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Judge Dredd (Bally 1993) VPW

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jd_l1 ROM Name
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Bally Manufacturer
1993 Year

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I AM THE LAW! - V-Pin Workshop proudly presents Judge Dredd from Bally.


This table has been a long time coming! It was started in December 2020 when Sixtoe decided to bring one of his favorite tables up to date (after having converting Dozer's version earlier in the year to VR and discovering it was still an old, albeit well made, vp9 table at heart).
It was decided that due to the complexity of the table, rather than modify an existing table we'd start from scratch using all new assets and rendering the table out, so here were are 11 months later (there were coffee breaks) and we're really happy with the way it turned out and hope you enjoy it!


 V-Pin Workshop Judge Dredd Team

  • Sixtoe - Project Lead, VPX Monkey, lives on gin, jack of all trades, master of none.
  • Tomate - Primitives, Baron of Blender, helping Sixtoe to not suck (as much) at 3D stuff.
  • iaakki - Scripting, Physics, Insert lighting, Complicated Stuff.
  • Benji - Physics, Deadworld & Banana insert primitives.
  • Daphishbowl & iaakki - Deadworld & Crane code (here be dragons).
  • Flupper - Flipper & Insert primitives, ramp tutorial, general rendering assistance.
  • Cyberpez - Opto's and VUK prims, aftermarket crane models, general assistance.
  • RothebauerW - Physics tutorial, drop and standup target bug fixing, general assistance.
  • Fluffhead, Apophis and Wylte - RTX Ball Shadows, general assistance.
  • gtxjoe - Ball trough tweaking assistance.
  • 3rdaxis - VR cabinet improvements, Working coin door and manual.
  • Embee & Kingdids - Original crane primitive and texture redraw.
  • EBisLit - Playfield photos.
  • DJRobX - Still answering Sixtoes coding questions...
  • Rik & VPW Team - Testing
  • Everyone in VPW for their support and encouragement!



  • Only use JD-L1 Rom!
  • Lots of options in the script, including VR and Cabinet modes.
  • Table designed on and for VPX 10.6.2 (Rev 8678), tested OK on VPX 10.7.0 Final (Rev 310)
    Do not use 10.7 328 as it's broken and breaks this and other tables


How To Play

  • Start Button  -  Start normal Game
  • Plunger  -  Launch Ball (note: real machine does not have a plunger, right firebutton launches balls)
  • Right Magnasave  -  Start "Super Game" (instant multiball - needs 2 credits)
  • Left Magnasave  -  Change LUT until game starts, then launches ball from left plunger lane in Air Raid / Missile mode.
  • How to activate DeadWorld  -  Hit J-U-D-G-E drop targets in order (ball in judge subway lights a letter)
  • How to start DW multiball  -  Get 3 balls into deadworld using left pursuit ramp after lighting J-U-D-G-E.
  • How to get Ultimate Challenge  -  Defeat all 4 dark judges or light all chain missions.
Contact Author First.
v10.6 optional

What's New in Version 1.1



Rebuilt entire subway entrance and fixed wall partially blocking subway (after it was added at last minute to fix a ball trap).

Fixed missing flipper rubber sounds.

Adjusted crane ramp exit hole area.

Changed cabinet POV with 1:1 one from Hauntfreaks.

Fixed DMD surround in VR.

Initial Release

User Feedback

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   5 of 5 members found this review helpful 5 / 5 members

Amazing work once again! Very cool!

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   4 of 4 members found this review helpful 4 / 4 members

Cream of the crop. Graphics and table detail are out of this world and it plays as good as it looks. Little details like ball bounce in drop target/subway area and ramp siren decal shake from ball collisions add to the immersion. Thanks Team VPW for another masterpiece!

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Smashed it yet again - many thanks.

Shrek and Transformers next please! x

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Amazing work from the team !
The differents lutz are all beautiful, and the table plays well.

Thank you !!!!!!

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Having built my VPin from an original Judge Dredd cabinet, I am really happy that this table plays great which is very important to me and looks amazing. Although, not my favourite game, as I hardly played it back in the day, perhaps I should spend more time with it now?!


thank you







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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

majestic release!


plays like butter and you have total control of the ball,the physics are unreal and the graphics real clean!, its a heavy table so you need a good gpu for having all the effects on.


Thank you to all the vpw team for making the hobbie reach new levels of fidelity on vpinball!

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

The first thing I noticed were the flippers, I thought they were real, then the ramps holy crap, the entire table looks awesome.......and plays great! Then the VR WOW, Sixtoe mentioned back in March 2nd that "the VR version was a bit iffy but that's going to get fixed". Fixed it is, I can't thank everyone enough, it's like having yet another real pinball table in my house. I did notice that there are no flipper hit sounds that are usually added to your tables but even if that never gets implemented it's still a 10 out of 10. Thanks to all again!!  I see an update for the flipper hit...thanks :)

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Noothing but the best from the best! This is such a delightful suprise. Thank you soo much for this . I abselutly love it! a must have!

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   0 of 1 member found this review helpful 0 / 1 member

Just one 1 word : WOW !

Congrats guys ! terrific table. Plays smooth and a lot of sciping options.


Could I request an extra option in the script ?
To change the "Free play " cards to a "1 coins 1 play" card ? (or something like that)
I always adjust the rom for 1 credit a game

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Amazing work on this table! thanks for all the updates! I havent had a chance to play this table so its nice to experience it in such quality 5 stars *****

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How do you get the audio working? I turned up the volume on the ROM all the way.

EDIT: Fixed, the ROM listed here isn't the right one. It's jd_l7, not jd_l1. 

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Thanks a lot VPW team this is really cool and great quality,nice work guys ☺️

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10 out of 10 chain links, just go ahead and download it, it's a super fun action packed amazingly well executed table from our favorites VPW, thanks a lot :)

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Amazing table as always…really love all your releases!

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Thank you VPW team!

I never got into this table before you guys tuned it and now I just love it!

It just plays fantastic! And that is what it is all about.


I really admire all the work you do. So many talents together!


Much appreciated!

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Thank you for all the time you have invested in this project.Now we can have fun at this beautiful table forever.

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Another fantastic table from the boys at VPinWorkshop.🥰
Great physics, toys and artwork. The LUT files are also beautiful.

Right in the first game, I've got a new HighScore.


Funny to me, that you guys use the same sphere, that I use in my new conversion for Punk! 😊

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V-Pin Workshop, you hit this one out of the park, out of the parking lot at the stadium, and into the river! I could not have hoped that it would be this good, and yet here we are! Thank you so much for all that you guys do!

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