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  • Lethal Weapon 3 (Data East 1992) VPWmod By VPinWorkshop

    OK, OK, OK!  Lethal Weapon 3 table Tune-Up by VPin Workshop.  It all started by again by just thinking about adding nFozzy’s physics and some missing textures in the original table, then we started replacing some primitives and reworking the existing ones, then the apron, cabinet, metal ramp, bats and a few other things were replaced. Totally new 3d inserts. Then different lamps were added to have a better lighting of all the new baked textures and finally adding a built in VR room...  
  • Devil's Dare (Gottlieb 1992) By Wildman

    New Build Hi Rez Devil's Dare...   Enjoy !!!
  • Monday Night Football (Data East 1989) by Goldchicco & agentEighty6 By Goldchicco

    This is a complete new build based on Allknowing2012 ver 1.1   Big thank you to you to: agentEighty6 for joining me in this project   Table created in VPX 10.6   What's New: * New environmental image * New lights, new lighting * New physics * Added nFozzy flippers * Added Flupper flashers * Added Insert flashers * Reworked all the images, cleaned and upscaled * Added Flippers Shadows and Ball Shadows * Added missing mechanical sounds and repla
  • SilverBall Mania (Bally 1978) By hauntfreaks

    SilverBall Mania (Bally 1978)  originally modded from a 32assassin beta table in 2016  August 2021 rebuild  HauntFreaks - rebuilt layout, PF modded to fit layout, new and cleaned images, lighting, object and GI shadows,   Fluffhead35 - Added nFozzy Flippers, targetbouncer logic, flipper Rubberizer logic, and fleep sounds  EBisLIT - playfield image thanks to  Fluffhead35 for his passion to make this table play as amazing as it does....  Disclaimer: Please do not redistribute, re
  • Checkpoint (Data East 1991) b2s By hauntfreaks

    Checkpoint (Data East 1991) b2s   I never found a nice b2s for this... so I did what i could...    2K image authentic bulb placement    Disclaimer: Please do not redistribute, repost, repurpose or use the content for public or commercial purposes, images, or software code is prohibited without prior permission from author Reason for disclaimer: do to the total disrespect of the VP builders (tables, b2s, frontend , backend, etc.) and its community, c
  • Red and Ted's Road Show (Williams 1994) By Wildman

    Red and Ted's Road Show (Williams 1994)  HI REZ
  • Ice Cold Beer VR (Taito 1983) (VR Standalone Game) By Rawd

    Ice Cold Beer VR version 1.1.2 - New Fantasy Mode!  Find it in the service panel.  Gameplay fixes to classic mode - Bar now nudges like the real machine after prompt time expires (Thanks Shockman). Some new lighting and other small fixes.   Ice Cold Beer VR version 1.0.9 - Update (Quest Standalone version now included!)    PC version 1.0.9 - Added Height adjustment limits.  Moved the High Score board over the machine rather than on the Golden Tee cab.  Fixed a target 10 issue where it
  • Johnny Mnemonic(Williams 1995) By Wildman

    Johnny Mnemonic(Williams 1995)
  • Tom & Jerry (Williams 2018) (DOF) By watacaractr

    Tom & Jerry... A game of cat and mouse! Remember coming home after school, or sitting in front of the TV on Saturday morning with your favorite bowl of cereal, and watching this classic? It's been almost 80 years since this hilarious cat and mouse duo debuted, and they've finally made their way to VPX! Now, you can "play" the cartoon and re-live all of those fond memories right at your fingertips! Tom & Jerry have literally invaded your pinball table and that's just the b
  • Rescue 911(Gottilieb 1994) By Wildman

    Rescue 911(Gottilieb 1994)
  • Apollo 13(Sega 1995) By Wildman

    Apollo 13(Sega 1995) 2 and 3 screen
  • Elvira and the Party Monsters (Bally 1989) By Wildman

    Elvira and the Party Monsters (Bally 1989) authentic and FANTASY
  • Devil's Dare (Gottlieb 1992) By Goldchicco

    This is a rebuilt of 32assassin table ver 1.1 - rebuilt from Mfuegemanns VP9 version   Big thank you to Mfuegemann and Francisco666 for his artwork resources and to 32assassin for the conversion in VPX.   What's New:   Made some changes and improvements: New lights, new lighting New physics Added Flippers Shadows and Ball Shadows Added missing code for manual Kickback Corrected Rubbers Hit Height Added JP's LUT code.   Since t
  • Bram Stokers Dracula By Thalamus

