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Breakshot (Capcom 1996)

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bsv103 ROM Name
VPW Created by
VPW Artwork by
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Capcom Manufacturer
1996 Year

2 Screenshots

"Lets Play 8 Ball!"


This great machine from Capcom was supposed to be released after Big Bang Bar, Kingpin, and Flipper Football, but was ready sooner so was put out before, which is lucky as otherwise we probably never would have got to play it!

A misleadingly simple looking table, there's more going on here than meets the eye and it's a very popular table with everyone who plays it with an old school vibe backed up by modern technology.


Jan 2023 - Niwak wanted to test his toolkit on a simple table so we chose Capcoms Breakshot, Sixtoe built the table but it was soon obvious that the table wasn't as simple as it first seemed with a few oddities in how it worked if we wanted to get it working exactly right.

During development it was found that the real Breakshot made significant use of PWM on the lamps on its inserts, so Niwak went off and wrote the complete PWM (controlled fading of lamps) code in vpinmame and vpx to make it work properly.

A year and a half later and with the latest VPX build fully supporting PWM and all the other things required for this table and it's finally time to release it!


VPW Hustlers

Niwak - Graphics & Script Work

Sixtoe - Table & Script Work

Apophis - Script Work & Tweaks

Tastywasps - VR Object Animations

ClarkKent - Playfield and Plastics

Flupper - Graphics Consultation

VPW Team - Testing & Feedback


Kraken has also released a new Serum color DMD to go along with this release;



VPW Changelog


'0.001 - Sixtoe - Built Table
'0.002 - Niwak - Add first bake, wire up rollover and flipper bats, add option menu
'0.003 - Sixtoe - Added playfield mesh, added physical kickers, newton ball code done for captive ball, tweaked table layout, added some missing sounds, changed flipper angles
'0.004 - Sixtoe - Fixed kickers (it was bugging me)
'0.005 - Niwak - New batch bake, fix options menu, implement solenoid gates (flap and wire), fix flasher, better bumper skirt anim, drop/stand target
'0.006 - Niwak - New batch bake, add sling animation, fix drop target axis, fix plastic lighting, remove unused second newton ball bake, fix center pole up/down and controlled gates, add outpost difficulty, initial buggy simplified physics for the center post
'0.007 - Sixtoe - Fixed pop bumper ball traps, filled in some potential balltrap holes,
'0.008 - apophis - Reworked center post mech. Updated kicker code. Adjusted flipper triggers. Adjusted upper right flipper physics params. Added phys mtl to inlane guides. 
'0.009 - Sixtoe - Tweaked some walls, tweaked centre ball mass, tweaked kickback plunger, added VR cabinet and room.
'0.010 - Sixtoe - Something?
'0.011 - Niwak - Added the GI shadows (and checked the spherical map of the ball for the time being
'0.012 - Sixtoe - Even More stuff?
'0.013 - Sixtoe - Tuned centre colllision post, tuned flippers, adjusted kicker, adjusted a few physics objects, added apophis flipper disable code.
'0.014 - Sixtoe - Something else.
'0.015 - ClarkKent - Adjusted Flippers
'0.016 - Apophis - Fixed flipper bake/lightmap positions. Reverted to v13 UR flipper size. Adjusted some flipper physics params be more consistent with nFozzy standards. Animated center post hits. Added FlipperCradleCollision. Reduced nudge strength. Fixed sling arm animations. Added UpdateBallBrightness. Fixed post passes.
'0.017 - Niwak - Use latest PWM outputs from PinMame 3.6, removed EnableFlips
'0.018 - Niwak - Adjust for latest PinMame, change ball, adjust GI reflection, move options to TweakUI, adjusted reflections
'0.019 - Sixtoe - Added and hooked up shooter rod to VR room, fixed and repositioned pincab DMD, setlocale
'0.020 - TastyWasps - Animations for VR toys and flipper buttons.
'0.021 - Sixtoe - Fixed VR cabinet, adjusted flipper positions and flipper primitive positions.
'0.022 - Niwak - Fix ball reflections, fix invalid timers, add roughness to reflections
'0.023 - Sixtoe - Removed roughness for playfield reflections in VR, added new default LUT from HF, added image to plunger
'0.024 - Niwak - Add rule card to tweak menu
'0.025 - Niwak - Remove timers below framerate except for cor tracker (to be done later)
'0.026 - apophis - Same as 025 but file not corrupt (Added CorTimer and copied script from 025 into o24 and resaved)
'0.027 - Niwak - Only enabled VR timer when VR is used
'0.028 - Niwak - Clean ups to account for latest VPX changes
'0.029 - Niwak - New Blender 4 bake: better lights, some bulb with filaments near the center post, tinting for these bulbs, still needs some light balancing (white inserts too strong ?)
'0.030 - apophis - Set bloom strength to 0.05. Set "Hide parts behind" for BM_Playfield. Fixed flipper triggers. Updated flipper corrections and tricks.
'0.031 - Niwak - New Blender 4 bake with better insert balance
'0.032 - Niwak - Use tweening instead of timers, adjust center post height, more script cleanups
'0.033 - Niwak - Fix flipper shadow, experiment with using tweens for Rothbauer targets and bumpers
'0.034 - Niwak - Simplify script again
'0.035 - Niwak - New bake: adjust plain inserts again, adjust bulb height, keep more bulbs for VR, do not remove backface for VR
'0.036 - apophis - Adjusted center post up position. Lowered drop targets down position. Added correction to aBall.velz in dampener code. Updated gate physics params, flipper bumper and sling strengths, PF fric. Reduced ball reflection of PF. Updated DisableStaticPreRendering functionality to be consistent with VPX 10.8.1 API. 
'0.037 - apophis - Script fix for standalone compatibility. 
'RC1 - apophis - Added plunger line visualization option and Desktop DMD visibility option.
'RC2 - Sixtoe - Script tidied up, various fixes

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10.8 required

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   4 of 4 members found this review helpful 4 / 4 members

Breakshot! VPW went all in and it shows!

