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  1. I have been waiting on this for a long time - an update. It is Fantastico. This was the table I played the most during the early 2000's because I went to Chuck & Cheese bringing my kids along and mostly playing this game. Or was it the other way around? They will never know. Memories.
  2. Thank you for sharing. Appreciate your good work!
  3. #Solved. It is the wrong game Hi. Out of all your full dmd's this one as another commenter said does not display the alphanumeric numbers. All your others full dmd's work perfectly but this one. It may be the table we are using that is posted on VPU. Could you help us with possible reason? The settings are correct for this but no alpha display but the full dmd shows.
  4. Good Job. Smaller one for me works and not bigger one. Could you tell me the difference between big and small besides file size?
  5. Hi. Could you make this in Black and White for that version of table. Thanks. Great work!
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