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DMD Extensions

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1 file

  1. DMD Extensions

    This download links to the DMD Extensions GitHub repository.

    DMD Extensions (some people keep calling it "freezy", but guys I'm just the author) is a frame grabber and DMD driver at the same time. It can also do frame coloring and has a nicely rendered virtual output for normal monitors.
    You probably want to use it if you:
    have a hardware DMD in your virtual cab, and want to use it for other games than VPX have a PinDMD3 or a PC monitor and want to colorize VPM games don't like VPM's DMD visuals and prefer something more configurable for your monitor  
    DMD Extensions is free and open source, and you can read more about on its GitHub page.
    Feedback / Bug Reporting
    For feedback, please use our forum. If you find a bug, please report it as a GitHub issue. Here's how to do that.


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