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Ripley's Believe It or Not! (Stern 2004) VPW Mod

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220.52 MB File Size
ripleys ROM Name
VPW Created by
VPW Artwork by
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Stern Manufacturer
2004 Year

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Beleive it or not, this VPW mod was started in June 2020!


Based on the JPSalas version, this is one of the very first mods VPW attempted and has probably gone through more versions and more sets of hands than any other of our projects before, every time getting updated with whatever we were doing but never actually making it to release. Finally mcarter78 finally accepted the mission of getting it over the line and out the door, and here we are! (finally!)


VPW Oddities
 - mcarter78 - Project lead (well, the latest one anyway)
 - iaakki - Loads of stuff
 - Benji - Loads of early developement stuff
 - Sixtoe - All sorts of things
 - Apophis - Code & Tech support
 - RothbauerW - Varitarget support
 - Bord - Playfield mesh & physical scoop.
 - Hauntfreaks - Playfield image adjustments, cabinet and backglass images.
 - TastyWasps - VR Room and tweaks
 - PT5K - Staged flipper support
 - Ebislit - Early Insert work
 - Kingdids - Stern Bumpercaps
 - Kevv - Stripping and scanning his RBION for plastics
 - Wylte - Getting irl references
 - Passion4Pins - Additional graphics help
 - VPW team through the years - Testing

 - JPSalas - Original Version


All options are available from in game menu accessed pressing F12

Contact Author First.
10.8 required

What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


Screenshots Updated

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   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

I can't believe it. From out of nowhere  Ripley´s arrives!! So this has been a favorite table of mine for many years. I played the real table back in the day, and  was a big fan of JP´s original take on this.  I truly enjoyed his latest update from  November 2023. Now with some new VPW magic this table lives again. Physics are a  bit better,  but the biggest difference are the enhanced lights and graphics . The table now looks and feel much more like the original. VERY happy to enter the world of Ripley once more. This is another win for @VPinWorkshop 

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member


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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Nice and clean rendition of the original table. 


thanks to all involved !



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   0 of 1 member found this review helpful 0 / 1 member

I can’t stop playing this. One of my favorite tables since there’s so much going on but it’s very easy to understand what you should be doing. Amazing in VR. Great work!

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This has always been one fun table, and now that it has all the bells and whistles it's a go to pretty much every play session. The table looks fantastic and plays better....and in VR, she is a showpiece for sure. Thanks to all who had their hand in this and for sharing. 

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Can only keep thanking you guys for amazing work.  Breathing new life into my old table

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Merci pour tout votre travail effectuer ,pour nous rendre heureux nous les amoureux des flippers et pincab.Bien amicalement

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True to the real game. All shots possible in the real game are present, as well as the difficulty of said shots. Physics are top-notch (and script-intensive) per the usual with VPW, so make sure to maximize your single-thread CPU performance to the best of your system's ability in order to limit/prevent stutter. The ball image is a bit dark for me, so I swapped it for "ball-light-hf" which you likely have in another table to export from via VPX's Image Manager. 


The left-center ramp is a tricky devil (damn rubber post rightwards of the scoop), but it can be nailed consistently with a little practice :)

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Unbelievably Playable. Its such a fun recreation. Kudos to everyone on the VPW Team!

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Look outstanding! Thank you for updating,

keep up the great work.

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Everytime I see VPW release, I know is time to install a masterpiece, and say woooooooooow. Everything is perfect as usual and really thanks to all involved for doing this hobby in such a professional way. Your tables are absolutely stunning and a pleasure for my eyes. Waiting for the next one

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Never has it played so well. It's a joy!  🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


Thank you, mcarter78, iaakki, Benji, Sixtoe, Apophis, RothbauerW, Varitarget, Bord, Hauntfreaks, TastyWasps, PT5K,  Ebislit, Kingdids, Kevv, Wylte, Passion4Pins, VPW, and JPSalas!

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VPW has brought this table to life with realistic playing physics and gorgeous looks. The rebuilt vari-target is so well tuned, and I love to hate it as you never have confidence that the shot is going to stick. The table plays tough with hungry outlanes, and punishes any loose shots (which is not tough to do 😉 ). Well done @mcarter78 and the rest of the VPW team, and thank you Primetime5k and the other testers for making sure that it plays true to the real table.

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I was debating whether or not to sell the RBION in my collection. With this release it's a no-brainer. So long real machine! I have a VPW version now!

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This game is not so easy to master and I can’t stop playing it 😁

This is really another masterpiece of the VPW team and a big thank you to JP SALAS.

Wonderful in VR with Reverb G2 👌

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Love this update.    I probably played this 3 times in the past.   Now it is a blast to play and looks great.  I am very much enjoying it.    Very well done.   Thank you team VPW!

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Wonderful job! I haven't always been a fan of this table, but this version has me coming around on it!

Well done by all involved! 

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YES! Dont even have to try this one - Ripleys! Is one of the best Pinball games of all time (to me). It always calls out for 'one more game'. You guys have made excellent use of the latest realistic 3D visuals and physics :D Thanks to the whole team and its cool to see some unfamiliar names on the credits list - thanks @mcarter78 you put together a hell of a project!

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With the design all over the place this table is really hard to digitalize, I imagine. Nonetheless, vpw have done it again! Thank you for this superbly random gem! 

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Did not see this one coming! Another absolutely amazing table redone in masterclass. Thank you all for your hard work! This will be so fun to play this weekend

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Oh HELL yes... another personal fave that I have been waiting to get "the treatment"... insanely excited to get this set up. Thanks for the seemingly endless stream of killer releases, team VPW, it is so incredibly appreciated. 🍻

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Wow! Another great VPW release.  Looks and plays great as usual! Thanks all.

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