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Red and Ted's Road Show (Williams 1994) VPW Mod 1.1

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Keep your eyes on the road!


Red & Teds Road Show Tune-Up by VPin Workshop based on Knorr and Clark Kents version.

Loads of new stuff including new physics, lighting, flashers, inserts, sounds, shadows and other things.

VPW Road Crew
Sixtoe - Project Lead
Skitso - Lighting
Clark Kent - Physics Tweaking, real table comparison
Additional Script Work - apophis, fluffhead, Wylte

Testing - Rik, Pinstratsdan, VPW Team


Uses code from;

Flashers & Bumper Code - Flupper

Physics - nfozzy & rothbauerw

Audio - Fleep

Original Table Thanks;
Knorr and Clark Kent



'VPW Changelog
'v0.001 - Sixtoe - Script butchery, physical trough and blast zone (save the balls!)
'v0.002 - Sixtoe - Continued script butchery, nfozzy physics, fleep sound calls (but no sounds)
'v0.003 - Sixtoe - Implemented physical ted lock, well, I say that, but it doesn't work. Locks if you hold a ball above sw52.
'v0.004 - apophis - Got the multiball lock mech working
'v0.005 - Sixtoe - Lighting! Flupper Flashers, Lampz, GI, Flupper Bumpers, Light Shaping, Blooms, Cab Lockdown & Rails, loads of other tweaks.
'v0.006 - Sixtoe - Fixed bumpers (thanks Oqqsan), Added VR cabinet and minimal room, fixed some VR issues, fluppers flippers added, flipper shadows added.
'v0.007 - Skitso - Full GI remake. Color / brightness corrected textures, replaced PF texture to one without ramp shadows, improved over pf bulbs, fixed red bulbs over ramp entrances, improved spots, rotated bumper caps to correct position, new ball, new lut, tons of DL tweaking.
'v0.008 - Sixtoe - Primitive Inserts added and hooked up (need tuning), new playfield cutout & insert text layer, city kicker tuned down, hooked up blast zone playfield flasher.
'v0.009 - Skitso - Tuned primitive inserts. Reverted map edge inserts back to original white (instead of red/blue/white, should maybe add this as a mod?) Reverted banana insert/flasher as a skitso style. Further improvements to GI, added a bit more oooph to flashers
'v0.010 - Skitso - Improved flashers
'v0.011 - fluffhead35 - Wiring up Fleep Sounds, Ball Roll Sounds, and Wire Ramp Sounds.  Removed Duplicate function lampfilter
'v0.012 - Sixtoe - Removed duplicate bumpers, changed some physics materials, adjusted flipper physics surrounds, adjusted right vuk kicker, turned up the bumpers, increased the table slope to 6.5, added delay script to drain, changed a few post settings, 
'v0.013 - Sixtoe - Messed around with the subways again, changed head materials, underplayfield wall installed, rectangle spotlight hoods installed, moved ball lock exit wall blocker, adjusted spinner sound, set physics to mid 90's onwards, flipper and physics tweaks as per nfozzy and clark kents suggestions, 
'v0.013a - ClarkKent - Tweaked physics
'v0.014 - Sixtoe - Reinforced the entire table to try and prevent wall gaps, hooked up sound for scoops, added dynamic shadows, tidied up and removed unused resources
'v0.015 - Sixtoe - Re-added missing inlane walls.
'v0.016 - Sixtoe - Fixed broken playfield material
'v0.017 - N/A
'v0.018 - Sixtoe - Redid playfield mesh (twice), spent ages trying to tweak city start hole, replaced metal walls, added wigwag flashing lights for ramps (thanks nfozzy & iaakki), added flipper bounces (thanks apophis), changed wall entrance profile on left uturn (thanks clarkkent), fixed dynamic shadow depth bias (thanks apophis), fixed right wire ramp exit, changed tedtrig, changed left plunger strength, adjusted outlane rubbers
'v0.019 - Sixtoe - Tweaked lower small flipper area (thanks ClarkKent), adjusted blastzone sounds (thanks wytle), added hit sounds to Red and Ted's mouth plastics, fixed some other sounds, changed depth bias for upper flipper shadows, blastzone wall cutout added, updated VR cabinet images (thanks ClarkKent).
'v0.020 - fluffhead35 - Removed VolumeDial from the BallRoll and RampRoll sound math to make the sound louder.  Uncommented shadow code from RollingUpdate.  Added option to use Alternate WireRamp sounds from original table.
'v0.021 - Sixtoe - Fixed lower stubby flipper ball trap, fixed apron sound
'          Clark Kent - tweaked flippers, adjusted rubbers, adjusted position of the left slingshot rubber bands, moved pegs, tweaked bumpers, reduced elasticity of gates,
'v0.022/23 - Clark Kent - Tweaks
'v0.024 - apophis - Updated flasher code to support modulated flasher levels
'v0.025/26 - Clark Kent - Tweaks
'v0.027 - apophis - Updated sw78 kick strength. Fixed Lampz Update1 to work with -1 timer. Modified fading speeds per as necessary. Implemented some performance improvements when flashers stack.
'v0.027a - apophis - Fixed Bumper and flasher initialization conflict. Fixed some insert bloom falloff sizes.
'v0.032 - Sixtoe - Fixed flashers, fixed bumpers, fixed bumper central flasher, added aftermarket target decals, add delay to dropsound, 
'v0.033 - Clark Kent - Wall002 adjusted
'v0.034 - Wylte - Adjusted clear post material, added arch sounds to BlockerWall1, enabled hit sounds for metal walls, set FS pov
'v0.034a - apophis - Fixed bumpers.


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