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Space Shuttle (Williams, 1984)

Click on "Changelog" to see the description for Version 1.4.


Note that the Special 2 key opens the menu.


"Space Shuttle" from Williams is the first solid state production pinball machine to have a playfield toy.  Of course, it is the model of the space shuttle.  Sepeteus published his version of this table on Future Pinball back in 2011.  I have updated it with the latest features of BAM and added models and textures from Tomasaco.


I never really played this table very much until I added what I call a "Sound Level Control Panel" in the script.  Many of the original sounds were too loud and others were too soft so this option evens out the sound.  You can use it to perform global adjustments the sound levels for 4 categories of sound used on the table.  The default settings will probably work for you for those of you that aren't up to tinkering.


 I decided to add some of the new features that are available now.  I have always wanted to be able to open the menu system during a game.  If you have played some of my previous table mods, you know that the menu fills the entire screen.  Popotte was able to add some coding that pauses the ball movement when you open the menu and then resumes ball play when you close the menu.  Thank you Popotte!  The menu still opens using the Special 2 key but now you can press the same key to open it when a game is in play.  It is really cool!  Be aware that you need to be prepared to hit the flippers when you close the menu during a game.  In order to avoid some possible fast flips when you close the menu, you may want to wait to open the menu when the ball is in the launch lane before you press the plunger key.  That way the ball can't go anywhere when you close the menu.  Be aware that it was necessary to remove the "Balls Per Game" option from the in-game menu.  It would mess up your game if you try to change it during a game.  You can only change "Balls Per Game" before you press the start game key. 


A new feature was added on BAM Update v341 that is called ball shadows with ray casting.  It is a dynamic type of ball shadow that changes as the ball travels past lights.  I think it is a feature completely unique to Future Pinball.  At the time of this writing, BAM Update v341 is the most current version of BAM.  I added what is called fail safe coding that will turn the feature off if you have not upgraded to BAM 341.  The feature is a little resource heavy.  If you are having trouble with resources, there are directions in the script on how to disable it. 


I added a mod from another BAM version to improve the performance of the spinner.  I used Tomasaco's model for the spinner.  It didn't seem too perform badly before the change but I do like it better with the change. 


I developed a new flipper rotation speed chart for this table.  It improves the characteristics of the flippers and you should be able to do tricks a little more easily.  


I also added what I call a "Lighting Control Panel" in the script.  You can make global adjustments to the lighting there for the 5 lighting modes for Day, Night, Dark Night, Night Glow and FP Original modes.  I added spotlights on the shuttle.  I ended up adding spotlights to all the general illumination flashers because there was light spillage from them onto the space shuttle and messing up the shadows from the two spots intended to illuminate it. 


BAM has a global option that turns the HUD off on all tables.  It may be used by some pinball cabinet users.  The menu won't work if you use this option.  If the HUD is enabled, the menu will display unsqueezed on a pinball cabinet.


The table loading screen defaults to a widescreen texture named "!LoadingLandscape" that is good for desktop users.  The pinball cabinet users can switch to a texture named "!LoadingPortrait" that will not be squeezed.


Sepeteus added a rulesheet to version 1.1.  I converted it to a PDF file, edited it and added screenshots of the parts of the table discussed.  I also added a link to a video that does a good job of explaining the rules.


The download includes four library files that you need to save to your folder "Libraries".  They are identical to the library files that were part of the original 1.1 version.  There is no need to replace the libraries for this table if you installed version 1.1.


The download also has a high resolution version of the playfield texture that may be useful on a 4K display.  The texture that is installed is actually high resolution also at 2048x4096.  The version in the folder is higher res at 2155x4520 but it does not use "power of 2" so it will require more memory to load.  The installed playfield texture should be sufficient for a desktop PC.


I added a version of the table that I call "rotated display".  This is intended for those of us that have a desktop PC and can rotate the monitor so it is in portrait format.  It improves the display if you are able to orient your monitor this way.  I added a screenshot of it.  This version will not be useful on pinball cabinets or on PCs which have a normal landscape orientation.  The download includes a PDF file with directions on how to set up this version of the table.


 List of Changes


1) Added new textures for the backglass and the table loading screen.

2) Added game room floor and backwall.

3) Added new instruction cards.

4) Added custom physics and dynamic flippers using emkickers on the slingshots.

5) Added a message that looks at BAM version that verifies you are using the correct version of BAM.

6) Added ball/flipper shadows and ball configuration to the script.

Added shadow maps.

7) Added plunger pull special script that allows you to easily select how far you pull back on the plunger.

😎 Added bulbs that provide a halo which shines through the slingshots.  .

9) Added 2 spotlight flashers that shine on the shuttle.

10) Revised the rest of the general illumination flashers to use spotlights so they don't shine on the shuttle.

11) Added a new flipper rotation speed chart to the XML.

12) Added ball shadows using ray casting available on new BAM Update v340.

13) Made the degree of bounce off flippers adjustable in-game.

14) Added Paolo's sound for ball bouncing off flippers.

15) Updated menu system that is accessed by pressing the Special 2 key.

16) Added spinner physics mod available on BAM Update v334

17) Added in-game menu which pauses motion of ball when menu is open while game is in play. 




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