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Jungle Lord (Williams 1981) w VR Room

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UnclePaulie Created by
Williams Manufacturer
1981 Year

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Thank you to Tony the Wrench who originally did this table in 2016.  I was unable to reach him, however he indicated there is Full permission to mod without approval.  I wanted to do this table to complete the series of the Williams early 80's tables that had the double playfields and magna saves (Black Knight, Solar Fire, Pharaoh, and Jungle Lord).  


I also would like to thank the VPW team for testing and feedback (especially Wylte, BountyBob, Thalamus, Astronasty, bietekwiet, leojreimroc, smaug, and PinStratsDan!)! And... an additional Thank you to leojreimroc for assisting with the VR backglass lighting!


Updates in Version 2.0 done by UnclePaulie.  Added VR, Desktop, and cab hybrid modes.  Updated physics, drop targets, flippers, dynamic shadows, and lots of other updates to the VPW standards.  Also added 3D inserts, updated lighting, the latest VPW physics, sounds, sling corrections and GI brightness and fading routines. Some other various fixes done. I also updated the desktop backglass as well as the VR backglass and other VR options. There are also some performance improvements, and  I added a playfield mesh for upper and lower playfields, so there's a realistic bevel in the saucers.  Significant changes were done overall, as the original table wasn't sized to the Williams era sizes.  That resulted in nearly changing everything, lights, walls, ramps, etc.  


There are several options in the script.  Including VR, ball brightness, and LUT lighting options.  Since this table heavily relies on the usage of the magnasave buttons, the LUT changes are done by holding cntl (or left mangasave) and then while holding, scroll through the options with the right magnasave.


This is a hybrid table, and it will automatically choose between desktop and cabinet, however, if you are playing in VR, you MUST change VR_Room to 1 in the script.   Additional options in the script include two VR environments, a VR clock, and settings for dynamic shadows if you experience a performance hit.


Thanks again to everyone that tested, provided feedback, and assisted!

v10.6 required

What's New in Version 2.01   See changelog


Only minor graphical changes.  Nothing to gameplay whatsoever.

- Added DisableLUT selector (forgot to add in earlier version.)
- Bord created meshes for the metal ramps and walls to smooth out the ramp transitions, giving the metal some texture and ambient occlusion
- UnclePaulie broke the mesh into two, to be able to control GI separately for the miniPF.

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Uncle Paulie brings us the last of the 4 great upper playfield Williams 80s tables with the incredible Jungle Lord! I really thought this would be bland, and more of the same, but I honestly had some good fun playing this one, and will be going back to improve my scores. I found out that a local bar had this machine and went to try it out this morning after making a YT video for this, and I am happy to report it plays almost EXACTLY like the real table. I have no idea why I never stuck a quarter in this one, but thanks to @UnclePaulie, now I don't have to waste my money!

The shots are DEAD on, and the ramp physics mimic the real thing so closely, I forgot I was playing VPX when I got back to the house today. Get those Tigers down, drop the targets, and move on to Multiball and double scoring. This table has a very cool timed MB mode, and I had a LOT of fun starting the mode and playing it through. Listen close when you start the MB, it will feel like you are 12 again :)

Thank you for the incredible work once again Uncle Paulie!

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I am loving the series of upperplayfield early 80's tables that you made.

This table has a quirky rule set which is quite engaging.

Perfect gameplay! Thank you very much:


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Again I love your work on VPX.

And discovering all these historical pinball is super fun.

Thank you, to everyone involved !

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Love me some 80's era tables and this fits right in there. Both the VPX and the VR versions are superb, they both look, play and feel great. Thanks for yet another table/update that will go right into my favorites. 

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