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Hello All!  I hope everyone had a tremendous holiday season!  I got a little time off and was able to get the batteries recharged so I thought it would be nice to get back into a little "Dot Coloring" as Malenko would say, so I present to you the next solo project I'm working on.....Stern's .........The X-Men!  This will take me some time as I only have so much free time between career and family so I ask that you be patient and look at my track record of finishing projects I start.  I promise it will be worth the wait and you will see the usual attention to detail as my previous works.  Star Wars & Royal Rumble. 

P.S.  If you have an X-Men project already started please do not post your work on this thread, please start your own.  Thanks for you Understanding!   Some previews to enjoy!






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26 minutes ago, adamstillman said:

ooohhh yeah!!! this table should always have a color dmd, soo much amazing animation. you guys know exactly what games to color 

I agree Adam, I just started getting into this table and it is VERY DEEP!  and the animation work has been fun to work on!  I love the Jim Lee style X-Men.

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So, I've hit a bit of a bump in the road with this colorization, my original plan was to color the whole thing in the editor but Lucky has informed me that "colormask" is not supported with Stern machines....So I'm going to knock off all the replacement scenes and as many dynamic scenes as I can with palette switches in the editor.  I will have to finish the more complex dynamic scenes in pinball browser so we'll see how this shakes out as this will be a new process for me.....in the meantime here is everyone's favorite Merc with a Mouth!  Enjoy!





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me nerding out

Shadow king used his powers to control mutants minds and made them do his bidding

a young storm  was under his control

shadow king was imprisoned by Xavier in an "astrel plane"

in the current story line this happens many years ago,  this is why he is not mentioned very often.



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Not the best scene I've ever done but with all the different characters I had to conserve colors, anyway with the Brotherhood done I only have the splash scenes left for Sabretooth, Magneto Multi-ball and Weapon X Multi-ball that's the good news.  The bad news is these were the "easy" scenes to do...the more challenging scenes await so updates will be slower and fewer in between.

I will be releasing the first beta version for public consumption after the splash scenes I mentioned above are completed.  Cheers!


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