Incredible recreation with stunning visuals and true gameplay physics.

I am loving it and the table itself is so addictive!!

Thank you for the exquisite work and that you share it with us. We are lucky!


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   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

Absolutely unbeliavable. Here plastic is real plastic, metal is real metal, wood is real wood and all together is so real. This is not a simulation, this is a real creation from the gods of virtual pinball. Thanks for all your tables and for all your dedication 

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· Edited by Virtualman-

   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

VPW never disapoints, stellar worthy update! Looks amazing on my 86" tv :), love it!




To compare what I had (still good looking but picture does not give it justice) you have to play new one to trully appreciate VPW workmanship in this one.


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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

I never knew this game was that much fun. I barely played the old versions. This plays and looks supergreat and with the new colourdmd it´s a given favourite 🤩👍 Thanks!

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

It's really too bad that Capcom entered the pinball industry when it did because the quality of their games beat the hell out of anything Sega/Data East was putting out at the time.  Breakshot is very unique and way ahead of it's time.  Playing a lot like an old SS or EM machine but having a modern sound, art and technology package.  It's very fun and challenging.  VPW nailed it once again with this recreation.  Everything is spot on.  The lighting, physics, vr room and high-res assets are all just perfect.  Thank you!

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· Edited by Rabmos

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

This table done by the legendary VPW team exceeded every expectation. VPW created an remake with perfect physics and insanely good visuals, the attention to details is insane, with all due respect for the pictures: it really shows off in VR. It's an absolute gem. Thank you!

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Wow... amazing attention to detail in this table which may not be immediately noticeable until you really start looking (especially in VR), there's dust and dirt in areas where the ball can't reach, specks of dirt inside the lens of the left outlane light, slight wear and touchups of the playfield surface, insert cards with bent corners that insert into the slots... all these tiny details that almost subliminally come together to make you feel like you are playing the real deal.

Well done team and a big thankyou.

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

its been a loooong time comin'.... but came out awesome!!

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What a nice surprise. Again an incredibly beautiful and well playing game. I really love the consistency in style and realism across all VPW tables.


Let me also commend VPW on the choice of tables they take on. This is a table I had never heard of and likely wouldn't be inclined to try out. But any VPW table is worth playing and I am glad thanks to this release I got to know this fun table. It is not the first time I get to know an incredible fun table thanks to VPW.

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Wow, what a fantastic surprise. I have always loved this table but thought it might be low in the pecking order for a red0. Thanks so much VPW and contributors! Tremendous work and greatly appreciated.


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I am an older gentleman (yea that's a nice way of stating my thoughts) and I keep injuring myself. Why? That is VPW's Fault. I keep running and tripping as I go to my Cabinet to install the latest releases from you Guys. Give an Old...I mean Older Gentleman a Break!!!! Ah, Who am I kidding. I can stand a few more broken bones.

Salute VPW_upscayl_4x_realesrgan-x4plus-anime.png

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When a really good machine meets really talented freaks. We all know a pinball simulation cant get better than this but you tell us lies with the next one. You are just nuts. Thank you for sharing your passion!

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great job, congratulations to the entire team to @VPinWorkshop for the amount of hours invested, the table plays perfectly and makes a very good combination with the new DMD color from @KRAKEN

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My god it's beautiful, thank you guys, this recreation is beautiful and plays like a dream.Thank you very much 😍

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NoT BaD bUt WhEn YoU bRinGinG OuT BaRRy O's BaRbEqUe ChAllEnGe??!!


So pleased to see a VPW version of this table. Great Capcom pin taking inspiration from older tables and adding modern twist. Looks and plays perfectly. Continually blown away by the talent that can produce a recreation this good. Thank you so much.

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I was thinking that I do not like Billard Pinball Tables. Took 15 minutes to change my mind. Stunning table again. Thank you very much to all involved. 😍

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A BLAST of a table! VPW, yet again, continues to show mastery of craft, passion, physics, and artistry! Congratulations, and thank you to all involved.

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· Edited by Dicentim


Thanks for this new great release. Reinhard color style for me :)

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· Edited by MetaTed


Once again VPW raisees the bar even higher ... thank you!!

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Where to start... 


For six months my cab has been built, so the vpinball is brand new in my life, but it is now a really important place. 


So much so that every time a table is updated, a stupid smile appears on my old geek face. 
With a "Haaaa" of satisfaction :)


Here, we are not talking about some updates but about the incarnation of pinball, for all your wonders.


I hate you guys, I'm so bad at "Police Force" and it's now one of my favorite pinball.


I love you guys.

20240610_171820 darker.jpg

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Very interesting table. I am glad this one got the VPW magic on it. Really nice gameplay. It looks stunning in VR! The attention to detail is again top notch. The bumper caps and plastics look amazing. The three drop holes in the middle of the playfield look so realistic in VR, and they behave realistic too. With the latest physics and looks of the tables that are released by VPW the past months, I enjoy playing VR pinball more than playing my real tables. I hardly touch those anymore. I think that's the best positive comment I could give. Thank you for sharing this with us. 

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