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Laser Cue (Williams 1984) w VR Room

A version of Laser Cue VPX was originally done by Goldchicco, however in this release, most everything was done or redone once again, as the original table size was incorrect, and the playfield he used was high rez, but wasn't aligned correctly.  This required me to completely redo everything like I did on Jungle Lord and Barracora. Thank you to Hauntfreaks for helping with the initial playfield image.  He used his magic to get it upscaled and enhanced.  I then got the text looking good, as well as various color mods.  


This is another early 80's Williams table like Black Knight, Solar Fire, Jungle Lord, Pharaoh, etc.  This has a very basic ruleset, but good game play, Table instructions are included in the Table info section.  Laser Cue is a four flipper game from 1984, and features an unusual “billiards in space”, science-fiction theme.  The game is equipped with a bell that rings when billiard balls are collected or extra balls achieved. The main bank of drop targets are individually controlled, and must be collected in the indicated order to remain dropped. Extra ball play guarantees the player twenty-five seconds of play time, serving all lost balls within that time back to the shooter lane. (excerpt from Pinside).


Since the table is basic, there were essentially two ways the table was set up to play... easy and hard.  I have it defaulted to HARD.  There is an option in the script to make it easy.  (Easy mode adds a rail between the right two flippers.   const FlipperGuideHard =    "0" is the easy setting, and adds a guard rail between right flippers. "1" removes it. (Default is "1" / hard).


Included in this Version 2.0 is Hybrid VR/desktop/cabinet modes, new upscaled playfield and plastics, VPW physics, flipper tricks, dynamic shadows, Fleep sounds, Lampz, 3D inserts, new general illumination lighting, sling corrections, drop and stand-up targets, etc.  Significant time was spent on researching online videos, to ensure accuracy of shots, ball drops, and overall playability.  I also created a desktop backglass with a cool lighting effect, as well as the VR backglass and other VR options. There are also some performance improvements. 


I would like to thank the VPW team for testing and feedback (especially Hauntfreaks, Apophis, Tastywasps, PinStratsDan and all others who tested!) Also thanks for prior assistance on items used in this table, including Tomate (lower rail prim), Goldchicco, and the rest of the VPW team!


There are several options in the script.  Including VR, ball brightness, LUT lighting options, and you can turn the bell off if you don't like that sound. Also, you can set the difficulty level, and the volume of the bell.  


The LUT changes are done by holding cntl (or left mangasave) and then while holding, scroll through the options with the right magnasave.

This is a hybrid table done in VPX 10.72, and I have code in here to automatically choose between VR, desktop, and cabinet.   Additional options in the script include two VR environments, a VR clock, a topper, posters, and settings for dynamic shadows if you experience a performance hit.  


Thanks again to the VPW team for feedback!


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