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Pin2Dmd Colorprism V4.0 Firmware

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4 hours ago, lucky1 said:

You left out the hash preview window in your screenshots. Please make a screenshot of the complete editor screen.


Here are the full window screenshots.

I show the two frames in three different previews: "no mask", "mask 9" (used for left car), and "mask 10" (used for right car).

The hash shown at the bottom always corresponds to "no mask". However I am absolutely certain I had assigned frame 21 with mask09 and frame 23 with mask 10. I believe this, because before it was assigned, it would show "00000000", instead of an actual hash.


Further info:

Generally triggering like this works - objects are genrally recognized and colored correctly. At the beginning of the mode I am getting perfectly colored signs, just as expected. Once cars appear also weird artefacts appear, but I'll look at that once I am certain that the hashes are stored correctly. As long as that is not clear it's impossible to isolate the root cause for the artefacts on the cars.


Edit: how to reproduce.

I played with it some more. Turns out that the hash I set with a mask which i have NEWLY created in the same step, is screwed.


1. go to a frame inside an LCM you want to trigger

2. choose an unused d-mask and draw it (i do this by copypasting from a scene I built that has masks in it).

3. with newly drawn mask, select 1st-hash and hit "set hash"

4. observe hash recorded at bottom.

5. navigate to another scene.

6. navigate back to the LCM scene, and frame from 1.

7. active d-mask and choose mask from 2.

8. observe hash at the top.

--> different to 4.


This means: When I set a hash with a mask I JUST drew, it picks thew wrong hash. 










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You first need to save the mask before you use it. To make sure a mask is saved just uncheck and check the mask checkbox. I will check wether I can additionally save the mask when pressing the set hash button

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17 hours ago, lucky1 said:

You first need to save the mask before you use it.

Thanks, I fixed that now, but enhancing the mask-saving would be helpful. :)



One question regarding color priorities and conflicts:

What happens, when two hashes trigger coloring of the same pixels with the same color (and hence same color priority).



when multiple cars come down the center lane, only the top of each car peeks out behind the one in front of it. I solve this by taking the three individual lines which can stick out and colored each configuration of those three lines individually.

The car in front gets triggered regularly and whatever lines are above of it (indication following cars), gets triggered as individual lines. When a first-position car is behind a 5th-position car, the the top line of the first-position car sticks out. this line get colored individually and the 5th-position car in full.



In case the only car shown is the first one (See screenshot), the full car will be colored by the full-car-trigger for a position1-car. however, the hash for the individual line (of a first-position-car peeking out behind another one) will also be triggered, resulting in the same colorization of that line. theoretically. in practice this looks really weird.


--> does the double coloring of the same line, due to two matching hashes create a problem? (conflict between screenshot 1 and 4)



position 1.png

position 5.png

1 behind 5.png

top line.png

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I don´t have time to wrap my head around such project specific problems and answer your questions. The easiest way to get an answer is checking the result in LivePreview mode. Export the project for real pinball, copy it to the microSD, connect your display via USB to your PC and step through the recording frames to see what the result will look like.

Maybe @NetzZwergcan jump in and say something about it. 

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@sprudeldudelwhat I would guess from the Screenshots you provided is that indeed mask 0 and 3 could cause a conflict, since mask 0 covers a part of mask 3, but less pixels. In general I would recommend to avoid that. Since the scene will be triggered by the minimum requirements, I would suggest that mask 0 always is the preferred one. Hard to tell more without having a look at the project. I just renewed an lcm tutorial, but not sure if that will help you since it only explains the essential usage and you already seem to know how it works in general. 



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Hello, some members have problems setting up 64 color altcolor, it seems that the common point between them is the use of Nucleo cards.

Question: Are there any members that run altcolor 64s with a Nucleo?

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