help pages. This process does not allow games to be exported and shared universally.


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  2. ClrVpin - content and database management tool

    ClrVpin is an open source virtual pinball content management tool.  It's designed to automate the manual tasks of keeping your collections and databases..
    Current Accurate Clean Minimal  
    Feeder - check online feeds for potential updates to your collection. Browse the VPS (open source) feed using customizable filters - e.g. last update time, table type, manufacturer, content type, etc. Open the web browser to review, rate, and download content. Frontend agnostic. Merger - merge downloaded updated content into your collection. Apply criteria to automatically ignore certain files - e.g. older files, too small, adult content, etc. Applies fuzzy logic algorithms to match the file names to the entries in your collection - e.g. author, version, acronyms, incorrect manufacturer/year, etc. Use 'trainer wheels' mode that allows you to review the changes that would be made before any changes are actually made. Automatically backup your files before making any changes. Cleaner - clean the existing content in your collection (e.g. after merge). Fix files that satisfy customizable criteria - e.g. incorrectly named files, obsolete files, etc. Detailed reports on what was changed Plus all the features offered by Merger.. fuzzy matching, trainer wheels, automated backups, etc. Explorer - explore content in your collection. Identify missing and out of date content - e.g. missing wheel, out of date table video, etc. Apply customizable filters to locate the table(s) of interest. View and edit all table information stored in your database. Open the content to see how it looks/sounds/etc - e.g. open images, play videos, listen to table audio, etc.  
    Supported Applications
    Visual Pinball X (open source) engine - Tables, Backglasses, and POV. PinballY (open source) and PinballX frontends - Videos, Audio, Wheels, Instructions, Flyers, etc.  
    By design, it will update your collection's files and database(s).  All changes are backed up before any changes are made, but if in doubt please make your own additional backup too.  Also, it can be run in 'trainer wheels' mode which describes what would be made without actually making any changes. Once installed, there is an automatic update option to ensure it keeps in sync with the latest version.  
    A lot more information (with detailed instructions) is available on the github wiki.
    I hope you find it useful as I do.. enjoy 😀


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  3. PinballX Database Manager

    @scutters and @MikeDASpike are proud to present  "Database manager for PBX"
    We built this program to make it easier for ourselves to update/add tables in PBX.
    If the tests succeed we want to bring this program to the PBX community
    Beforehand, please make a copy of your database directory (and maybe your media folder too)!
    We are not responsible that anything goes wrong. 
    - Auto find PinballX and all relative paths
    - Shows system name and XML name
    - Filtering disabled and/or system XML
    - Filtering on obsolete tables (for VPX,VP9 and FPT) (and easily deleting tables including deleting media)
    - Added custom fields for extra information (1)
    - Unicode supported entries in tables and form to easily pick a character
    - Search/filter on tables
    - Easy to use drag and drop for updating media
    - Media preview on right mouse click
    - Easily adding -system- media per system
    - Deleting media with one click
    - Media Audit button to checking per XML missing content and unused media
    - Populate data from Visual Pinball tables (Author,Version and Rom)
    - IPDB list updated to Feb 2020
    - Media import from GameEx online
    - Media import from Mega
    - Direct table launch with PinballX. 
       Including all startup, launch, before, launch after and exit scripts
      Thanks to Tom Speirs for this feature (PinballX version 4.14 or higher needed)
    - Option to stop Team Viewer when recording videos
    - Support of GIF (PinballX version 4.15 or higher needed)
    - Loading media support if de-randomiser plugin is used (2)
    - Advanced Search
    - Bulk GameEx import
    - Bulk IPDB update
    - RealDMD Support for preview media
    - ZenPinball FX3 auto populate tables when using Steam (all tables)
    - ALT shortcut keys in all forms
    - Statistics.ini file will be updated when table is changed/removed
    - Media image can be converted automatically to static video (mp4)
    - Auto delete old playfield videos when creating bulk videos (Visual Pinball only)
    - Original tables added to IPDB search (source sheet by Dux Retro)
    - Program is resizable 
    - POV import (Visual Pinball only)
    - Multilanguage
    - APNG support
    - Multiselect of tables. Hold CTRL for single entries, SHIFT for selection and press CTRL-A for selecting all
    - VBS Import/Export (Visual Pinball only)

    Needed in same folder (without the files the program won’t start, or errors):
    PinballX Database Manager.exe
    PinballX Database Manager.exe.config
    Interop.WMPLib.dll (3)
    AxInterop.WMPLib.dll (3)
    MegaApiClient.dll (4)
    MegaApiClient.xml (4)
    Newtonsoft.Json.dll (5)
    Newtonsoft.Json.xml (5)
    PinballX Database Sheet - PinballX.csv (6)
    Needed in PinballX folder:
    (1) If you use custom fields and you use Gamemanager, the XML will be overwrite by Gamemanger and you will lose the custom entries !
    (3) These DLL's are from Windows media player and used for preview media content. WMP needs to be installed on the system too.
    (4) Mega API Client for downloading on Mega (https://github.com/gpailler/MegaApiClient)
    (5) JSON framework for .NET (https://www.newtonsoft.com/json)
    (2)  See : https://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/23127-plugin-pinballx-loading-video-image-changer-de-randomiser-v2/
    (6) Visual Pinball Spreadsheet export for PinballX by Dux Retro, see https://tinyurl.com/vps-pinballx

    All files Are in the setup. 
    As we are no programmers, the setup or program could a virus warning.
    These are false positives. 
    The setup is created with Inno Setup (https://jrsoftware.org/)

    Newer versions can be downloaded via https://forums.gameex.com/forums/files/file/2499-pinballx-database-manager/
    Running the program on an internet connected PC, will show you when new version is available


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  4. VP Media Manager

    With VP Media Manager you can easily search your cabinet's folders and see which files are missing.


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  5. HyperPin Editor - 32 & 64bit

    Created by Tonycrew in 2009. This HyperPin editor is still one of the best and easiest to use (XML) database editors. Use this application to easily manage your HyperPin database files.


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