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Solar Fire (Williams 1981) w VR Room

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solar_l2.zip ROM Name
UnclePaulie Created by
Williams Manufacturer
1981 Year

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Originally done by mfuegemann, and then version 102a released by:Goldchicco & 32assassin.  Thank you to Goldchicco for giving me permission to update this table! Also thank you to Apophis, Wylte, Smaug, and PinstratsDan for testing and feedback!


This is a lower production 80s Williams table, but LOTs of fun to play.  There is a lot to do on this table with all the targets to hit to enable other functions.  You'll find similarities to Black Knight, Grand Lizard, and other tables of that era.  This table significantly utilizes magnasaves to keep your ball from going into the outlanes.  (see the rulesheet I typed up in the table info section for how to enable that and more).  


Updates in Version 2.0 done by UnclePaulie.  Added VR, Desktop, and cab hybrid modes.  Updated physics, drop targets, flippers, dynamic shadows, and lots of other updates to the VPW standards.  Also added 3D inserts, updated lighting, the latest VPW physics, sounds, sling corrections and GI brightness and fading routines. Some other various fixes done, including a lot of work on the solar gun operation. I also updated the desktop backglass as well as the VR backglass and other VR options. There are also some performance improvements, and  I added a playfield mesh for upper and lower playfields, so there's a realistic bevel in the saucers.


There are several options in the script.  Including VR, ball brightness, and LUT lighting options.  Since this table heavily relies on the usage of the magnasave buttons, the LUT changes are done by holding cntl (or left mangasave) and then while holding, scroll through the options with the right magnasave.


This is a hybrid table, and it will automatically choose between desktop and cabinet, however, if you are playing in VR, you MUST change VR_Room to 1 in the script.   Additional options in the script include two VR environments, a VR clock, and settings for dynamic shadows if you experience a performance hit,

Thanks to everyone that helped!


v10.6 required

What's New in Version 2.0.5   See changelog


Version 2.05:

Based off of feedback and additional testing / playing there are a few errors that needed correction.  



- Changed the anti-biff snubbers ("Death Save") behind flippers to be a cylinder primitive instead of rail.  Raised physical apron wall. (Thanks Rothbauerw)

- Updated the plastics to all be collidable.  There were a couple reports that the ball jumped onto the top of plastic and fell in.  Added one physics plastic wall between ramps.

- Worked with Rothbauerw on the trough logic.  Made the Drain kicker larger and moved slightly, changed speed of trough timer.  Also added a delay to when the drain switch changes state.   Essentially the Outhole solenoid is too fast, and the trough couldn't be updated fast enough.


- Added flipper tricks to top flippers.
- Added a VR grill for backbox

- Added a Backrail for all hybrid modes.

- Slight adjustment to saucer physical primitives
- Disabled screen space reflections and in game AO.

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This table sadly retains many of the things that turned me off of Goldchicco's version of the table, namely overpowered flippers making the game flow too fast and erratic than it should be for a table from that time. Also making shots seems to be a matter of luck rather than skill, just the same as in Bord's version of Black Knight. I'm a big fan of Solar Fire and so I hope the table's physics get a rework in the future.

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Thank's for this table, I didn't know anything about before seeing your vpx version.

Thank you for the discovery, and the hours of playing !

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Another quality update, you have quite a collection going looking at the bottom of this page. I especially like the 80s era and this table, with it's updates, has bumped right into my favorites list. Both versions are great but the VR version is where its at for me. Thanks for the Hybrid

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I've you've played Black Knight, you'll feel right at home with Solar Fire as it clearly uses a similar layout and share some of the features including the magna-saves. I find the table very engaging, and it keeps you on your toes.  UnclePaulie did a great job tweaking the table to play hard but fair and it looks great!

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