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Community Answers

  1. Guys, what do you mean with "PROC" Support - there are any Files of BOP 2.0 PROC available ? Amazing, what you all did here ! 💚 🤝
    Always a big Fan of this Table and your Modifications ... thanks to all 🎖️
    Arcade Feeling ... great, thanks Man ! ( Dankeschön )
  2. Looks nice, i got the prev. Version to running well ... now it looks like a "Configuration Adventure" - someone have a quick 2 Screen HowTo ? I think i also have to upgrade PuP - which one is the correct "Download" and Update ... Thanks i.a. Guys ... Beside that: Screens looks awesome - for sure a Top Work here !
    Better as my latest - thanks BG God !
  3. Nice Man ! Oh i haven't seen that on IPDB, cool Info ... Please if you could share a pure Word Logo too, you know why 😉
  4. Great Version, but i get small stutters, when the flashers are active, there isn't an option to disable that ? Like in some prev. Tables ...
    Thanks again Guys, and thanks also: Knorr and Clark ( servas )
    That was one of the missing Table from the Pinball History ... great Updates at all the latest Releases ... thanks very much Man ! 🏆
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