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Circus (Gottlieb 1980) w VR Room

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circus7.zip ROM Name
UnclePaulie Created by
Gottlieb Manufacturer
1980 Year

6 Screenshots

ArmyAviation reached out to me to finish a table he'd been working on. He spent lots of time on getting a good playfield created and also placed all the table elements.  He also did the plastics (with resources from Stagio and Sckurk).  And he used the primitives and roto scripting from Borgdog.  He also started on the implementation of the VPW physics and sounds.


Since taking the table over, I did a lot of mods... (all documented in the script). I updated to latest VPW physics scripts and flipper ball collisions, GI and playfield shadow baking, Lampz and 3D inserts, dynamic shadows, drop target shadows, changed to a gBOT (global ball on table) system, updated backglass for desktop, a playfield mesh for a saucer bevel, roth drop and standup targets, standalone compatibility, sling corrections, optional DIP adjustments, updated flipper physics, roto lighting, VR and fully hybrid modes, Flupper style bumpers and lighting, drop target shadows, and several errors corrected.  Full details are at the bottom of the table's script. Redbone further upscaled the playfield.  I also added options for balls, ball brightness, LUTs, Dip settings, and VR stuff.


I've also included Hauntfreaks updated backglass image from Wildman in the VR backglass... look for his updated backglass here:


I've included an option for two ROMS.  The original 6 digit ROM, and a 7 digit ROM (so when you score over a million you can see it).  There's an option in the script to change that, however I've defaulted to the 7 digit.  Make sure to grab the correct backglass if you are in a cab environment.


Also, I've included the nvram files to initially set the Dips, as the ROM creates settings that aren't wanted.  You can either grab those nvram files and put them in your nvram directory, or follow this process to do an initial setup for yourself.  (Open the table, and in the script, change, change SetDIPSwitches to 1, and then when you open the table, hit F6 (that'll load the default DIPS and display them). Then exit out, and set the SetDIPSwitches back to zero. That will set the ROM settings.  If you later want to change that, you can turn it back on and change the dips.)


Thanks to apophis, bord, and pinstratsdan for feedback and testing, as well as the VPW team for additional testing.

Edited by UnclePaulie

v10.7 required

What's New in Version 2.0.1   See changelog


Only lighting updates in this version, no physics changes at all, however there are TWO versions available.


VLM Version 2.0.1:   (Note: REQUIRES VPX 10.8 Beta 7 or higher.)

- Bord updated the table and converted it to a full Light Map.  Incredibly realistic lighting, shadows, etc.  

- I updated the inserts to tone down the bulb level in the inserts.

- Added room light level adjustments in the script, and broke it out into table lighting, and room lighting (for VR).

-    At the top of the script, there are two constants that can be adjusted.  LightLevel (room lighting on the table) and LightLevelVR (room lighting in VR environment (for the VR room, posters, and cabinet.)

- NOTE:  This version REQUIRES VPX 10.8 Beta 7 or higher.  If you don't have that, you need to use the other version.


Version 2.0.1

- This is a minimal insert lighting update to the 2.0.0 version, and can be used with VPX 10.7 or higher.

- I only updated the inserts to tone down the bulb level in the inserts.


Thanks to Bord for doing the lightmap!

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   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

This one *sorely* needed updating. The playfield on this machine is so amazing, but all previous VP versions had to rely on a really awful playfield scan. This version looks absolutely incredible, thanks to @ARMYAVIATION, and of course it plays perfectly, thanks to @UnclePaulie. Excellent work on this great addition to the amazing VPX library, guys. 🍻

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

The beautiful wide-bodies of the late '70s and early '80s are such a rare treat to experience, let alone this beauty of an extended wide-body!  This rendition of Circus is an absolute treasure:  the lighting is simply amazing- did I mention the lighting?!  The play - smooth as French butter, with ingenious risk / reward deign elements throughout.  The artwork is gorgeous and I have probably admired this table more than I have played it - it's that beautiful.  @UnclePaulie and @bord and @ARMYAVIATION and @hauntfreaks- artists, thank you so much for sharing this amazing recreation.  One of my all-time favorite tables right up there with her little sister, Gottlieb's 1979 Genie (Bord's version is also jaw-dropping) 🙂


I am so proud of this community and very privileged and thankful to play such gems.




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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Best playing version of this table, ever. The playfield is crisp and clean, no caffeine, inserts are just right for this era of system 80, just lovely and @hauntfreaks fulldmd b2s with 7 digit support is icing on the cake. Well done @UnclePaulie! Shown here with my own system 80 correct siderails and lockdown bar


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· Edited by DomiKamu


Thanks UnclePaulie for this nice table! 😉


Now integrated in my Desktop-based pincab - regular PC gaming, computer music, internet, C++ development, arcade via HyperSpin RetroBat (in construction...)




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Absolutely Gorgeous!  Work of art.  I'll be putting in some playing time in on this one!  Thanks for all you're hard work!

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Magnificent painting, thank you very much ArmyAviation, UnclePaulie and Bord. The VLM update is a work of art 🤩.

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Fantastic table for VR that looks and plays fantastic, fantastic updates and b2s, just fantastic :) Thanks

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· Edited by WaRcLaWz


This ultra widebody table rendition looks fantastic (as always with UnclePaulie tables) and plays fantastic (as always with UnclePaulie tables).


Now if only Gottlieb had picked some other type of sound effect for the slingshots other than ear-piercing squeals... but I digress... :)

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This is what VP-World has been waiting for!!

Fantastic work!

Thank you very much

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thank you very much guys!my version was sad and badly.this one is great!! Viva gotlieb and the system 80

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What a blast! Another gem made by @UnclePaulie.
Circus is with Paragon in my alltime favourites. So I'm happy to have this one in the best version.
Great physics and sounds and crisp artwork.

Fantastic work again.


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Finally! Justice is done to a beautifully designed Gottlieb classic. Looks and plays great!! 

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A another 5 star release of UnclePaulie, great graphics/shadows/3d inserts with an impressive looking playfield upscale from Redbone. This combined with the physics/SSF creates a great playing and looking Gottlieb classic. Thank you!

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After playing a real Circus at Spinners in Frederick, MD, I have been looking forward to someone updating this virtual table. The old one was just an eye-sore. This one is beautiful and plays great. Thank you so much for this table!

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Stunning, Beautiful but not surprising as everything Uncle Paulie does is tops!!! You inspire and amaze me always! Thanks for this one! D

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