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The Who's Tommy Pinball Wizard (Data East 1994) VPWMod 1.0

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The less you see, the more you feel.


Never having heard of it, Wylte played the real machine in the wild and was instantly enamored.  It happened to come up a couple months later in a discussion with Lumigado and Dapheni and that very night Wylte added nFozzy’s flipper tricks to Ninuzzu’s excellent recreation.  From there it was supposed to be a very lite upgrade, but Skitso made the lighting look so good that Wylte had to learn every VPW trick (short of a full scan and render) to be worthy of it!  Luckily he took his sweet time and other members were able to hop in and add even more (and fix his rookie mistakes).


This VPW Table Tune-Up features:  nFozzy physics, Lampz, Flupper flashers, Fleep sounds, 3D inserts, VR Room and functioning VR backglass, apophis’ sling corrections, new art assets, new ramp models, physical table mesh, Dynamic Ballshadows, Fluffhead35 RampRolling sound code


Project Lead The Specialist – Wylte

Lighting See Me - Skitso

Physics Feel Me - Wylte, Apophis

VR Touch Me - Leojreimroc, Rawd, Sixtoe

Fixes Heal Me - Apophis, Sixtoe, Bord, Wylte

Testing Pinball Wizards - Rik, Pinstratsdan, Darkstar, Smaug, BountyBob, nFozzy, VPW Team


Some specific contributions:

Apophis – Flupper flasher domes, physical trough, new slingshot physics, teaching and fixing Wylte’s mistakes

Tomate – New ramps, wood rails

Sheltemke – Playfield and insert cutouts

Sixtoe – Visual holes for targets and rollovers, VR stuff, Lots of fixes

Darkstar – New apron texture

HauntFreaks – New blinder texture, desktop background


Thanks to the original author Ninuzzu The Champ, and contributors:  Franzleo, Freneticamnesiac, Dark, Zany, Javier1515, JPSalas, GTXJoe, Shoopity, and Arngrim.  And thank you to the VPX and pinmame devs!




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