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Iron Maiden Virtual Time (Original 2020)(VR Room)

Today i want to share a new VR conversion of Iron Maiden-Virtual Time with you guys. This is a cooperation of Rascal, Solters and me.

This awesome table should not be missing in any VR collection, I hope you have as much fun with it as I do.

A special thanks goes to my friend Rascal, who is responsible for the included Backglass with segmented Display,

flashing Speakers, some Playfield corrections and make it 4 way hybrid.


'********************* VR OPTIONS **************************************************

'VR Logo - Set VRLogo = 0 to turn off VR Logo. 
VRLogo = 1

'VR table Glass - Set Glass = 0 to turn off VR playfield Glass. 
Glass = 1

'VR Playfield glass Scratches - Set to 0 if you want to turn them off.
GlassScratch = 1



Link to original "Iron Maiden Virtual Time [IMVT]" Table and the needed Music Files!!!:

You have to copy just the Songs to the "Music" Folder!




A big thanks to Mussinger &  Herweh for creating such a beautyfull table and give me permission to convert it to VR.

I also want to thank Rawd for his VR toys and Basti for the nice VR Room, Sixtoe for his great templates,  Rajo Joey for the LUT Template 

and of course Rascal, Solters and Studlygoorite for beta testing.



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