2 files

  1. The only b2s currently out there is very low resolution.
    Here is a significantly better version graphically with a couple animation snippets.



  2. Didn't see a Chicago Bears backglass for Stern's 2001 NFL, so I made one. This is my 3rd original and 4th in total.
    Couldn't find much in the way of resources so this is built completely from scratch with a lot of images being original creations by me. Because of this you will see some small differences from the exact original.
    Table uses animation snippets to make it more interesting.
    Original Bears backglass does not have the NFL logo on it compared to many others which seems odd to me. I might update and add it later.
    Backglass is built in Photoshop so the way it is done with layers it should be pretty easy to make other teams if there is enough interest. The table is badly in need of an update which would greatly encourage me to do more teams.
    I have also considered just releasing the PSD file in the future for others to mod. If I do so I would give permission to mod, no asking required as long as credit is given. No permission will be granted to make a Packers version