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I am releasing this table now even though I had planned to do more work on it.  My coding partner, JP (aka Popotte) is not available until September, 2022.  The table is in a playable state right now.  I have decided to go ahead and publish it even though I have some additional changes planned.  I am burned out on it right now and would like to move on to something else until JP gets back.  


In addition to JP's excellent coding expertise, Paolo (aka Wild) was a big help also.  I asked for his help when I was unable to make the upper flipper hit the "O" ramp (the ramp where the entrance if behind the front most ramp).  I asked him to add an electronic assist that he developed to get it to work.  I spent a great deal of time to get it to work myself but was not able.  Paolo knows I don't like electronic assists and so he figured out a way to fix it without an assist! 


LtJazz figured a way to add color DMDs to tables which have four colors.  He provided some assistance on how to create the swatches on the color file.  I selected colors that match the table.  The download includes a ZIP file that has the color swatches for the DMD and a custom ball.  Don't unZIP it.  Just save it to the same folder as the table and it must also have the same file name as the table. 


The table has a list of Key Codes that are accessed in game by pressing the Special 1 key.  It identifies all the keys that you can press to access the various options that can be changed. 


The rear wall of the game room can be replaced with an alternate texture.  On Layer 9 of the FP editor, click on an area around the diagonal line that goes across the top of the playfield.  In the right pane, click on the texture pull down menu and select "wall2".  Save changes. 


There are 5 different textures that can be used on the table loading screen.  These textures can be changed from the "Table Info" menu.  Two of the textures are in a portrait format so they can be used on a cabinet.  There are the names of the textures:








These are the list of changes:


1. Added custom physics and dynamic flippers with a flipper rotation speed chart.

2. Added emkickers to the slingshots to improve physics.

3. Added HUD Toggle Key that saves setting.

4. Added toggle option for 3 or 5 balls per game that saves setting.

5. Added 5 new textures on the table loading screen.

7. Added sound when the ball hits the flippers that can be toggled on and off.

8. Added DMD background color, ball/flipper shadows and ball configuration to the script.

9. Added game room floor and backwall.

10. Create overlay for the HUD.

11. Added new instruction cards.

12. Added BAM code that allows the score to exceed 2 billion points.

13. Added backwall that is located above the playfield floor in the back of the table. 

14 Changed the DMD on the backglass that has static display to show everything like the HUD.  The backglass DMD used to only have a static display that never changed. 

15. Made the Dalek on the topper look like metal instead of plastic.

16. Made the backglass switchable between NitroNimbus's version and the original.

17. Added HUD that duplicates the 7 doctor's lights on the backbox.

18. Added overlay for the HUD DMD.

19. Edited the new high resolution version of the stereo panel texture for the backglass found by JLou to remove defects.  Update the existing backglass to include it.

20. Added color DMDs.

21. Added new high resolution sideblade textures to the inside of the cabinet on the sides of the playfield.

22. Added new music to play during the attract mode using sound of the tardis landing and music sound track from one of the movies.

23. Created new model for the trap door on the "O" ramp.  (Paolo)

24. Fixed the script for the trap door on the "O" ramp so it closes during Doctor three.  (Paolo)

25. Changed the configuration of the upper flipper and the "O" ramp so the ball navigates the ramp correctly and is easier to hit.  (Paolo)

26. Fixed the script for the trap door on the "O" ramp so it closes during Doctor six.  (Popotte)

27. Corrected various coding errors for multiball -- lost balls, re-lock, Davros mode, extra ball, tilt and correct meditation error for Type Mismatch: "eval".  (Popotte)


I often like to figure out the rules while playing a table but may want to consult the rules on this table.  You can select one of seven doctors by pressing one of the flipper keys after the ball comes out but before you launch it with the plunger.  The rules are different for each doctor.  You can find the rules here:




There may be some additional problems that need to be solved that need JPs help.  Please post any problems that you encounter.  Although I planned to do more on the table, it has been improved dramatically and I think you will enjoy it.




Table Developers: Ian, oooplayer1ooo, NitroNimbus, Popotte, Paolo, GeorgeH


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