    This is a re-upload from VPinball - no changes has been done from 1.1, which was the last version.   First and foremost. This is just a mod of ICPJuggla' re-creation of BSD.  I absolutely love that game, but, since it was created, VP has evolved and that is why I release this mod. I orignally started modifying this table privately a long time ago. My main goal was to change its physics to play closer to a machine in Oslo, it was a bit worn, and I wanted to try to get that feeling.
  • Batman (Data East 1991) By Wildman

    Batman (Data East 1991)  Hi Rez  
  • Theatre of Magic (Bally 1995) 2 & 3 screens directb2s b2s db2s By Blacksad

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    RE-UPLOAD from Vpinball.com [ 02/01/2021 ]   • Full rebuild from scratch • 2 Versions : 2560 x 2048 px OR 1280 x 1024 px • For 2 and 3 screens • Placement of the bulbs like the authentic • Respecting the authentic ROM ID addressing. • 2 images by flasher ! (more realistic flashing effect) • Photoshop lighting • New Grill redraw   Special thank to all the VP tables authors and VPX developpers). Cheers Blacksad   Disclaimer :
  • Hook (Data East 1992) VPW Mod By VPinWorkshop

    BANGARAAANG!! Hook Table Tune-Up by members of VPin Workshop Discord. This one was supposed to be just a fast physics update, but we ended up rebuilding almost the whole table. We added some Flupper inserts, Skitso-style inserts, new flashers, Fleep SSF sounds, latest nFozzy physics, some new textures, Ramp rework, plastics, VRRoom, countless hours of tweaks and testing. -          Inserts: iaakki, Skitso -          nFozzy physics: Benji, iaakki -          Re-alignment: Sixtoe, Cy
  • Eight Ball Champ (Bally 1985) By Wildman

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    Eight Ball Champ (Bally 1985)      Hi Rez
  • Transporter The Rescue (Bally 1989) VPW By VPinWorkshop

    The future of pinball has landed! Mayday, Mayday ... - - - ...   Transporter, The Rescue ~ Table Tune-Up by members of the VPin Workshop Discord. Enjoy this very rare (not many left in the wild!) but really fun table!   This all started with the WIP release by Sliderpoint which he uploaded because of a lack of decent assets at the time. eMBee then took his WIP and project assets and brought it into the VPin Workshop. Shannon made a beautiful playfield and backplate
  • Star Light (Williams 1984) By bord

    Star Light is Space Shuttle's rarely seen cousin and an excellent example of what Williams did best in the mid-80's.   Originally uploaded to vpinball, this version has only minor physics tweaks.   Images courtesy of The Loafer. Switch & lamp assignments courtesy of 32assassin Thanks to testers. Photos graciously accommodated by Honey Badger
  • The Getaway High Speed II (Williams 1992) By Wildman

    The Getaway  High Speed II (Williams 1992)   HI REZ
  • Tales From The Crypt VPW Premium (for VPX 10.6) (Data East 1993) By VPinWorkshop

    Welcome to the frightfully fun release of Tales From The Crypt from the VPW team! This is our first scratch built table using all the tips and tricks we've picked up in our past releases and mods, and we're super proud of it and hope you all enjoy it!   ** Please use VPX 10.6, there may be issues with 10.7   With all of the options on the table is quite "heavy", and the new "RTX" ball shadow code is fairly costly in terms of performance, we think it looks amazing (if we
  • Vector (Bally 1982) By Schlabber34

    When i asked Sindbad for permission to use his Vector resources he told me that he was already working on a version of this table. Both versions were in their final stage so i thought that this was it and this baby will stay on my cab. But he didn't hesitate and almost completely gave up his own table to team up with me. Thanks man! You don't find guys like him very often! He was also a motivation at the end when i lost my patience. I was ready to release the table as is but he had a couple of g
  • Rescue 911 (Gottlieb, 1994) By antisect

    Completely rebuilt from scratch (apart from the Helicopter script) Playfield and plastics redrawn.   nFozzy Physics Fleep Sound Effects   Original Helicopter script by Dozer316 & DJRobX   Playtesting: Sheltemke Boffo.   Ive included the nvram file in case you don't have it, (table needs the vram to be able to insert coins)   Hold down LeftMagnaSave and with RightMagnaSave it will switch between LUT's  The selection will be saved for the table. No.11 is the def

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