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Virtual Pinball Backup Manager Installer

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About This File

Virtual Pinball Backup Manager (VPBM) is a backup manager aimed at generating and managing individual game backups for Virtual Pinball systems using the Pinup System. These backups can be browsed and compared to the live system, and restored/updated as needed.


VPBM processes a variety of game content including:

  1. Game scripts/files
  2. Backglass files, POV files, ROM and NVRAM files as well as alt colour/sound files (VPX)
  3. Game libraries required by game scripts (Future Pinball)
  4. Game specific Pinup Player Pup Packs
  5. Game specific Pinup Popper front end media files
  6. Copies of all stored game database settings
  7. Copies of any game specific registry settings (VPX)

This is the first publicly released version of VPBM so feedback is welcome.

The contents of a games backup can easily be viewed within the application using the tree view, while an integrated Quick View bar provides users a quick visual indication of the presence of critical files - as shown in the screenshot provided. Additionally, a Pinup View displays Pinup media, in a manner consistent with how media is displayed within Pinup Menu Setup.

VPBM is not designed to replace Pinup System, in fact it depends on it to function - rather it tries to add features that make managing game files and settings easier. I found myself storing all files used by a game in a backup folder and then having to manually copy these files when I felt the need to update my system, VPBM automates this process.

VPBM has been designed to quickly highlight to users when a games backup has fallen out of synch with the currently installed version of the game, allowing users to use the functions provides to address the inconsistencies.

VPBM backup files are encrypted and locked to the machine that they were created on, however a mechanism is provided to export games to a known external system. For infromation on this feature, refer to the Export Path and Export Host Identifier settings within the Application Settings help pages. This process does not allow games to be exported and shared universally.


What's New in Version 1.9   See changelog


1.9 Sees significant changes to the previously released version, including:

  • integrated automatic update facility - detects updated versions and allows automatic updates
  • command line support
  • added support for additional content including: NVRAM Offsets, VPReg.stg settings, user text files, VPMAlias entries.
  • standalone filter variable panel
  • migrated bug support to github from original JIRA endpoint.
  • Online wiki and user guide at: https://github.com/mmattner/vPinBackupManagerApp/wiki
  • multiple bug fixes

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This sounds promissing BUT... how to adjust settings at first start ???

I'm using Vpinball2023 as main folder... (I read that I can change folder name in settings... but VPBM need to run first)

Gerald (COY)


VPBM Missing Pinup Content.png

Response from the author:

Thanks for feedback. I do intend to try to make the tool start with an invalid path, but theres a chunk to unwind.
In your case it is possible to edit the settings file directly its called vPinBackupManager.json and located iocated in the VPBM install directory.

# Update - latest version 1.5 allows for invalid environment and gives users the ability to start the application and navigate to settings page to correct.

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