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Queen - The Game Hits 1 & 2 (Original 2021) ReMod

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365.4 MB File Size
N/A ROM Name
Wizball Created by
Mark Paulik Artwork by
Wizball Scripting by
Original Manufacturer
2021 Year

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This table requires VPX 10.7.


This is my mod of Mark Paulik's table "Queen - The Game", which in turn is a mod of my own table Watchmen. All artwork and non-mechanical sound effects are by Mark Paulik. Moving post models, textures, and animation by Lumigado. My mod adds:

  • Music imported in the sound manager for lag free playback and hassle free installation
  • Cabinet support, including DOF
  • Optional FlexDMD (enable by changing line 22 of the script to const bUseFlexDMD = True )
  • Fleep's mechanical sounds
  • NFozzy physics
  • Playfield mesh for the center saucer

Other than that, it's Queen! A band so great one table cannot contain it. This download includes two versions, Hits 1 and Hits 2, with different artwork and song lists, but identical gameplay. Each table has a playlist of 21 songs, spread out over 15 modes, three wizard modes, and other features.



THE GAME: Hit the left drop targets to light The Game modes. Hit the center saucer to start The Game modes. During The Game modes, hit orange lights.
MAGIC: Hit the left ramp to light and start Magic modes. During Magic modes, hit white lights.
MIRACLE: Hit the spinner to light and start Miracle modes. During Miracle modes, hit purple lights.
OPERA: Hit the right ramp to light and start Opera modes. During Opera modes, hit yellow lights.
CLASSIC QUEEN: Hit the right saucer behind the right drop targets to light and start Classic Queen modes. During Classic Queen modes, hit blue lights.
WIZARD MODES: Complete modes for all album banner names to light wizard modes.
MULTIBALL: Hit loops lit with green lights to light lock. Hit ramps to lock balls. During multiball, hit green lights.
MUSIC NOTES; Collect music notes to light extra ball, light mystery, and light "X" at the inlanes.
"X": Roll over the lit X inlane to multiply the value of your next shot.
MYSTERY: Hit red arrows on the upper playfield to light a mystery award at the center saucer.
DOUBLE SCORING: Hit teal targets on the upper playfield to light double scoring at the upper playfield hole.

Contact Author First.
v10.7 required

What's New in Version 1.4.1   See changelog


Music on Hits 2 now plays on the correct output.

Fixed a visual issue where insert lights were misaligned with the graphics.


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Didn‘t knew the original table but I like it very much. Is there a possibility to include the songs from

both tables in one? Thanks!

Response from the author:

No, because each song is tied to a mode in the game.

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Awesome upgrade!


Many thanks to @Wizball and to Mark Paulik


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