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  1. Nice. I appreciate that it does not duplicate the title. It's a little understated compared to the backglass - which is perfect for a full dmd. I dig it.
  2. Silly question. How do you turn up the music volume? I tried the "end" key but when I hit 7, 8, or 9 it seems to do other rom things. Anyone have any tips?
    This table plays really smooth and looks incredible. Physics are spot on. The table art along with the lighting contrast and depth exceeded my high expectations. I didn't have to change a single setting. Great job!
  3. Nice. I look forward to it frustrating me! Thanks!
    Looks great and play is smooth. I really like it. Also, I like that the table default was 1x1 for the x,y by default.
  4. For some reason the rom search didn't work for me. It's here though if anyone needs it:
  5. I gave up and put it in a "needs work" folder. I did find a note about making a change in the table script. I'll put it below if you want to try it out. 'To turn off rom sound add this to the table script under — Sub table1_Init .Games(cGameName).Settings.Value("sound") = 0
    Slowly became one of my favorite chill-out tables to play. I love to crack a beer and unwind while playing it. Thanks!
  6. BTiLC - has all the perfect elements to be a great pinball table theme. Looks great! Can't wait to play it! Thanks!
  7. Awesome! I really look forward to this pup pack. I wasn't sure till I did the download.
  8. Damnit! Time to open up the cab files again and do a little tweaking. You are a machine! Thanks so much!
  9. Super! Thanks. Love those old school sounds. I look forward to playing it tonight! I found the ROM here. Let me know if that's not the right one. For some reason search didn't bring it up.
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